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Forever Winter

One of the unknown female vampires working for the Volturi, Clare Fredwin challenges everything the Volturi stands for. When her past comes back to haunt her however, she must choose...


1. Prologue

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I could feel the cold air against my pale skin. The rain saturated my long blonde hair – a welcome blessing.

The dark night crackled with electricity, a clap of thunder echoed through the sky.

This was my favourite time of day – night. Not that we have a choice now. Our kind had been reduced to hide in the dark; shadows of old in a dangerous world.

Yet we were not the danger, despite what most choose to think. The real danger lurks out there, walking amongst your kind.

I could smell him from where I stood with my back against the wet stone wall. His scent, once a mixture of musk and cigars reeked of alcohol, stale on my nostrils. He was heading in our direction, like planned.

Oh, blast!

No! I felt myself scream. The boy next to me squeezed my hand, his palm cold on mine.

Why don’t I listen anymore? Mother said it would be a bad idea. Now I am stuck here, in an alleyway while it pours down with rain and my dress is now ruined!

“We didn’t plan for this,” I hissed softly to the boy next to me. I glanced up at his face, my glare melting as I stared into his golden eyes.

I wonder if he knew he did that, the thing with his eyes, or if it was unintentional.

Was he completely oblivious to the butterflies in my stomach, the thoughts in my mind?

Do not be afraid. Even the voice inside his head was melodic and calm. She will be safe, I promise you.

He showed no response to my thoughts.

“Let us go – now, before it is too late.” His voice was quiet, so low that only she could pick it up. It was like he and I were on the same frequency.

He moved his body out of the shadows, walking gracefully in the alleyway. A turn to the left was all we had…

The scream pierced more than my ears. It shattered every bone in my body, every moral piece of fibre I had tried to retain, all these years past. It reverberated through my body, leaving me helpless, weak.

A hand on my curve of my spine pushed me forward, and I found my legs.

It happened in one sudden movement, yet the girl seemed to register it all, the shock and horror evidence on her face.

I was in front of the man, he behind. My voice rang out against the walls.

“Let her go.” Though the sound was musical, the undertone was that of pure seriousness.

Something flashed across the girl’s neck. A knife at her throat, a hoarse chuckle from the man.

“I will let her go – only you will be next.”

In another sudden movement, the girl was on the ground, the man lashing out at me, knife in hand.

I was too fast for him as I darted out the way. I stood where he had once stood, my partner darting behind him once more.

I smiled, looking at the man through my eyelashes.

It was a smile I reserved for my victims before their fall. It captured everything that I was – beautiful and deadly.

My upper lip curled under, revealing my porcelain white teeth. I ran my tongue over the front, feeling the venom pumping through, and the familiar ache started.

Hold it.

I cocked my head to one side. I knew I could twist this in my favour. I thought about something arbitrary, whilst devising my plan.

It threw both of them off.

The man looked astounded as I walked closer to him, my hips swaying suggestively.

Hello Dolly!

The man’s thoughts made me wince inwardly.

What on earth is she doing?

Panic filled the girl standing behind.

He - my partner in this so called crime - was trying hard to push through the barricade I had created, barely noticing my dangerous actions.

“Try me,” I purred.

I took another step forward. So close I could smell the man’s body odour – a vile smell.

“What are you doing?” the girl on the ground screamed.

I glanced behind me at her cry – a wrong, deadly move.

The man darted forward, clutching my elbow. I, in turn, screamed as his warm fingers pushed into my pale skin.

In another movement, the man was wrestling with my partner, the knife in between them.

“Edward – no!” I heard myself scream. What if something were to happen to my angel?

Suddenly the man was writhing under my grasp, panting for breathe. My arms encircled his neck, my legs acting as a stony wall.

I stood in shock at my actions. I had not acted so fast in the history of my time.

“Edward?” I whispered.

I blocked out every other sound – the beating of the rain on the streets, the sobs of the girl on the ground, the wheezing of the man.

Over here.

I twisted my head around, gripping harder onto the man as I felt him struggle.

Edward was standing nearby, the girl in his arms.

She had fainted.

I will take her back home – I’m not hungry tonight.

I rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to the man in my arms.

I heard the sound of Edward leaving – I knew if I turned that he would not be there – faster than anything I had ever seen.

I felt the panic rising in the man, the blood pumping through his body. He no longer smelt vile, but beautiful, delicious.

And I wanted to make him suffer.

I wanted to make him feel pain, to understand what pain was, just as he made those other girls.

I ran my teeth against the softness of his neck, feeling the veins throb underneath. His skin was so translucent, so tempting. I could see the blood rushing underneath, the panic rising.

“Please…do not…hurt me. I have a wife and child!”

His voice was breathless, fear encompassing him.

“It’s too late for that.”

In one, swift move, I punctured his neck, feeling the venom pump through my teeth and into his neck.

At the same time, his own blood entered my body. I felt alive, I felt powerful.

The man’s body goes limp in my arms, his heart slowing as his blood disappears.

All too soon it is over, and he is lying on the ground, eyes wide open in fear. A droplet of blood clings to his neck where there are two red and small puncture marks, something that can easily be misconstrued as a spider bite.

I stand up, licking my teeth and lips as I move into the darkness of London, my brilliant red eyes glowing with satisfaction.