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A Fairytale's Ending

Edward once told Bella that his human memories faded over time; that his human instincts were there, but buried deep... Chicago. 1918. Edward Masen is a young, naive seventeen-year-old; his thoughts focusing only on his impending enlistment in the army, and his infatuation with Rosaline Daniels. Then, on a chance meeting, he falls in love with Ada Harper...a head-strong outcast who wants nothing more then her freedom. In the tradition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and set against the backdrop of WWI, this is the story of two people. One forgotten...the other re-born.

Hey! This is my latest "epic" fanfiction undertaking, and I have big plans for it. However, if you're a strong Edward/Bella lover, or hate anything non-cannon...this story has no Bella (kind of) and goes against Stephenie's "written" cannon. Although she never mentioned anything about this... ;) So, without further ado, here it is! Enjoy! I own nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing! Except the characters of Ada and her family. Let us all take a moment to appreciate Stephenie's sheer genius...again. :) © Edward’s Rose 2008

2. Chapter 2: Discoveries

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Chapter Two: Discoveries


Frozen on the stairs, my eyes were locked with his turbulent green ones. Did anyone else notice…? Disembodied voices floated listlessly around my head, and my eyesight seemed jarred as he slowly walked towards me…

Who was this…? It was rude. He shouldn’t be staring. I tried desperately to avert my gaze and took a step, but only succeeded in tripping over the elaborate brocade of my gown.

Oh, no.

Then, I felt a strong grip wind around my elbow, saving me from eternal embarrassment and injury.

“You should be more careful,” a voice admonished in my ear.

My heart sputtered erratically as I gazed coolly into the man’s emerald gaze. “Thank you, sir. How lucky I was to have you around.”

“I’d call it more then a coincidence.” His words were weighted with meaning.

I ungraciously pulled my arm from his grasp and stalked down the remainder of the staircase, happy to see that my mother’s attention was diverted elsewhere. I could hear his deep, bell-like laughter following me as I walked, catching me in its chains.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“What’s yours?” I retorted, trying to ward off the feelings coursing through me.

A cold touch registered against my wrist as his fingers wrapped around it, turning me back to face him. “Please tell me,” he whispered.

“This really is most improper…”

His grip tightened and his eyes bore uncomfortably into mine. At that exact moment, I made a decision. The fragile rules of etiquette which tied me to society were slipping away, and if I clung to them, what if he slipped away…?

I lifted my chin, looking right into his eyes. “Ada.”

His answering smile was too angelic. I barely noticed the young man sweeping towards us, his face impatient.

“They’re all calling for you!” he said, grabbing Green Eyes’ arm, which was swathed in the suit’s black materiel.

“What are you talking about, Billy?” he asked, eyes never leaving my face.

“A small group’s gathered in the parlor…they want a concert, Edward!”


Edward rolled his eyes, and flashed me a crooked smile. “Duty calls.” He lifted my hand and gently pressed it to his lips. Ripples of shock shivered through my spine, and I delighted in the sensation he left upon my skin…

“Excuse me, miss,” the boy named Billy apologized courteously.

I nodded absently, watching as they disappeared through the crowd. Drifting towards a group of chairs, I settled as gracefully as I could…offering a pained smile to the idiot Rosaline Daniels. My attention was riveted upon the double-doors leading to the parlor, though. Through them, I could see a group applauding as Edward settled onto the piano-bench.

His eyes were rapt on the keys and then his fingers started to move. I recognized the opening chords of Debussy’s La Cathédrale Engloutie, and I smoothed the hair back behind my ears. The sonorous melody filled the room, flying effortlessly from under his hands. After a few minutes, the piece flowed seamlessly into a new composition…something I didn’t recognize. Edward lifted his head ever-so-slightly, dazzling with a small smile meant just for me.

I was sure no one else saw.

The feelings settling over me were too strange for me to feel at ease. I’d met him barely five minutes ago! We hadn’t even been properly introduced… Love at first sight was a silly concept for children, nothing more. It never happened in real life…did it?

“He’s very talented, isn’t he, Miss Harper?”

I nearly jumped, so lost was I in my musings. Painfully, I looked up into Paris Travers’ smiling face. “Indeed,” I said shortly.

“May I sit he down?” he inquired, gesturing towards the empty chair next to me.

I flicked my eyes sideways, towards the parlor. “Well, I…”

“Thank you,” he said swiftly, ignoring my mumbled protests.

