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The End of Eternity?

This brilliant banner was done by the amazing talent of Japanezegurl! What do you do when forever and ever could end? Bella is a happy girl; she has a great family and group of friends and she has also found the love of her life – the rarest luxury in the world; and she is about to spend eternity with him. But will everything turn out as the fairytale it seems? *None of the characters belong to me, they are all the amazing invention of Stephenie Meyer, I am just the usual crazed teen!*

This is my version of Breaking Dawn... enjoy!

1. The Beginning of Bliss

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Bella’s POV

I woke up and before I even opened my eyes I felt pure bliss thrill through my body, accompanied by the feel of those strong, cold, marble arms around me. When I did open my eyes I felt all the air leave my body. I still had no idea how that still happened after a year; but I loved it regardless.

After I remembered how to breathe, I drank in every tiny little piece of him. Edward. My boyfriend – it sounded stupid; he was much more to me than that, but the word fiancée scared me – my future, my eternity, my one true love.

I started with his hair; his gorgeous bronze-coloured hair. It was being ruffled slightly by a soft summer breeze coming from the open window, which made it look even better than normal.

Then I began to study his face as I had many times before; memorizing every little piece and attempting to commit it to my memory perfectly, although I knew I would never quite capture his perfection. As per usual, I didn’t know where to start.

I decided to start with his skin; his beautifully snowy white skin, hard and cold to the touch which always managed to send thrills through my body. Then his nose; so perfect; medium sized and slightly pointed. Next, his mouth; the perfect cupids bow resting on a full bottom lip. His mouth was presently formed into a satisfied smile. It wasn’t the crooked one I loved so much, but it still managed to make my heart stutter.

Finally, his eyes. I always, no matter what order I did the rest of his features in, left his eyes until last. At the moment they were closed as if he were resting (for he certainly wasn’t asleep – one thing he couldn’t do, shown by the bruise-like marks underneath his eyes) and he looked totally at peace. Sensing my eyes on him, his eyelids fluttered upwards to reveal his enchanting, liquid gold eyes. He had recently been on a hunting trip, making his eyes the brightest shade of gold they could achieve.

My own personal god, enough to make any female swoon and any male turn physically green with envy. There was only one thing missing…

“Good morning, my love. How are you? Did you sleep well?”

His voice. His lovely musical voice. I couldn’t help but let a stupid grin spread from one ear to the other just from hearing his words. How this angel ever fell in love with me, I’ll never know – but he was soon to be mine for the entire world to know; even if I was dreading the ceremony. Then after that undoubtedly horrific event, he would be mine to keep forever, my only worry being how to control my blood lust, but I’m sure; as with every thing else; Edward would help me.

“Bella... Bella? … Hello? Are you listening to me? Are you all right?! Are you hurt?! Bella! BELLA!”

I all of a sudden realised that I had been too busy thinking over our future plans, that I’d forgotten to answer. As usual, Edward had assumed the worst and over reacted.

I reached up and lightly touched the anxious wrinkles on his forehead; willing them to disappear.

“Morning. Sorry, I’m perfectly all right, I’m just still a little bit sleepy, that’s all.” This was one of the many times I was glad he couldn’t read my thoughts. I wasn’t about to tell his I had forgotten to answer!

He let out a sigh of relief and his anxious expression disappeared, quickly being replaced by that crooked smile I had fallen in love with.

“So…” He had that mischievous twinkle in his eye. My heart beat quickened. “Are you looking forward to Sunday?” I should’ve known he would bring that up.

The wedding. We were getting married in 3 days and I was seriously worried. It wasn’t just the fact that I was getting married at 18, but when you’re a klutz like me, attention and long white wedding dress trains don’t mix! As much as I wanted to be lawfully joined to Edward, I was worried about the fool I was, inevitably, going to make of myself.

“Of course I am! I can’t wait to be Mrs Edward Cullen,” I purred, emphasising the last three words whilst trailing my fingers down his cheek. Edward closed his eyes and seemed to have stopped breathing. I got a bit worried.


“Mrs. Edward. Cullen.” He opened his eyes and I saw that they had a far away look in them. Then he turned to me and his face held a look of pure love and bliss as he took my left hand in his and stroked the ring there. It made me feel invincible, as if I could get through anything, even the ceremony.

“It is going to be a small wedding, right? A few friends and family… that’s all I wanted!” I said, the smile on my face being wiped clean off after remembering how carried away Alice can get. I started to hyperventilate at the mere prospects of what Alice could’ve planned; she’d probably invited the whole of Washington!

“Bella! Take deep breaths! Now, look at me,” I did as I as told, and immediately felt better; he held me a little bit tighter as he continued, “I did not let Alice go overboard on our wedding, ok? Trust me on this one! I told her a few family and friends, she was a bit upset, but I’ve made her stick to the rules, no nasty surprises.” He unwrapped his arms from around my waist, and replaced his hands on the sides of my face, tilting my head upwards so I would keep staring into his eyes.

“I believe you.” I said, and then reached up to kiss him. It was early in a morning and as we’d just been discussing such a heavy topic, I decided not to push my luck during our kiss. He had to end it as usual though.

“I can’t wait until I can kiss you and you don’t have to end it all the time.” I didn’t mean to say it out loud. I could feel his disapproving gaze fall on me as I turned my head away in shame. I don’t understand why I felt so ashamed, but it felt like the right thing to feel.

Edward had agreed to transform me into a vampire, as long as I married him. This exception I allowed; after much annoyance; as long as he kept his side of the bargain. I trusted him that he would, but I knew he wouldn’t be happy about it. He was still setting up Plan B – college. ‘It’s just in case you change your mind’. Fat chance. I wanted to be with him forever, and there was nothing that could change that now! Even Charlie, head of Forks police department, couldn’t stop me from being with him.

I remembered when we told Charlie, he nearly exploded! He turned as red as a tomato and had his mouth set in a firm line. I told him to think it over because there was no way that I was going to change my mind, and once he’d calmed down to call me, I was going to be at Edward’s. He called me after about 2 hours and asked me if I was going to be happy. I told him I was and he gradually began to accept it. Renée, on the other hand, was so happy for us from the word go! She’d always liked Edward and had accepted him back with open arms when he returned from his ‘absence’. She was flown over from Phoenix to Forks by Alice just so she could be here to see me get married! Phil had come with her, obviously, but he spent a lot of time on the phone talking to his manager, so there was a lot of time for me and Renée to be alone.

There was only one person I hadn’t seen yet. Jacob. My best friend when Edward left and still to this day, if I could see him again. But he refused to talk to me, let alone see me. Last time I saw him was when I last attempted one of my surprise visits to the La Push Reservation; he didn’t even bother to come out and tell me to go away, he just glared at me from the window and then shut the curtains. He pretended no one was in when I knocked on the door. I was so glad it was raining; it meant that he couldn’t see the tears trickle down my face.