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The Honeymoon: Freesias

Bella and Edward were having a great honeymoon. Edward senses danger. Alice comes and there is no longer a happy honeymoon.


2. Surprise...

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Chapter two: Surprise…

“Well, thank you Alice for correcting me once again,” Edward replied grimly.

“Edward now is not the time to be snippy with your sister, love,” Bella responded looking innocent.

“Ahem, you’re right,” Edward stated.

“Thank you Bella, my kind sister,” thanked Alice.

“Alice, did you alert the family?” asked Edward.

“Edward, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say,” noted Alice.

Edward was about to reply with a sharp retort, but I stopped them both. I once again used their minds to annoy them.


Edward composed his posture and stared at me with a loving look. While Alice and I both giggled with humor I couldn’t help but notice footsteps coming up the stairs to our floor.

Edward stared at us for a long time, not even flinching. Finally we calmed down and we were thinking about plans to destroy the Volturi.

We were in hushed whispers, waiting for the rest of the Cullen Family to arrive.

We had finally devised a plan. Um, right there was a plan, but it got shattered by Edward’s brilliant mind.

We had waited long enough. It had seemed that we had waited for a few days. We got Alice a room. It was only close enough so that Edward could read her mind.

It seemed that I had “slept” the worst out of all of us. All I did was laid in bed and think of ways the Volturi could come and kill me right there on the spot.

I thought of ways to defeat them but then I would always have Edward to remind me to not underestimate the Volturi.

Technically I could underestimate the Volturi. The only reason I can underestimate the Volturi is because I can use each and every power they have. I can use Jane’s power to illusion pain. I can use Aro’s ability of seeing all the thoughts that a person has ever had between him and the person. I can use Demetri’s power of tracking. Last of all I can use Marcus’s gift of sensing loyalty and devotion between two people.

Basically if the Volturi are close to me I am unstoppable. All of their gifts can help me, and destroy them.

While Edward was playing with a lock of my hair I heard a knock only loud enough to disturb him. I got up, but Edward grabbed my hand and gave me a look that meant be careful.

I mentally let Alice know that there was a visitor at our door and to come to our room.

I sensed no danger, and flung the door wide open waiting for Esme’s arms to wraps themselves around my body in a hug.

It never comes. The hug I had been waiting for. Suddenly I see a flash of red and realize this is not Emse.

“Surprise,” says a voice so familiar I almost puke.