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Dream On spin off-my style!

If you haven't read Charmingal's Dream On, (which you should ;D ) this won't make much sence, so go check out her brilliant readings too, ok? Basically, we've (we meaning me and a few other idiots/clever peoples alike) moved to the not-so-sunny town of Forks, and by the magic of fan-fiction have ended up finding the Vampires and Werewolves! This is my side of the story (Looney's view), hopefully with extra madness, weirder humour, and rib-cracking...although I don't take responsibility for any Doctor bills...

you wanted to do this of your own free will you poor, poor person


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*a few seconds before* (cause i like the lines)

I nearly leaped out of my skin though, as soon as I had laid my eyes on the house-next-door’s swimming pool, a blur crossed my vision. A blur in Tolley’s pyjamas and Jasper’s jeans and shirt.

“Edward. Did Jasper just jump out the window with Tolley in a three storey house?”


“Horny Bastard.”

*and carrying on...*

And with those encouraging words, I stuck my head out the window. Below, on the wonderful green grass was Jazz and Tolley. Although she had screamed as she shot towards the ground, in obvious excitement, she was holding onto his neck for dear life now. I grinned, even as I felt my self nudge further out the window.

In a second, jazz shot back off over our small fence and, I guess, to prove that vampire’s were real. They sure were for me. But hang on…

“Edward. Why is it that Tolley, who has never told you that she wants to run on the back of a vampire, or jump out of windows, GETS TO RUN ON THE BACK OF A VAMPIRE, AND JUMP OUT OF WINDOWS?” I huffed angrily. Did they think I couldn’t take it? Did they think that the Dare’s champion couldn’t take a basic rollercoaster on hot guys’ backs? What was up with them? That was it. I was finding Alice.

“No you won’t.” he ordered, tugging me back into the room, and stopping me from falling out the frame. “Can we save that for somewhere that I could get a doctor with a moments notice?”

I growled, unimpressively from the back on my throat and ran from the room. Sadly, when it came to vampires and there stupid speed, he was with me in a heartbeat.

“You know, you fairly quiet for a human.”

“Can you not hear my loud obnoxious voice?” I asked him, taken aback and tapping him on the head.

“I mean your footing. When you run.” He explained, ignoring the smacks I was giving his skull.

“It’s all the better to sneak up behind Lexhen with.” I told him quickly, flitting from his arm, half unwillingly. I carried on down the stairs and looked about for something for me to do. Wait. Not like that you dirty minded people!

“What do you want to do then?” He asked, wrapping an arm around me. Dammit. Couldn’t I have a moment alone in my little head of mine?

“I wouldn’t want to leave you alone for a second.” He whispered in my ear, thus turning my legs to jelly.

“S-so, Jazz and Tolley eh? I don’t think Tolley realises how much Jazz likes her. She should just swallow what’s left of her pride and kiss him.”

“How’d you know about Jasper liking her?”

“When he won’t let anyone in the room with her, spare Alice who can tell when she’ll wake up, and you to see if she’s conscious, you get the feeling that he likes her somehow.”

“Good point.” I tapped my foot, trying to summon up my mind with something to do. I was bored. Tolley was out, Lexhen was upstairs doing something and Dodger was out shopping. That left a hot vampire who was kissing my neck. Whoa, brain freeze. I suddenly knew what I wanted.

“Lexhen!” I yelled up the stairs, startling Edward. “Lexhen- come down here for a minute!”

A scampering later, and she appeared down the stairs, a mountain of paper following her. I knew putting it down would help when she was going to sneak up behind me.

“What’s up? I had to pause the game for you, so hurry up.”

“So…” I walked around the table slowly. “Still using that PS2?”

“Yes…” I guessed by the look on her face, she was as confused as Edward.

“Well, seeing as we know some people, who are exceptionally wealthy…?” I trailed off. I tried not thinking through my plan, to stop Edward from seeing it too.

“Ah. I see.” Identical evil grins spread across our faces. And then I turned to Edward again.

