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Dream On spin off-my style!

If you haven't read Charmingal's Dream On, (which you should ;D ) this won't make much sence, so go check out her brilliant readings too, ok? Basically, we've (we meaning me and a few other idiots/clever peoples alike) moved to the not-so-sunny town of Forks, and by the magic of fan-fiction have ended up finding the Vampires and Werewolves! This is my side of the story (Looney's view), hopefully with extra madness, weirder humour, and rib-cracking...although I don't take responsibility for any Doctor bills...

you wanted to do this of your own free will you poor, poor person


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“Hello!” Squealed an unusually peppy receptionist; who looked remarkably like a squirrel on Speed.

“Hi!” Tolley squealed back, tugging on Lexhen’s reluctant arm and dragging her towards the front desk.

“So what can I do for y’all?” I was getting bored already, seeing as my purse now held no interest for the vending machine a little to the left. I slouched my shoulders even more now. Seriously, if the day kept going like this, they were going to be around my ankles by lunch.

“Interesting imagery.” Commented a velvety voice from somewhere behind me. I tried hard not to hyperventilate. Slowly spinning around, I grinned as nicely as I could at him. That’s when I noticed Carlisle was behind him. That was if Stephenie Meyer’s books were correct. His long white coat hung over him perfectly.

I squealed. Literally. Instead of a nice ‘hello’ I squeaked and ran over to him. If this was like the Twilight saga, I didn’t want to miss a part of it. It must’ve been the food in America, seeing as at home even I wasn’t this impolite. Sure I was mad, but those things are different…

It certainly seemed to work, as Dr. Cullen took an involuntary step backward.

“Are you Dr. Carlisle Cullen?” I asked. It sounded like I was a five year old asking for an ice-cream. So innocent. Now that I could work with…

“That he is.” Edward cut in proudly, seizing her attention. “Have you heard of him?”

Wow. The god was talking to me. And…he wanted my attention on him. My brain was wiring up pieces of forgotten relationships in my head. Then I shook myself. If he could read minds…I decided to answer his question instead of gawking at him.

“Oh yes, he’s one of my favourites!” I clapped my hands, jumping on the spot a little like I first had when I had realised we were in forks with Dodger.

“Favourite what?” Asked Edward, suddenly suspicious.

Oh crap. I couldn’t tell him my stupid suspicion.

However, my mouth was still not connected to my brain.

God-some one stop me!

“Why mfffmfffmmfmmmffff!” A sock was shoved into my mouth at the last second. It was almost a relief. Almost until I realised that A SOCK WAS IN MY MOUTH. I spluttered it out, pretending to gag at it.

“Ew, Hilary! Why’d you shove your socks in my mouth?” I gasped.

“Well, the restraining order says we can’t be on the same continent as the stalkee, so if you get something similar here we’ll have to move to Africa or something, and you know I don’t like hot places.” Great was to explain why we came here. Now he knewwhy we were here again.

“Are you sure about that Hilary?” Piped up Helen/Lexhen, who had been so quite I think everyone had almost forgotten about her. As, apparently had Dr. Cullen, who hurried to her side at once. She continued to taunt Hilary under his arm.

“Because we all know how much you like Hot Dogs!” Hilary scowled.

A soft voice muttered in my ear. For once I didn’t jump. “Hey, come with me for a minute.” I had to oblige, and it seemed my mouth had found the gap to my brain.

“Sure.”-see a safe sentence. He wanted to know about how we left England. Great.

He led me around the side of the building, toward the back of it. I could just see the car park from where we were standing. As he was walking, no bodily contact, I did get a great view I suppose. I had to get rid of that thought quickly. I’m sure it didn’t escape his notice. Oh wait. He wasn’t a vampire was he? The bag at my side seemed to fly off as the emptiness returned. I had to get back at Tolley. Revenge was a sweet game…

He turned to look at me, and I was lost in his wonderfully topaz eyes. So different than anybody else’s. Maybe not Dr. Cullen’s, but so wonderfully easy to get lost in them.

“So.” He ran his hands through his hair awkwardly. I grinned. He was finding it awkward.

“So” I repeated, swinging my arms at my side like a child would. I grinned again.

“Um listen…” he looked awkward my brain sang in response to his arch-angel voice. I had two options to make this easier, 1. I could intervene, 2. I could help him get it out, or 3. I could just watch him struggle. OK…rethinking that I decided it was three options, and I was inclined to go with the last.

Suddenly, like I was being hit over the head with a spade, it was almost like his beauty hit me.

I gazed into his clear face, his eyes a wonderful topaz.

That’s when a bird cawed from above.

I instantly too a step forwards-that bird was not aiming for my head again! But in a very Bella-esc fashion, I tripped over nothing in particular, sending me forwards.

Cold hands caught me up against an equally cool and smooth shirt. I flinched out of the sudden temperature change, before naturally looking up at him, wrapping my own arms around him.

I had once had money resting on him.

Now I just had my hand running along the backside of his jeans…

Guiltily I moved my uncontrollable hands to his back instead. I didn’t blush. It was an accident…of sorts.

His gaze was back on my head and I looked into his eyes quickly memorizing how beautiful…

His head flicked up quickly, and surely giving him a crick in his neck? Smoothly he started to untwine his arms from around me. He was taking a step back, when on impulse again, I swung my hands back around his neck.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“You’re friend, Robyn is coming with Jasper and Alice, they’re looking for you.”

I grinned wickedly.


She would want to give back that $20s back unless she wanted to see this next scene (all Edward fans, I warn you to look away now). She couldn’t stand couples in public. Although I had noticed when it was herself in question, she was quite happy about it.

“That’s not a problem.” I shrugged. “Tell me when she’s coming around the corner.”

That rang a bell-how did he know that she was walking over.

I’m telling you-vampire!

I sighed heavily. He didn’t seem to mind the fact that I was not allowing any air in between us. He didn’t even realise that not only I was hung up on his voice-and his unbelievable smell, but hung in fact around his neck.

“A few seconds.”

“Countdown.” I laughed.

“5…4…3” I stood on my toes (really Edward fans-look away now)

“2…” This was going to be good. (for you own safety-last chance)


I crushed myself to his lips. He was stunned. How had he not seen that?” It took a second for him to realise what I was doing. He tightened his grip around me, pulling me tighter to him. He now leaned down, so I could at least not be held in mid-air.

Sure enough, seconds later…


“WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING TOLLEY?” I asked her, un-gluing my face from Edward. I had to try hard not to laugh at her shocked face.


“WELL” that sounded like an adequate answer. “THEN, THAT’S WHAT I'M DOING!!!”

Out the corner of my eyes I saw Jasper whisper some thing to her. In response, Edward chuckled. Reluctantly I removed my hands from his hair, laughing remembering Tolley’s face.

“Sorry about that.” I told him, a complete lie on my half. But what did he think?

“I didn’t mind” he shrugged, a grin etched on his face. How had he-

“I’ll tell you later.” He promised. Ok. Slightly weirding me out now. He hung his arm back around me, like it was the most natural thing to do. His cool touch was comforting. “So apart from getting revenge on Tolley, and ulterior motion to why you kissed me?”

“It’s a kissing game?” I tried. He raised an eyebrow. Damn it. He wasn’t buying.