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The Honeymoon: Freesias

Bella and Edward were having a great honeymoon. Edward senses danger. Alice comes and there is no longer a happy honeymoon.


1. Freesias

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Edward and I were finally in Hawaii. After long months of getting used to my awesome powers we were finally content. I focused on Edward’s expression, and read his thoughts.

The weather is extremely humid. I wonder how Forks must be holding out after the massacre…Bella? Are you reading my thoughts? That is not very nice!

Edward held me close; I could feel the little warmth where our skin touched. Only about three months I have been Mrs. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, yet Edward amazes me as he did when I was human.

I suddenly felt a tension in his body. His muscles tightened, and his face turns into a cold, hard stare. The one factor that means that danger is near is when Edward tightens his whole body.

I reached to call Alice on my iPhone, but Edward is quicker still, even if I am a vampire.

“Hello. Alice?” Edward said urgently.

“Yes, yes Edward, what do you need now?” whispered Alice.

“Come to Hawaii right now,” Edward insisted.

“Oh Edward, when will you stop doing these things? Ugh, fine,” whined Alice.

Edward relaxed, and embraced me tight, not enough to break me though. I breathed in the smell of freesias and the ocean as I began to relax. I was not ready to let go and start questioning Edward. Then he did. Edward let go from an embrace that I wanted to last a lifetime.

About a couple hours later Alice was in Hawaii.

“Alice is here,” Edward stated.

I grabbed Edward by his arm, and I stared into his liquid topaz eyes, they had turned into a dark brown.

“Edward, don’t tell me something is wrong again. This is the first five minutes we get to ourselves, and you bring Alice!” I snipped.

“Bella,” Edward cupped my head in his hands, “You know that I would only call Alice if we were in mortal danger. Bella I saw someone’s mind. I saw Alice’s, the Volturi are coming again,” Edward explained.

“Oh great! Hopefully I will get the pleasure to use each and all of their powers,” I replied sarcastically.

“Bella,” Edward said his face looking grim, “Do not toy with their powers for amusement, they want you, Bella, you, they want you to help them kill humans. I would not be sarcastic right now.”

My face quickly turned blank as if the whole world had disappeared, and I was the only one left. I quickly grabbed Edward and kissed him. I could feel how tense he was, and I quickly let go.

“Edward, I don’t want this again, I don’t want us to endanger ourselves anymore. I have gone through so much. For two years of my life I have risked my life more than 3 times. Edward, promise me this will be the last time that we will be in danger. Please, promise me,” I cried.

“Bella, the last two years have been very hard, but also wonderful. I married you; I got you, not the dog. I have loved you, I have comforted you, and now look at you Bella, and you are the most powerful vampire I know. You can control other vampire’s powers. The best gift there is,” Edward continued, “Bella I cannot promise being in danger. However I can promise that I will be at your side fighting whomever if you are in danger. I would expect that my family would too.”

A soft knock could only be heard by vampires. Edward gracefully strolled over to the door, and opened it.

Alice strolled in, and stopped, looking at them with a grin on her face.

“Edward I saw that you would call me to come to Hawaii, but I didn’t expect it so soon,” Alice inquired.

“Alice,” Edward started.

“I know, the Volturi,” Alice finished.