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Eighteenth Story

Four times when Rosalie saved Emmett (and one time she let him be the hero).

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the property of Stephenie Meyer and are only used for fan related purposes. The lyrics included at the top of the chapters are © 2005 to Nickelback; no copyright infringement was meant.

3. Wait

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Say it for me
Say it to me
And I'll leave this life behind me
Say it if it's worth saving me


“You see that, Emmett? Looks like sun.”

His clear voice broke over my head, distracting me from my thoughts. Almost lazily, I looked over at Edward before lifting my head up in order to follow Edward’s gaze. Using one of my hands to shield my eyes, I saw that he was right. We were still in Washington—which meant plenty of cloud cover—but there was a break in the clouds coming up. For the first time in weeks, I could actually spy some blue up there.

“Yup,” I answered, lowering my head again, resting my chin against my chest. I was sitting on the porch, leaning with my back up against the front door. It was comfortable and I was sure I looked the picture of ease. Well, except for the way I kept bouncing my leg up and down in anticipation.

I don’t know who I was fooling. Me, I guess, ‘cause I had one sure case of the jitters. And there was no denying that.

I wasn’t fooling Edward either. With his special gift of getting inside my head, my adopted brother knew me better than I knew myself. I hadn’t even needed to ask him to sit outside with me as I waited; he’d just followed me out onto the porch earlier this morning.

He was standing on the other end of the porch, his hands in his trouser pockets, as he kept his eyes on the sky. He was paler than a ghost and as still as a statue but I knew better than to be taken in by him. He was just as busy thinking as I was. Even if, in his case, he was thinking about what I was thinking.

Ah, look what I’d done. Now I was thinking about what he was thinking about what I was thinking…

I shook my head and closed my eyes. I’d better stick to thinking about things I had a handle on—like what was happening today.

I couldn’t wait and I could feel the wide grin stretching my face. It seems like I’d been waiting a lifetime for this moment; I was gonna savor it while I could.

Edward, on the other hand, was hell bent on provoking me. Well, if it gave him his kicks, who was I to deprive him?

“Nervous, Emmett? I know you weren’t expecting the sun.”

“The sun can’t hurt me, Edward, and I ain’t afraid of it,” I answered smartly. “I ain’t afraid of anything.”

“Not even such commitment?” I could hear the scoff in his offhanded teasing tone. He could tell I meant it and, in the spirit of our brotherhood, it was his duty as the—in one sense at least, he liked to argue—older brother to try to knock me down a couple of pegs. Not that I was going to let him do that today; despite my jitters and my nerves, I was already floating on cloud nine.

I slowly opened my eyes and there was Edward, standing over me, an uneven smile on his youthful face. Not only was he fast, but he was damn quiet, too. I hadn’t even heard the wind rustle as he moved.

I barely batted an eyelash as I boasted, “Nope. Nothing scares me.”

“Liar,” he accused and, unless I was imagining it, he sounded gleeful.

“I am not,” I responded automatically, my hands tightening into fists of their own accord. He was calling me a coward, calling me yellow—I don’t care who does it, I won’t stand for it. “You want to take that back?”

I didn’t mean to sound so defensive but he didn’t seem to mind. He offered a low laugh in response and the noise ruffled my feathers even more. I growled under my breath. I’d been a vampire for a handful of years now and my temper was as under control as ever… but, I’ll admit it, the jitters were making me antsy.

“Calm down, Emmett, I was only kidding with you. Besides,” he added, and his tone was softer, “Rosalie’s just as nervous as you are. Worse, actually,” he added and I knew this was his way of making amends for poking fun at me on today of all days; normally he kept the thoughts he overheard to himself, “since she’s already set her hair three times this afternoon. I wonder if she’ll ever be ready.”

My laugh, a loud roar, escaped before I’d even had the chance to stifle it. I would never hear the end of it if Rosalie knew I found her vanity funny; if anything, I found it endearing. To me, she was utter perfection and it was adorable the way she tried so hard to surpass that perfection.

