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Romeo and Juliet

My name is Quil Ateara, and up untill recently there were three things I was sure about. First, I thought I was best friends with Jacob Black, and Embry Call. Second, I was sure I was human. And third, I believed that there was no real existance of mythical creatures. How could I have been so wrong? Once Jacob and Embry join the pack, Quil is left alone and confused. When he stumbles upon a lone vampire, he doesn't realize at first what she is, or what he is to become. And when their friendship becomes closer, the pack threatens to tare it apart. Chapter 22 now up!


8. Learning About Terra

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She froze up instantly as soon as the question left my lips, a response I didn’t understand. “So, you said you were friends with the Cullen’s, where do you know them from? From school, work, through family, what?”

“Umm… school.” she said school in a rushed voice.

“Oh, you went to Forks high.”

“No, I knew them from my old school… in Toronto.”

“So you’re just visiting?”

“Yes. We were… good friends. They invited me to come down for a while.”

“How long will you be in the area?”“I don’t know. I guess until they ask me to leave.” she was talking about the Cullen’s but her tone made it seem like she meant someone else.

“If you were visiting me I wouldn’t kick you out.” A smile spread across her face that made me smile back automatically. For months I haven’t smiled and all of a sudden I was smiling all the time, yet it felt so natural, easy.

“Thanks so much. It’s nice to know I can count on someone.” I decided to take this chance to learn more about her since I had pretty much told her everything about me.

“So Terra, what about you, where are you from?”

“I was born in London, but I’ve lived in Canada for… a while.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 16.” her voice was honest but something was troubling her about her answer.

“Are you ok, with me asking you all this and everything? I mean I won’t bug you about it, it’s just I told you a lot about me and I just…” I was babbling now, and I had to stop myself.

“No it’s fine. There’s just something’s about me that I just can’t tell you, personal stuff.”

“I understand. If you don’t want to answer one of my questions just say so.”

“I will.” her voice was nearly a whisper.

“So, you live in Toronto, what’s it like there?”

“It’s nice, a little cloudy sometimes but you must know what it’s like to live under a rain cloud being here in Washington.”

“No I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.” sarcasm was thick on my tone and we laughed yet again. The morning continued like that, me asking her questions and somehow one of us making a joke out of it. I enjoyed it, discovering the thinks she does and doesn’t like. Now I knew her favorite color was violet, the flower she loved the best were lilacs, she’s been to almost every country in the world, and that she spent most of her life alone. She told me of how her parents died when she was little and how she barely knew them. Most of her life was spent with her Aunt and Uncle who more or less just sent her to places just so they would be free to do what they wanted to. That was why she had been to so many places, because they sent her there on ‘vacation’ with a nanny they hired. It hurt me to hear this that she was just dumped off on other people, instead of being cared for. At first I thought I felt this because I knew what it was like to live with someone oblivious to you, but this was stronger, something I never felt before, but I didn’t know what it was. And the more she told me about herself the more I wanted to know, and the more I wished I could have known her during those times she needed a friend, so I could have been that friend. I looked down at my watch after what seemed like forever of gazing into her eyes. The numbers blinked 9:00, and we had spent over an hour just talking. My cereal was finished now and I thought it to be a good time to put the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher. Standing up, Terra stood too, and I placed the dirty items in the washer and turned back to her.

“So, what should we do now, that we’ve spent most of the morning talking?”

“Well I had been planning on going to get new hiking boots in the near future… We don’t have too, I just thought since your outdoorsy you wouldn’t mind, and we could still talk…”

“Quil it doesn’t matter where we go, and by the looks of the boots you have on I would say you need new ones also.” Her eyes turned down to my worn out boots that I had been using for over a year now, but with how much I camped they became pretty beaten up.

“You sure?”


“Alright, but I don’t have a car so we’ll have to walk.”

“Well I have a car, I would just have to go get it from where I parked this morning.”

“That’s ok. I’ll run upstairs and get my money and I‘ll wait out side for when you get back.” She nodded and headed out the door as I went back up to my room. As I got my money I then remembered that Jacob had once told me Bella worked at the Newton’s place. Maybe I’ll see her there, I thought and walked through the door.