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Forever and Eternity

Yes, I know that this is a very common one-shot. I don’t care. I just had to do it anyways.

Bella’s transformation

Bella's POV

1. Chapter 1

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“Bella? Are you sure?” I thought over all the reasons why I wanted this. Why I wanted to be immortal. Why I wanted to feed off innocent animals. Why I wanted to leave all that I knew, and all the people that I loved. I wanted this because of him. He was the only reason I kept going. The only reason I had any reason to live. “Bella,” Edward repeated, “are you sure that this is what you want? For the rest of eternity? Forever?” I looked up into his topaz eyes. I hoped that one-day mine would look the same. I may have been giving up a lot, but there was more to gain, in my perspective. I would never get to see my family again, my friends, or the pack. There was still a piece of my heart that moaned for Jacob, but that part was slowly becoming unimportant. I took a deep breath. “Edward,” I started, “I love you more than anything and everything in the world combined. If I can be with you forever, I don’t need anything else” Edward bent down and gave me a swift kiss. “I love you,” he whispered. “I would do anything for you. Anything you want is yours. Even this.” His lips slowly drifted over my neck, and then stopped at the spot between my neck and my collarbone. He breathed there quietly. He cautiously sunk his razor sharp teeth into my flesh. At first, I felt nothing but the sting of the breaking skin. Then I felt the fire. I felt the thing that had haunted me from that day in the ballet studio. I felt the same fire and the same burning pain I felt when James bit me. “Bella! Bella, I’m so sorry.” Edward pulled himself off me. I could only tell because the pressure on my arm was released. The blood was flowing freely. I could hear Edward sobbing close to me. I was afraid that Edward wouldn’t be able to control himself. What was I thinking? How could I possibly defy Edward? I knew exactly how he was, he being the bravest, strongest being on earth? Him who constantly defied the feeling in his body that thirsted for my blood? He could do this; I had faith in him. I couldn’t think for a moment that Edward couldn’t do this. He was so much more than that. “EDWARD!” I screamed. It was all I could do. All I could think about now that the pain had almost overcome me. The pain was so distinct is hurt me to think. It hurt me to talk. It did no good screaming, just as Rosalie had said. The pain that was going to take over my body in seconds. How could anyone endure it? I felt a small force of hope in my hand. “Bella, I’m here. I’m here.” “Edward, go you don’t have to do this. I can do this on my own.” My voice was weak and small, but I knew he could here me. “No, love. Never. I won’t let you do this on your own. We can do this together. We have to do this together. I love you.” “Me too.” “I love you. I want you to know that.” “I do. I love you.” And the pain swallowed me up. I couldn’t think about anything. I heard a distant moan of pain from somewhere. I screamed. That was all I could do. Yell and see if that would make me feel any better. It didn’t, it just hurt. How could I put myself through this torture? Who is worth that for me? Is Edward even worth this pain? Yes he is. Yes, yes yes yes! He is worth this. I’ll get to be with him forever. Forever together with his family. Together hunting. Together teaching each other. Together loving each other. Forever, eternally loving one another. That was worth this. That was worth everything in the world. Edward was worth everything in the world. Even this. This pain. His love was worth everything. And the fire engulfed me. I woke. I couldn’t tell how long it had been. It could have been hours, days, or months. I was lying down, that much I could tell. I brought my hand to my face to wipe at my eyes. I gasped. My hand was cold. Cold as ice. Cold as Edward’s hand, or Alice’s. I was a vampire. I was a vampire! I jumped out of the bed. No one was in the room. I looked around. I was in Edward’s room. The bed had my bloodstains on it. Gross. “Edward!” I screamed. Ouch, I was loud. I shook the whole house with my bellow. “Bella! Bella, love! I thought you would never wake up!” He ran into his room at vampire speed. Our room, I corrected myself. It sounded so right. Edward looked ecstatic. His topaz eyes were shining. He reached out and pulled me close. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding me tight against him. He no longer felt cold to me. He felt pleasantly warm. His body didn’t feel like stone marble any more. He was holding me closer than we ever had when I was human. Because I wasn’t human anymore. We no longer had to have rules when we were together. “I love you, Bella,” he whispered in my ear. “I’ve always loved you. You are my life. I gave you what you wanted. I gave you the life as a vampire. How can you ever forgive me?” I smiled. “What is there to forgive? You’ve given me everything. Now I’m satisfied.” Edward looked deeply into my soul. “I’m going to miss your eyes. And your blush. I might even miss the way you smell, even if it will make things sooooo much easier without it.” I gasp. I hadn’t even looked at myself yet! “Edward,” I said, “what do I look like?” He gestured at the mirror in the corner of his room. “Why don’t you take a look for yourself?” I pulled him over to the mirror. My hands flew to my eyes. They were bright red. But my eyes weren’t the only thing that changed. My cheekbones were sharper, my lips fuller and redder, and my skin paler. Overall, I was beautiful. Not like Rosalie, but more beautiful than I had anticipated. Edward wrapped his arms around me. In the mirror, with him beside me, I no longer paled in comparison. We looked like we were made for each other. I got all I ever wanted. I could be with him forever, for eternity. If having to kill innocent creatures came with the price, it would be worth it. “You are my life,” Edward whispered in my ear. “I will do everything to keep you safe. I will do everything I can to have you close. We will be together. Forever.” “Forever,” I whispered back. Forever.