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Dream On spin off-my style!

If you haven't read Charmingal's Dream On, (which you should ;D ) this won't make much sence, so go check out her brilliant readings too, ok? Basically, we've (we meaning me and a few other idiots/clever peoples alike) moved to the not-so-sunny town of Forks, and by the magic of fan-fiction have ended up finding the Vampires and Werewolves! This is my side of the story (Looney's view), hopefully with extra madness, weirder humour, and rib-cracking...although I don't take responsibility for any Doctor bills...

you wanted to do this of your own free will you poor, poor person


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The flight from England to America had been to long. Not only did I now have extremely cramped legs, but for some reason, while Tolley and Dodger had taken second class, Lexhen’s and mine were in the lower. I knew something was up with those ticket machines when Tolley ordered them…

Once landed on the tarmac, and managing to get my food down, we had made it out into a busy airport. It felt like even longer than the flight to find our packages and boxes and suitcases.

“So Tolley, where are we staying?” asked Lexhen, a valid point, but I had a better one.

“So Tolley, where are we eating?” as usual I was ignored when it came to food. It was strange how normal sized I was with all this food being continually swallowed.

“We have to go to the hotel flats. We each have a rented room there.” We walked out of the overly populated station, in search of a taxi.

“Tolley, didn’t you say that you had a couple of cars over here?” asked Dodger. I nodded at her.

“Yes, but they’re at the hotel. Damn it, where’s my purse.” She was searching for her bag, now in my hand.

“Hey, you guys, what’s that over there?” I pointed behind them. Bewildered and disorientated they turned, even though normally they never would have fallen for it. I flicked my head around as a taxi pulled up a few spaces down. A couple, about 16 and covered in piercings was about to get into it. And it was a seven seater. They were not worth it.

“Oh-my-god, Santa Claus!” I yelled, pointing up the stairs. How al the people in the airline fell for it I have no idea. I grabbed a friend’s wrist and sprinted forwards.

I pushed them forwards into the taxi, everyone looking for both Santa and the one who had shouted the lie out. I rolled my eyes. How stupid.

“Tolley; we are betting now. £20!”

“Don’t you mean dollars Looney?”

“Oh yeah, dollars, $20!” I repeated, amending my mistake. In America, it wasn’t all that easy to remember everything. Having been brought up in England all my life, it was a different style, spare when I went to Australia for two months.

“What are we betting on?” she asked inquisitively.

“I’ve just seen the forms for our school!” I said excitedly. “I knew Forks rang a bell!” I was almost jumping up and down.

“Looney, if you’re going to destroy the building, do it in your own room.” Reminded Dodger calmly. I guess that I had already been jumping around…

“Forks, Hilary” she scowled at me for using her real name, “Doesn’t that remind you of an over obsessive collection of books we read! I was obsessed over it!”

“You get obsessive over lots of things.” Said Lexhen, sprawled on Hilary’s bed.

“No, remember. The wonderful creatures I’ve even been stalking. Spare that guy with long hair. He was a different story. And the blonde.”

“Wonderful creatures…” muttered Dodger, wondering. I could almost see the clocks click into place. “Crap-you mean the TWILIGHT SERIES!”

“No other!” I yelled with her, jumping into a circle with her. Robyn came over to me, clapping her hands, and then stopped with a bored expression. Damn her sarcasm.

“There are no such things as vampires Looney.”

“I was going to bet that my real Edward was there, but if you insist. $20 to the winner.

Vampires are real.” I shook her hand as she sighed heavily.

“Ok, now if you’re ready to embarrass us already, let’s hit forks high school.” She muttered.

“Embarrassing, me? I wouldn’t!” I said sarcastically, as Lexhen towed me from the room.

Through the first lessons, not only did I have to go up to the front of the class for all of them, but we nearly all got split up. I was with Dodger for German; Lexhen and Tolley taking Spanish.

Geography was easy, but history was different. They were on something about an American war in Texas or something.

Once the first three lessons were over, it was time to get some lunch. Even with out and sightings of vampires, it wasn’t too bad, but by the time lunch came, my hopes had been crushed and my purse felt lighter, like I had already lost that $20.

