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I Hate the Way I Love You

This is a poem about how Bella feels about leaving Jacob.


1. Chapter 1

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I love you and I hate you
You’re the sunshine of my life
Sometimes you make me want to scream
Still, you drive away the strife

I hate that I’m already in love
I hate to see you cry
I hate it when you truthfully say
You’d rather see me die

I hate it that your not around
I hate it when your mad
I love it when your normal again
And things don’t seem so bad

I hate to see you moan
That I already am in love
I hate the way you two compete
The way you push and shove

I hate the way we’re enemies
And yet, we’re lovers too
I hate that every minute
I drift away from you

The day is growing nearer
When I leave your life for good
No more will I cause any pain
I’ll be doing what I should

But ‘should’ is a matter of opinion
I know you’d like me here
But, Jacob, I love him much more
And you’re too late, I fear

But still, I’ll have a heart
And though it may not beat,
A part will always long for you
My friend, my love, my heat