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What Was He Thinking?

What happened when Edward told the Cullen family that he was going to bring Bella to meet them.

This will hopefully turn out to be a series of one-shots from each member of the Cullen family, dealing with the emotions felt when Edward decides to bring Bella home to meet them.

1. Rosalie

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I honestly don’t know what Edward was thinking on that day? Why would he want to bring home a….a…a human? Bella Swan was her name and I just didn’t understand him. He had always turned down every girl, every where, every time and his recent actions surprised me.

It all started back when he saved her from being smashed by the dark blue van on the day that it was icy. He always said that it was due to the fact that he didn’t want her blood to be spilled, but now I see that it was a totally different reason.

My “brother” Edward is in LOVE, and from what I can see this is the first time that he was, no is, truly happy. I’ve never seen him as elated as he’s been since he decided that Bella was his true love, his soul mate, the one that he would give his life for and the one he would risk the rest of our lives for.

When he told our family that he was going to bring Bella over I wanted to leave the room. Why would he bring some outsider to our home? I looked at him and turned my face, I don’t want him to hear my thoughts. Jealousy was pouring from every pore in my body. Why her? Was I not the most beautiful creature ever to walk the earth? I know that I am in Emmett’s eyes, but what did Edward see in her that he failed to see in me?

I had found out that I was created to be a mate for Edward, but somehow he had never looked at me as anything more than a sister. I wasn’t used to these types of feelings emanating from my body. I was jealous, not of her beauty, but of the simple fact that she was mortal. She possessed everything that I desired to have, the ability to breathe, the ability to feel warmth, and perhaps the most important thing the ability to carry a child. That was all I had ever seen myself doing before I was changed. I had everything right; I was young, beautiful and engaged to a very wealthy man. I was going to have the most extravagant wedding in Rochester. I was going to be Mrs. Royce King. I reveled in the thought of being the woman on his arms and then it was all taken from me. I had no choice….

“Edward, I think it’s a really, really bad idea!” I protested when he proposed bringing her to meet the family.

“Rosalie, you have no clue about how I feel about her.” Edward responded while giving me a look of concern.

“Yes I do! Edward!” I screamed as I looked into his topaz eyes. “I understand that you think you’ve found the one person that will make you…”

“Make me what…” He fumed!

“Make you…” I struggled with the word for a moment. Finally resolved I spoke a single word, “Complete.”

Edward stared at me for a moment, his facial expression becoming more and more perplexed. I stared back at him with as much force as I could muster.

“I know, Rosalie” Edward spoke quietly as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I know what you are thinking…”

“Edward…” I said as I looked at him cautiously, “I know that you love her, but I think it’s a really, really bad idea. Perhaps the worst one you’ve ever had.”

“Maybe so, but never the less Rosalie, it is my decision.” Edward spoke in a distinct whisper.

“Then Edward, I hope you will forgive me but I will not be here when you bring her here.” I responded.

I could tell by the look in his eyes that it pained him to see my reaction to his simple request to bring Bella to meet the family. I could not, in good conscience, allow myself to be part of this experience. I couldn’t sit by and watch as he risked her life by bringing her into a house full of vampires. I know that we were “vegetarians”, which was the side joke utilized by my family to describe our eating habits, but how could he put someone he was so in love with in that type of danger. I excused myself from the room and Emmett followed me. I felt as if I needed to hunt.