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The End of Eternity?

This brilliant banner was done by the amazing talent of Japanezegurl! What do you do when forever and ever could end? Bella is a happy girl; she has a great family and group of friends and she has also found the love of her life – the rarest luxury in the world; and she is about to spend eternity with him. But will everything turn out as the fairytale it seems? *None of the characters belong to me, they are all the amazing invention of Stephenie Meyer, I am just the usual crazed teen!*

This is my version of Breaking Dawn... enjoy!

3. The Big Day

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Bella’s POV

I sat in the back seat of the car, trying desperately not to throw up from bouncing up and down in my seat. The nerves were really starting to kick in! I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was finally Sunday! My big day! How long I had been both anticipating and dreading this day!

Alice was driving me to the mall, where she and I; plus Esme, Renée and Rosalie; were all going to get ready for the wedding. My wedding.

It still felt weird. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting married today to the most wonderful man there ever was, and I was only 18! How the hell did that happen! 17 years of utter rubbish in my life and as soon as I move to dreary old Forks, I met Edward and am getting married to him about a year later! This was the kind of thing that only happened once every century, and I am the luckiest girl one Earth as fate smiled on me this time around.

We finally arrived at the mall, with all the dresses and accessories for the wedding in the boot of Rosalie’s new Land Rover. She was being unusually kind to me recently, I guess she’d finally accepted the fact that I was going to be around for a long time and she could either like it or not; but I dared not to utter those words aloud in case I spoke too soon. We’d bought the dresses 3 days ago, when Alice had told me we were going ‘shopping’. At the time, I thought Edward had sold me out, telling me to go with her. “Bella, honey… I think you ought to go with Alice, just this once.” But he was right that I should go, as usual. When was he ever wrong?

Alice took me to this amazingly posh French boutique, with a name I couldn’t pronounce. Inside we met up with Esme, Rosalie and Renée. I saw that Mom had the same awed look on her face as I did when we saw the dresses (and the price tags) where as Rosalie and Alice seemed totally in their stride, discussing different cuts and colours of dresses with each other. Often Rosalie would scream at an assistant to go and fetch something and then would thrust the bundle of clothing at us and order us to go and try it on. Esme didn’t seem to mind; she just browsed the shelves and tried on things when necessary as if this was another daily routine. Mind you, it may have been looking at the clothes that hung inside of the Cullen’s wardrobes.

After trying on wedding dress number 14 and numerous amounts of bride’s maids dresses, we all decided on the perfect dress. It was pristine white; it was so white it reminded me of new fallen snow. It reached the floor and had a slight train, it wasn’t that long though as Rosalie had tried to insist on a ridiculously long train and I didn’t need Alice’s gift to see that I would’ve tripped and fallen on my face; so we compromised, a slightly smaller train. The dress was very tight at the top, ‘showing off my beautiful figure very nicely’ as Renée put it. Then the skirts gently tumble down to the ground. The material is really odd because not only is it amazingly white, but it shimmers in the light; I insisted on this material as it reminded me of that time when me and Edward were first in the meadow together. I loved that memory and it would great to have it with me at my wedding.

I also had a long veil that was made of a really soft translucent material which, again, shimmered when it moved in the light.

The bride’s maid’s dresses were equally as beautiful. We had all come to an agreement on golden dresses, as they complemented the Cullen’s beautiful white skin and golden eyes. Mum wasn’t going to be a bride’s maid so she didn’t need to try one on, but she still agreed heartily with our choice.

The dresses were made of a pale gold material that didn’t shimmer; Esme graciously said I should keep that for myself – I love her so much! The dresses were off the shoulders and the skirts and bodices clung very tightly to the Cullen’s beautifully toned and proportioned bodies, making every male in the store drool. There was a very thin golden sash to be tied at the side around the waist. I knew that they looked so much more gorgeous than I did, even though they told me differently.

After spending about 5 hours in the shop deciding on dresses, we then spend a further 2 hours deciding on shoes, bouquets and accessories. I was quite ready to collapse at the end of it all! I was also missing Edward quite a bit afterwards…

When I got back to the Cullen’s big white mansion in the forest, Edward folded his arms around me and held me close to his hard cool chest.

“I missed you so much today, did you do anything nice?” He whispered into my hair, raising his voice slightly at the end. I tried desperately to say something, but ended up just throwing my arms around his waist and hugging myself closer to him still. He understood and just kept quiet.

That was 3 days ago. Right now, I’m sitting in a hair dresser’s having my hair styled into a perfect bun, onto which my veil will be attached. The hair dresser is blabbering on about something; I think it must be about her wedding since she knows that’s why I’m here. To be honest, I don’t care; I’m too nervous to pay much attention. I’m also a bit annoyed as well, seeing as I had to be separated from Edward last night.

As per usual, I’m waiting in my room, and I hear Edward land just near my window. I roll over to see him, except it turns out it’s not Edward, but Alice. When I asked her what was going on, she tells me that Edward has been confined to his house for the night, he is not allowed to come and see me because its bad luck. I’ve been deprived from Edward due to some stupid superstition! How amazingly unfair is that?!