Mother was watching us from across the room, her eyes expectant and calculating. My older brother George was by her side, a small smile curved on his lips.

Quickly, I returned my attention to Captain Travers; desperately keeping Edward’s penetrating green eyes at bay. “Captain Travers, I must congratulate you on your recent promotion! It must be a relief to be back in Chicago after your months of fighting.”

He inclined his head. “I thank you. Actually, there was a reason for my return. I wanted to speak to you…”

Dear God, no! Like the answering of a prayer, the piano’s ending arpeggio faded away, and I hastily stood…joining in with the applause and praise directed towards Edward.

“Do excuse me, sir,” I said humbly, sinking into a curtsy.

I turned as his face descended into a mask of confusion. Gently weaving through the crowd, bobbing curtsies and exchanging insincere greetings, I tried to find Edward. I could barely see the piano’s outline as the parlor’s occupants all poured out into the main hall.

“Did you like it?” he asked, suddenly behind me.

I turned slowly, unsure of what was happening. “I-I did,” I stuttered, realizing he was more a-kin to a god-like genius, and I was just…insignificant. “Especially your last piece.”

His eyes registered happiness. “One of my own compositions.”

“Does it have a name?”

He waved his hand in the air dismissively, smiling wickedly. “I’ll name it once I find my muse.”


“I think I’ve found her already, though,” he said softly, taking a step closer.

I was incapable of speech.

“Until we meet again, Ada…and I pray that won’t be long.”

And then he was gone, the crowd appearing to swallow him whole. And I was left floating on a cloud.


Idly, I sat in front of my mirror, brushing my hair. I’d sent Nurse away earlier, lest the pathetic happiness turning my cheeks red would betray me. On the way home, I’d naturally gotten a stern lecture from Mother…on the benefits of marrying Captain Travers, upholding the family honor, before we fell to ruin…the usual.

A soft tap on my door caused me to look up. “Come in,” I called.

The door swung open to reveal George, leaning comfortably against the frame. “I’m sorry you had to deal with that tonight,” he apologized.

I sighed. “It’s alright; I’ve become used to it by now.”

“I should’ve stayed in Germany. Mother’s wrath is worse then their entire army!”

I quirked a smile. “I should imagine so.”

George took another step into the room, his eyes routinely sweeping its contents. “I saw you talking with Edward Masen tonight.”

My fingers tightened on the brush’s handle, and I tried to portray indifference. “Oh. Was that his name?”

“He looked besotted.”

I gave a strained laugh. “Good; at least I’m doing something right.”

You looked besotted, too.”

I set the brush down. “It was nothing.”

He crossed the room in two strides, curling his fingers around the table…his face inches from mine. “It has to be nothing,” he hissed. “You-we- need Paris Travers. We only have a certain amount of time until the money Father left us runs out…and then we’ll be swamped in debt. Would you bring that upon us, Ada?”

“Of course not…!”

“Stay away from Edward.” His tone like steel.

“Aren’t Paris and Edward…rich?” I spat the word. “What’s wrong with choosing somebody who would make me happy, and not just fulfill Father’s stupid…” My temper had flared up, and I knew I’d later regret my defense against Edward…spoiling my brilliant plan of ‘it-was-nothing.’

George took a step back, giving a cold and brittle laugh. “You’re such a child, Ada.” He turned to go, his boots clicking ominously against the polished, wooden floors.

“Why not?” I whispered pleadingly.

He paused, barely inclining his head towards me. “Because his father is who got us into this mess. Edward Masen Senior sued Father’s company, and broke him. Drove him to the brink of insanity.” Then he closed the door with a resounding crash.


Lying encased in my sheets, I could not sleep. Edward’s face and George’s words spun through my head…causing a deadly combination. I’d known George was serious; I couldn’t even remember a time where he’d been anything less then a teasing and care-free brother. I rolled over. This wasn’t right; I shouldn’t see Edward. The night had done something to me…intoxicated me. I couldn’t be held accountable. Yes, that was what happened. I wouldn’t speak to Edward Masen ever again…despite the pain which accompanied my newest resolution.

Suddenly, I heard something crash ungracefully onto my balcony. I sat bolt-upright, terror gripping me in its icy claws. Slowly, I crept out of bed, inching towards the French doors. My fingers clumsily scrabbled against the latch, and I bit my lip, throwing the doors wide. But standing outside was not a German spy or a murderer.

Standing outside my balcony, in the dead of night, was Edward Masen.