We slowly entered the crowded hall of Fork’s high school, with bags in hand. With the smell of food under my nose, it was hard to continue to concentrate on anything other than eating, so glancing around for a place to sit…

I found them.

The god’s of the hall, the food court, with in reach.

All three of them were staring at us. Being even more beautiful than I had imagined. The stalkee’s in England were nothing compared to the ones on the opposite side of the room.

Wait; staring at us.

“They’re looking at us!” hissed Lexhen excitedly. I grinned slightly. It was incredible.

“They look just like…” Dodger trailed off nervously. My mouth had a mind of its own, so instead of being uncharacteristically calm, I blurted out.

“They’re all drop dead gorgeous!” my mouth squealed. Stupid, stupid, stupid thought my brain.

At least my legs were still attached to my brain, and Tolley managed to lead us to a half empty table with a considerable amount of rolling from her brown eyes. A blond haired boy walked up behind Robyn, lightly putting a hand on Hilary’s shoulder, and I didn’t miss the way his eyes rolled over us. I suppose that at least I could still see how boys reacted in America. A special talent of mine.

“Can I sit with you lovely ladies?” he asked, eager. ‘Lovely ladies’? What was he on? I wouldn’t be won over with ‘lovely ladies’.

“No.” said Tolley firmly, sliding into her seat and looking away from him, agitated. She didn’t like boys like that; I could read it in her face. My eyes strayed away form his hurt face. I wished my mothering habit wouldn’t come to me as he trailed away from us. My eyes refocused on the good looking bunch in the corner. One with blonde hair, and obviously tall was next to a small, spiky haired girl. I wished I had got hair like her. Why could hers look so perfect?

It was the last one that caught my attention. He looked less muscular than the others, as Stephenie Meyer had quoted in her book. Still, even in the dull lighting of the cafeteria his hair shone a bronzy colour… I didn’t notice Tolley leaning over and smacking both mine and Lexhen’s heads together until my head was thrust into Lexhen’s skull too.

“Ow.” I muttered under my breathe, rubbing head irritated, the same way Lexhen was patting hers.

“Come on guys, I know you’re obsessed, but staring at them across the hall isn’t going to do anything for your image! Remember, if they really are the Cullen’s, Edward will be able to read your mind…” Tolley trailed off, but I saw her shoot a glance across the room anyway, out the corner of her eyes. She couldn’t think that I’d get past me.

“Eek!” I suddenly realised what she was on about. If it was Edward then he couldn’t know. But seeing as Tolley thought they weren’t anyway, and I was beginning to have my doubts. No that was losers talk, of course they were. But he did look so… “I hadn’t thought of that! He’s perfect though, isn’t he?”

I had to get a control of myself. I had to find out about him…admire from afar as they said. Then I could start the flirting. I quickly started to recite the alphabet backwards, trying to change my direction of thought, the tune being hummed through my teeth. I picked up my sandwich eager for some food that was making my stomach rumble. I wasn’t so far gone that I wasn’t going to eat. Food, then love-that was the first rule in my book.

I could see that Tolley was blatantly ogling the blond haired boy. I let out a quiet laugh. The blond was staring back at her. If I didn’t know better, he was judging her, almost like the blond hair who had talked to us before had too. Tolley had finished her lunch, and with a childish manner, stuck out her tongue at him.

She went on to talk to Dodger soon after wards, who was casually listening to her ipod, not caring about the heaven that was in our midst.

“Just wondering if we could go down to first beach this weekend. It’s supposed to be good weather” I picked up on the hidden meaning behind her words – Hilary’s perfect guy from the books was the werewolf, Jacob Black. Tolley snorted, probably also picking up on the meaning. She had a real obligation against werewolves when we were separating out the characters.

I saw 'Edward' chuckle across the room, before leaning over to the vision of perfection, and his other siblings, to whisper something.

That’s proof they’re really vampires.’ I thought fiercely. ‘He must’ve known what I was thinking.’ By the look on Tolley’s face, she was thinking the exact opposite.