I came to my senses and I realised that I’m no longer in a hair dresser’s chair, but at a spa, having my nails done. I look around me and see Renée sat next to me. I blink dumbly at her, wondering how I could possibly have managed to move from one building to a next without realising, when my mum starts talking to me. I make sure I’m actually listening to her this time.

“…be nervous then?” I knew I’d missed the first part of her sentence, but I only needed the word ‘nervous’ to know what she was on about. I wasn’t able to open my mouth, in fear of what the nerves have been doing to my stomach, so I jus nodded and gave her a weak smile; she seemed happy enough with that.

“Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine! I remember my wedding with your dad. I was very young, just like you! But, no offence to your father, I’d picked the wrong man. I know you’re marriage will be happy, even if you are getting married at 18.” I caught a little bit of disapproval in her voice at the end, but dismissed me.

Suddenly, it struck me. This may be the last time I ever speak to my mum and spend time with her. After she raised me for the first 17 years of my life, I would be leaving her, most probably for good; and the worst part was, she doesn’t even know, and she probably never will. I started to take all the time that I’d had with her for granted; some kids didn’t even have a mum. I decided right then and there that I was going to make all the remaining time I had left with my mum last as long as possible; there was no way I wanted to forget her when I was changed. I had a brilliant idea then to with staying in touch with my mum. Letters. We could write letters to each other! Or emails! I mean, what’s wrong with letters or emails?! I would have to remember to discuss it with Carlisle as soon as possible.


Once we’d finished up in the spa, I was whisked back to the Cullen’s mansion to get dressed and ready. I was assured Edward wasn’t going to be there. My hopes of him comforting my nerves before the actual event were quickly squashed by Alice. I really do hate her sometimes!

As we were approaching the house; we’d just come down the obscure turning for their house; when I didn’t start to feel so good. I opened my mouth to voice my concerns, when, all of a sudden, something else came out of my mouth other than words. I managed to vomit all over the back of a red leather seat of Rosalie’s new Land Rover. Normally, I would feel shocked and utterly ashamed and apologetic, but the smell and sight of yesterday’s lunch was too much to bear and I started to feel woozy. I vaguely remember seeing people flap around me, Rosalie looking disgusted at the fact that I had not only vomited over her new Land Rover, but she had been sitting in the seat I had just threw up on. I also seem to recollect the fact that the driving seemed to get a bit quicker, courtesy of Alice. By that time I couldn’t bear it, so I passed out. Trust me to pass out on my wedding day!

When I next came to, I was surrounded by people bustling around me, tugging at my hair and wiping my face. After a couple of seconds, once I’d regained my bearings, I realised I was seated inside Alice’s enormous en suite, in front of a mirror. I was dressed in my wedding dress and Alice was working on my hair, drying it and then styling it; I’d obviously managed to get vomit on it and ruined my newly styled hair. Renée was working on my face, gently wiping it over with a facial wipe and then adding my make up again, attempting to mimic what the professional spa worker had created before. Esme and Rosalie were in the kitchen, I was informed, sorting out Rosalie’s stinking clothes with stain remover. Knowing them though, they had probably already done that, got dressed and ready and had almost finished organizing the entire reception. I saw that Alice and Renée were also dressed ready for the wedding.

I sat for a few moments longer, waiting until the nerves subsided before I even thought about opening my mouth to speak.

“Alice? Mum? How long have I been out of it for? Who else knows? Is Rosalie all right? I didn’t mean for it to happen! I was going to tell you but it happened before I could! I’m really sorry! Please forgi…” The words came tumbling out of my mouth, one after the other, as soon as I opened my mouth. Alice had to cut into my garbled speech before I stopped talking.

“Bella. Listen to me,” she reminded me so much of Edward when she said that. I started to miss him again, “Nobody else knows other than us, Rosalie is OK and I should have seen it coming anyway. Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing a little bit of stain remover can’t fix! Now sit still!”

I started to wonder why she hadn’t seen it coming, but I couldn’t voice my question as Renée was in the room. I just left it to the fact that she hadn’t seen that particular mishap coming as she had been concentrating so hard on the wedding. Oh no, I shouldn’t have started to think about the wedding, it was already playing havoc with my nerves! I wondered if Edward was as nervous as I was… I doubted it; he was always so calm and collected.

Edward’s POV

“WHERE THE HELL IS MY TIE?!?!?!?!” I screamed out to anyone who would listen. I’d never lost my composure over such stupid things before but my nerves were as tight as they could possibly be, and then some more. I don’t think I’d ever been this agitated in my whole existence.

I was storming around our house, getting ready for my immanent wedding with my two brothers, my father and Charlie, Bella’s dad – as if I wasn’t nervous enough?! We were all getting dressed and ready for the wedding. Alice had bought Charlie’s, Carlisle’s, Jasper’s, Emmet’s and my tuxedoes and ‘accessories’ when she had gone shopping for the wedding a couple of days ago. She had bought coal black suits, with crisp white shirts and the ties were golden; apparently it had been Bella’s idea. I instantly loved the colour as it reminded me of her. Alice had laid all the clothes out ready for us down in the living room. She was so organized it scared me sometimes.