“Eddie” I cringed at using that horrible name. I couldn’t’ stand it myself. “Would you mind going and hunting with Emmy. We…err…need to go and do some shopping.”

“I can shop.” He said proudly, still wondering why we were trying to not smile.

“It’s a girl thing.” Said Lexhen quickly, and I followed with “One a month stuff.”

“Oh.” Comprehension spread across his face. “Yeah, ehem.” He coughed uncomfortably. “I’ll go then.” He scooped me up in his arms before I could re-open my mouth- which must’ve been fast. And kissed me hard on the lips, trailing them down to my throat and a string of very addictive growls radiated from his chest. He smoothly dropped me and then ran back out of the door.

“Okay-ew.” Commented Lexhen once the door had swung shut behind itself. “But come on then. Can we really go and…” I nodded at her. They wouldn’t mind it if we…borrowed Emmett’s wonderful, priceless-

“Let’s go!” she shouted and ran out the door, grabbing my hand. I sprinted with her to the garage.

“We’ll have up to 10 minutes max before Tolley comes back, so we need something that’s really, really fast.”

“Motorbike.” She clambered on the top of Robyn’s orange bike-Her other pride and joy.

“I have dibs driving!” I called and grabbed the handle bars.


The engine roared to life, unlike the old bikes I used to practise on. I also realised, it had a lot more weight on it than the ones I was used to…

We had made it down the road and out of forks by the time Lexhen finally said something, other than her high pitched ‘weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ as we rounded the corners and her jumping up and down on the seat.

“Why doesn’t Tolley trust us in driving? Just ‘cause we don’t have licences.”

“I know, I know. I think it’s something more to do with the fact that she must bribe them not to give us a licence. I could’ve totally passed on my last time if it wasn’t for the sun glinting of that guy’s hair. He looked so like Edward then.” I sighed happily.

“Okay- but keep an eye on the damn road. I don’t want to be road kill before I’ve played guitar hero 3!”

I rounded a long driveway to see the giant pale white house looming at the end of the drive.

“Crap- cut the engine!” I yelled to Lexhen.

“You’re driving!”

“Oh yeah.” I stopped, perhaps a little to sharply as the bike managed to stay in a long arch over the grass. I flicked my hair back like out of a movie. “Now that-was awesome!”

“Come on, come on!” chanted Lexhen, ignoring my brilliant movie pose and running around the house already. Damn that girl could move when the need for arises. But what about all those super-powered-vampires in there? And did Edward even decide to go hunting with Emmett already?

All well, no time like the present.

As quietly as two human’s could, (including a lot of kicking of doors-they were locked, and some swearing from Lexhen) we managed to get inside the huge house.

“Wow.” It was like 50 other Lexhen’s echoed it as she yelled it into the room.

“Hehe. Echo!” I yelled, and I was shouted back at. “Ha-fun.” I said, speaking normally.

“Not as fun as his PS3. I here it calling for me. Somewhere…” she started up the stairs again. I think all the vampires were out. That or they were too lazy to stop two overly obsessed teens from breaking and entering, and borrowing. Like Lexhen had stolen Edward’s comment, she said “It’s a good thing they didn’t come and stop us.”

We ran past all the rooms, until we got to the one with hazard tape crossed over the door, along with Emmett spelt it with big red letters.

“I’ll go in, you keep look out.” She told me and waltzed into the room like she owned the place.

“I’m always look out.” I whined. I gave up keeping watch when something shiny caught my eye. What-everyone gets caught by shiny things- just look at Tolley.

I walked over to the door, this time with Edward written across it, in a neater, less red print. I opened the door and looked into his room…

Needless to say, we both spent a lot of time looking about the house after that. I doubt that there wasn’t a draw we hadn’t opened or a box left un-strewn across the floor. In fact, we made it to the top of the stairs again in record time (we had split up to look for clues)

However, when a distinctly female voice caught our ears, we froze, our blood pumping around our bodies like a distress call for vampires. Emblazoned with the words ‘Eat Me.’

“Finally-home at last.” Came the first to re-enter the house. A staggeringly amazing Blond…