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Romeo and Juliet

My name is Quil Ateara, and up untill recently there were three things I was sure about. First, I thought I was best friends with Jacob Black, and Embry Call. Second, I was sure I was human. And third, I believed that there was no real existance of mythical creatures. How could I have been so wrong? Once Jacob and Embry join the pack, Quil is left alone and confused. When he stumbles upon a lone vampire, he doesn't realize at first what she is, or what he is to become. And when their friendship becomes closer, the pack threatens to tare it apart. Chapter 22 now up!


2. Plans

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I’m pretty sure I had been standing in the same spot for hours now, just looking at the two foot shaped indents in the sand. Where did she go? Who was she? I knew for a fact that she was not from around here, for I definitely would have recognized her from her unmistakable beauty. Also she was so pale; everyone from the Reservation had either russet colored skin, or a color that was barely that much lighter than russet. But what I remembered the most was the startling color of her eyes. Never before had I seen anyone with purple eyes, and I tried to think of how it was even possible to have that shade of an eye color. With the contacts of today’s world, I knew you could get certain colors of the contacts. But I always though of them to be mainly the shades of the most common eye colors, like brown, and blue. Finally looking up to see the sun setting, the horizon different tones of orange and red, I felt like an idiot for just waiting for her to come back. It was like I was mesmerized, as if she put me under a spell that made me crave seeing her. But that couldn’t be it, after the way she just disappeared. And at first I thought I had just imagined it, but there were two problems with that theory. One, I was the least creative person you will ever meet; every time I was assigned a creative essay, I practically failed from having no originality. Second, as I had been standing there for so long, I had realized her scent still lingered in the air. It was a bittersweet kind of smell, it stung in my nose but I inhaled happily, trying to figure out what scent it could be. But I could think of nothing that I had ever come across that made me stop, and breath in it’s aroma for hours; except maybe the forest. Seeing as it was getting late I finally moved my now asleep legs in the direction of my house. I lived behind the town store in a small two bedroom building, that looked more like a store on the outside, than a place you would live in. The house consisted of five rooms, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, my room, and my dad’s bedroom. It was small, and the once neatly decorated rooms were now covered in garbage and old beer cans. This was mostly because of my father, and his reaction to my mother’s sudden death a year ago. The doctors didn’t know what went wrong, all they could say was her heart just stopped. It was hard at first living without her presence, and all the warmth she brought to the atmosphere. My mother in a way, was much like the old Jacob. When ever you were around her she instantly made you happy, like once you had been sucked into her gravitational pull a smile would spread, wide across your face. I was no longer depressed by the thought of her not being around, but my father definitely took it hard. Not long after the news he started drinking, and not just your typical one glass of alcohol on a special occasion. No, that wasn’t the case for my dad; he would go through about 10 beers on a good day, and on a bad day there were too many to count. Also he was always angry with himself, that he couldn’t save her, but he chose to take it out on me. There had been more than one occasion where I would wake up the next day and have a black eye that wasn’t there the day before. It hurt to see him like this, but I didn’t know what to do, so I just let him more or less wither away with his pain. Standing in front of the house’s door I really had no desire to stay home tonight and listen to my dad scream in his sleep. Then an idea hit me, which was a rare event in my book. I would ask if I could go camping tonight, not that my dad would care if I just didn’t come home, I still felt it customary to ask. Also if I were to be staying in the woods I might come across the girl again, which I hoped for immensely. Opening the door with it’s annoying creek, I saw an over weight man lying on the couch, wasting away his life, dad. The front of the house was also our living room, which was pretty much the only place my father went these days.“Hey dad,” he turned to look at me, his face unreadable, “ do you mind if I go out camping tonight?” this wasn’t an odd question for me to ask every now and then. I had always enjoyed camping and my dad trusted me enough to be out in the woods alone, not that he truly cared anymore.“Whatever.” that was his typical response to everything, and it made me wonder if ever heard any of it.“Thanks.” I mumbled, walking up to my room. My room could be described in one word, small. The area to which I lived most of my life in was only about 7x7ft, with only a bed and a dresser, as that was all I could fit into it. It pulled out my blue duffel bag from under my bed and packed enough clothes for three days, a canteen, my fishing rod, a cigarette lighter, my pillow, and a small quilt. It all just barely jammed into my bag, but after packing it so many times I knew some tricks as how to get it all in.

Running down stairs, and out the door I went back to our tiny garage and got my other bag that held all my tent equipment. With a bag on each shoulder I closed the garage door and set out for my usual campsite. It was in the middle of the forest, right in between the town and the beach. Traveling through the familiar forests once more, I start this trip as a normal camp out, but ultimately it would be a search to find the beautiful girl from the beach again, and hopefully get a chance to talk to her.