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Dream On spin off-my style!

If you haven't read Charmingal's Dream On, (which you should ;D ) this won't make much sence, so go check out her brilliant readings too, ok? Basically, we've (we meaning me and a few other idiots/clever peoples alike) moved to the not-so-sunny town of Forks, and by the magic of fan-fiction have ended up finding the Vampires and Werewolves! This is my side of the story (Looney's view), hopefully with extra madness, weirder humour, and rib-cracking...although I don't take responsibility for any Doctor bills...

you wanted to do this of your own free will you poor, poor person


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I woke up immediately to a cold embrace. I blinked, all of last night’s details dawning on me. Did I really flirt with a werewolf to get Troy back? Had I revealed a mothering side to myself? More importantly, had I just slept with my first ever guy? Well not literally. I mentally slapped myself.

Before I could do much more, my mind wandered back to when I had tried to go and rescue Troy…

[Freaky Flashback people]

“Crap, crap, crap. She’s going to go and kill Troy!” I chanted to myself. I scolded my own stupid-ness of leaving her unattended for a few moments. Now she could be anywhere. How was I going to catch up to her!

For the first time in years, I was running cross-country.

For Tolley’s sake, she’d better have kept Troy’s magical voice alive. I did not run for anything.

At least P.E in forks was more like Football- I mean soccer. Which I still refused to really play. You sir, can go and get the ball for I care.

The only really good thing I was good at was sprinting (hell yeah), throwing a shot putt at someone, swimming or sitting down. I happened to be very good at the latter.

“Stupid, twisted, evil…” I was cursing in rhythm to my legs, which I was still amazed could go this far. My lungs were burning for air. If only it had been a swimming pool from here to La Push, I could have easily been there.

I rounded another corner, regretting telling Esme to go back home. I could have used the shiny Volvo at the moment.

A quote reached my head. ‘Stupid shiny Volvo owner’. I chuckled at the brilliance. Then stopped when I realised I was going to choke if I carried on.

“I swear when I get a car…” Maybe I could finish my sentences if I got a car. Finally I managed to get to a slightly less inhabited area of trees, to see the sign. The sign was all I needed.

La Push, 10 miles.

I had made it. Through all the torturous thundering of my legs, the staring of people the-


“Couldn’t help but over hear.” Came a voice from the trees. I span around, just able to keep my balance.

Looney, time to use that trick.

I looked up at the tall, dark and well built man. Paul. It registered in my head as easily as if I had known him all my life. Now for a little tad of harmless flirting. And with his werewolf speed…

“Listen…I was wondering. No you wouldn’t want to…” I trailed off looking behind me, and trying not to laugh my head off.

“What?” he asked, biting on the end of my line easily. I could be down at the beach in seconds. That would be the only place Tolley would have gone. No place else was high enough to throw a CD player off it and make a wonderful snapping noise on the way down.

I bit my lip slightly as I turned around, pretending to look innocent and helpless, despite the fact that my legs were going to give way and I was standing in the middle of the road…

“Oh well, my friends all the way down at First Beach. And I haven’t got a ride anywhere.” I flicked my hair. I must look so idiotic to anyone else.

“First Beach…I was just on my way down there.” He told me. Okay, so I had him interested, now to reel him in!

“Really? Oops” I then dropped my watch on the ground. He immediately bent down to scoop it up and handed it back. His warm skin tingled on my own.

“Wow, I never realised how, and I don’t mean to be rude, but how …hot you look.” I giggled, holding back a violent shiver.

“Well…” he seemed to be taken aback a little.

“I mean, do like work out every day or something?” I took a step nearer to him, running my hand up his arm. Before he could answer, I cut across. “Oh, I really must get going already!”

“I could give you a lift.” He told me, hesitantly.

“You’d do that for little me?” I asked. Not that I was little, I was just miniscual next to a werewolf.


He picked me up easily and swung me into a bridal style to carry me. I sighed as the cool wind hit my face. Now why hadn’t Edward let me go this fast. This still wasn’t vampire speed, but I wanted it so much. The heat of the werewolf dug into my sides.

I’m coming Troy !

[End of freaky flash back]

“What was that about?” asked the vampire holding me.

Please tell me he did not see that all…

“Only all of it! You flirted with a werewolf! Do you know how dangerous they are?” I stayed still in his arms, which were almost a cage around me. I sighed and let my shoulders droop.

“Edward. I promise not to go near them” Unless Hilary needs help deciding which ones best looking, “Ever again.”

That made him take a step back, figuratively.

“Thank you.” He whispered into my ear. I smiled, running my hand up his cold back gently.

“You know, werewolves are awful to chat up.” I told him, creating a pattern up and down his spine.


It was this point where my stomach decided it wanted a part in this conversation to.

“Well, if you wait while I get breakfast, I can come back and show you how I really flirt?” I asked him.

“Helen.” Holy crap it was my real name. He knew my secret identity. Had he seen those pictures on the internet yet? “You know I love you, but we can’t push this relationship we have.”

“Shut up vampire boy.” I told him, freezing and tearing myself from his grip. “I am not going to be like Bella and let you rule my life. I love you life nothing else. All the planets could be destroyed by Darth Vader, and then Doctor who could appear and decided he wanted to take over the Earth, and I wouldn’t take myself away from you. One because I’d be terrified because I still haven’t mastered the Force yet, but the other because I love you. Now I am going to make breakfast, stuff Robyn full of food for once, and then I am coming back up here, and I expect you to still be shirtless!”

I strode from the bed, grabbing my dressing gown from the back of the door.

“Did you compare our relationship to Darth Vader and Doctor Who?” he asked.

I poked my head back from around the door.

“Don’t make me add the teletubbies to that mister!”

Then I went to make breakfast, for the first time in 3 years and 32 days.