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Romeo and Juliet

My name is Quil Ateara, and up untill recently there were three things I was sure about. First, I thought I was best friends with Jacob Black, and Embry Call. Second, I was sure I was human. And third, I believed that there was no real existance of mythical creatures. How could I have been so wrong? Once Jacob and Embry join the pack, Quil is left alone and confused. When he stumbles upon a lone vampire, he doesn't realize at first what she is, or what he is to become. And when their friendship becomes closer, the pack threatens to tare it apart. Chapter 22 now up!


22. Hearts Will Break

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Sara was sixteen and like any sixteen-year-old who just got their drivers permit she was more than eager to hit the road. As for me, I was not to eager to get in a car when the driver had only a few hours of experience but lucky for me I had Embry to practically force me to do it. The car we took was her mom’s old one that she never used which confused me as my dad was barley able to pay for his car let alone have another one just lying in the garage. Maybe life on the wealthy side isn’t so bad, I thought but I knew that a lot of times with money come pigheadedness. Also I already wasn’t a fan of the preppy lids at my school and no way did I want to become one of them.

The drive to first beach was short, well shorter than it would have been to walk all the way down there but at least with walking it would be me that would make myself crash into something. Sara parked the car next in a spot I would have thought to be too small but somehow we got in without a scratch. Embry climbed out of the back, which he somehow squished into, and came to my side as I got out of the passengers side. Sara came over and grabbed my left hand, an uncomfortable feeling welling up in my stomach, dragging me along with her. Loud music could be heard from the direction she was going and an overwhelming sense of displeasure came to me at the thought of dancing. It wasn’t that I was bad or anything it was more of the idea of slow dancing with Sara or most girls for that matter made me feel awkward.

“Come on.” Sara said as we reached the throng of people all dance with one another or talking by a small fire-pit. I could hear a song by the Hot Chili Peppers playing but I couldn’t recall the name of it. Beside me Sara was dancing wildly me just sort of swaying not trying meet any of the curious eyes that were looking at me most likely wondering how I knew Sara. There were a lot of people from my school who I either new them only by name or who I never really wanted to know. Does Sara go to my school? I had never seen her before today and with a small class I would think by now I would have noticed her somewhere. “Hey, why aren’t you dancing.”

I was standing still and I guess I had stopped dancing about a minute ago. The song stopped and replaced by a slow song and I was stuck on in the middle of the crowd with no escape. Sara placed her hands on my shoulders and when I didn’t respond she put hands on her hips. It was awkward to say the least especially when she lay her head against my chest allowing me to smell her peppermint aroma. If there ever was a time that I wish I could just escape or turn invisible or something it would be now. I didn’t like Sara, I didn’t want to continue this date with her, and I really didn’t want her to rest her head on me like it was ok.

Finally the song stopped and she let go of my figure. My eyes scanned the beach for some kind of safe haven to end this dancing frenzy I had gotten sucked into. I found myself looking to the far edge of the woods that led to the tidal pools where at the edge of the beach stood a pale girl. Terra was looking straight at me with incredulous, hurt eyes. It would seem fate was against us and I had to salvage what was left of her trust for me. “Are you alright Quil?” Sara said and I remembered there was one problem with my plan, I was still on a date.

“Er…I got to go.” I tore away from her and rushed through the bodies of people that jostled me around a little. From behind I could hear Sara yelling at me to come back but what did I care if I blew her off. When the throng of people gave way I ran to where I had seen her, where she no longer stood.

As the forest enclosed on me I ran as fast as I could, using my inhuman abilities to drive me forward faster than possible. Weaving past the tall pines I could make out her bittersweet scent trailing through the forest. I was headed to the far side of the beach and her growing smell drew me ever quicker to my prey. Then she was beside me running anywhere the forest took her. Glancing my way she veered to the right trying to escape me. “Terra please..stop.” I yelled over the distance she had created.

As I ran at full speed I saw that I passed her in my process and doubled back to meet her in a small clearing. Even with a glum look on her face she was beautiful and I smiled a little trying to lighten the mood but it probably looked fake. “Terra you’ve got believe me I didn’t want to dance with Sara. I didn’t really want to dance at all.”

“That’s not the point. You went out with her dance or no dance.” she sighed hard and I was worried about her reaction. “Quil I’ve made a decision you may not like it but here me out. The Cullen’s have decided it’s time for them to move and they asked if I would accompany them in their travels. At first I was unsure of whether or not I would go but with the recent events I see no other choice but to leave.”

“Terra please…don’t go. I need you.”

“You have Sara.” she sneered her name in disgust.

“I didn’t want to go out with Sara…Embry set me up. Terra I don’t love her ok.” she put up her hands to me to stop my flow of words.

“If your about to say what I think you are please don’t, it’ll just make things harder.”

“Say what Terra, that I love you.” I hadn’t consciously made that decision my I guess my heart was doing the talking now. I saw her chest convulse a little in pain and her eyes closed so she couldn’t see me. “I love you Terra.” I said quieter than before and walked closer to close the distance between us. But she opened her eyes and mouthed ‘I’m sorry Quil’ and took off once more. I didn’t follow for there was nothing left in me to make me want to continue on with anything.