Everyone had got changed except for me. I had been worrying over the actual wedding instead of getting dressed. I had to make sure that the alter, seats and buffet were all ready before I could even think of getting dressed. Now I was rushing around the house like a mad fool trying to get ready as we were meant to be out of the house in about 10 minutes as Bella and the girls would be back soon. Apparently they’d been out to the spa in Port Angeles to ‘beautify themselves’ as Rosalie had put it. (But how Bella could look any more angelic was beyond me)

I have to admit, I was dying to see Bella so that may have been another reason why I was taking so long. I had to hurry though as I knew that Alice would kill me if we were still in the house when they arrived. I was rather annoyed at Alice though; it was her fault I was rushing and that I didn’t get to see Bella last night. Alice told me about some stupid superstition to do with it being ‘bad luck’ if the groom was to see the bride the day (and night, as she pointed out when I attempted to exploit this loophole) before the wedding. I don’t see how that works, but to keep Alice happy and hopefully promise Bella a smoothly running wedding, I obliged; though Alice still had to physically restrain me to keep me in my room as I attempted to escape to see Bella at least 3 times. I could easily escape again, but I didn’t quite fancy having to face Alice when she’s furious again.

I scoured the living room and eventually found my tie hidden down the back of the sofa cushions, typical. The only place I don’t look and it turns up.

Once I’d finished getting ready, we all went into the back garden and walked right down to the end where the newly erected alter stood. Emmet, Jasper and Alice had put it up yesterday night and I thought it looked absolutely beautiful. I’d never seen it before this morning, but I was blown away by how much my family had done for me.

The alter was made purely of wood, oak to be exact, an it had been hand carved by Emmet (he majored in wood work a couple of years ago). It resembled an olden day band stand and it was covered in what looked liked vines which had delicate flowers blooming from them. I was amazed at how skilled and delicate Emmet could be at times; you rarely saw this side to him. The ‘band stand’ had very ornate corners and the pillars; underneath the carved vines and flowers; were very decorative too. I knew Bella would love it.

Once we’d just reached the alter, I heard a car pull up outside our house and I saw Alice’s thoughts flash through my mind.

You’d better not be inside that house! If you are I suggest you get out now, before I come in there and make you get out!

I chuckled; Alice could be very violent at times. I listened to four pairs of footsteps walk into the house. Wait, four? Why were there only four pairs of footsteps? There should be five. Bella, Renée, Esme, Alice and Rosalie. Definitely five. What if it was Bella?! What if something had happened to her again?!

Carlisle saw my face take a panicked look and as I started to walk swiftly towards the house, he ran in front of me, making me stop and look at him.

“What’s wrong? Why do you need to go back to the house? You know Alice doesn’t want you in there.” He said to me, laughing light-heartedly at the thought of Alice’s attitude today.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to lie to him, he was father and I loved him greatly. I would be doing him a great disservice if I were to lie to him. I quickly voiced my worry and he, being the caring man he is, suggested that he go into the house and investigate. He told me he would come back and tell me as soon as he knew what was wrong. He also reminded me that I should calm down and not to work myself into a state, it was probably nothing.

I watched him striding purposefully towards the house and wished I could go myself. If only it weren’t for Alice’s stupid superstitions.

Carlisle was gone for quite a while, about 15 minutes to be exact. I tried to hear conversations going on inside the house, but I was too nervous to be able to focus fully, and after about 10 minutes of listening in vain, I started to hear cars pull up in the drive. Great. The guests were arriving. That made me feel even more nervous.

I then saw Carlisle escorting Angela, Ben and their parents across our lawn and toward our little group gathered around the alter. Our guests immediately started to admire the alter. Although Angela’s parents, and even Ben to an extent, were a little bit uncomfortable around us, Angela encouraged them all under her breath to try to relax. All those days of sitting near us at the lunch table must’ve paid off! I thanked them all for showing up, but as I’d finished my sentence, more people began to make their way down the path to us. After that people seemed to arrive one after the other, never giving me chance to talk to Carlisle, as after they’d found their seats they would pluck up the courage to come and ask me if I was nervous. I knew I must be; I couldn’t even read their thoughts properly. I only got one or two words of a sentence which made no sense. After a couple of moments of talking to them, I would gain my composure, answer their question and then quickly sift through their thoughts for any mention of Bella, if she was ok, and (hopefully) how she looked in her new wedding dress. That was another thing Alice had kept from me.

As I’d just addressed the last person, telling them that, yes, I was nervous about my wedding, I heard the piano chords of a wedding march. My family had carried my piano outside and Jasper had used his spare time, when he was not at school, to learn the specific songs we needed for the wedding.

I whipped around, hordes of butterflies fluttering around my stomach making me feel very queasy, and then I saw her. There Bella stood, in all of her glory. She was so beautiful I thought my heart would start to beat again. She looked absolutely stunning in her new wedding dress, and her hair, her make up, EVERYTHING about her was perfect. There was no way I was ever going to be able to forget the sight of her, the most beautiful blushing bride there ever was.