Besides, my heart felt five times lighter at Edward’s admission. I’d been sitting on the front porch, waiting and waiting for countless hours, all the while trying not to—and failing miserably—think on Rosalie’s tardiness. I’d been… not frightened, but definitely nervous that there was a reason behind her lateness. It was such a relief that it had nothing to do with second thoughts but everything to do with a perfect hairdo.

God, I love that woman.

Edward’s eyebrow rose at the sound of my laughter. “I would have thought you’d be bothered by all this waiting around,” he said. “I’ve always pegged you as the impetuous type, but your patience is amazing me.”

“Just you wait until you find a gal, Edward. You’ll be doing things you never imagined yourself able to do.”

His smile was smug. “I highly doubt that. When one can hear the vapid nature and monotony of the female mind, it’s no surprised that I’m content to be alone.”

“Ah, you say that now. Just you wait.”

“If that means that I’ll eventually end up waiting on the front porch with a nervous tic,” he said wryly, referencing my jittery leg, “then I think I’ll pass, if it’s all the same to you.”

I laughed again, a hearty one that did me good. I really was glad that he was waiting with me. There was something about Edward and his stubborn belief that he was destined to be alone that made a man feel good for finding love. I’m sure I’d been like that once—I couldn’t really remember that much about my human days now that I was a vampire—but that had all changed when I met Rose.

All it takes is the right woman to come along and save you from solitude. Hey, it happened to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. One of these days it would happen to him too, and I’d be standing there with an ‘I told you so’. I was immortal, I could wait for that.

An image of Rosalie flashed before my eyes, and the jitters returned; no matter what Edward said about Rosalie, my nerves wouldn’t let me be until we were together again. I wanted to be with my angel now. Thiswaiting around really was driving me mad.

Edward didn’t say anything else after that. He was staring up into the sky again and I wondered what he was thinking about now. It must be nice to have his gift, to know what was running through someone’s head at any given moment. Me, all I could do was rip tree trunks in half.

It would’ve been real nice to know what Rosalie was thinking all along. I still couldn’t believe that she’d agreed to this—it was as if I was dreaming. There could be no way that she…


I lifted my head to look at Edward. He turned around and I could see that looked annoyed.


He rolled his eyes. “Rosalie wants me to tell you that she’s ready. We can go take our places now.”

Oh, so that’s what he was thinking about. No wonder he looked so peeved. Edward hated it when people made him a messenger.

I got to my feet with more grace than anyone would expect out of someone my size. I didn’t run—I didn’t want to look too eager, but I’m sure Edward knew I was fooling no one—as I made my way around the house. A quick glance behind me told me that my brother was following me, if somewhat reluctantly. I don’t know if he really didn’t understand why I wanted to do this, or if he was just jealous.

Shoot, if Rosalie had picked anyone else but me, jealous would’ve been an understatement.

Everything was set up in the back, courtesy of Esme. There was a pair of chairs at the end of a white-lined aisle, along the right side. A small altar, covered in little white rosebuds, was positioned at the very end of the aisle. It was small and cozy—just the sort of wedding I wanted.

Esme was already seated in one of the seats and I assumed that the other one was for Edward since Carlisle would be at the altar as planned. I offered her a small wave and one hell of a smile as I stood before the altar. Before long, Rosalie would be standing beside me.

The jitters still hadn’t gone away but, now that I was standing, my leg didn’t shake. I had to settle with beating a rhythm against my pant leg with my fingers.

Music suddenly began and I realized that Edward hadn’t taken the seat next to Esme like I thought he would. Instead, he was sitting at the piano, his long fingers playing lightly over the keys. I had enough time to wonder just when—and how, actually—they’d gotten the grand piano to stand out in the backyard when she appeared at the end of the aisle.

My breath, as pointless as it was, caught in my throat. I don’t think I remembered to inhale again until Rosalie was standing beside me.

I don’t have words to say how beautiful Rosalie looked at that moment. Her wedding gown was simple but stunning, the whiteness of the dress almost blinding me. She held a bouquet of handpicked white roses—she insisted—close to her chest, and a shimmery veil positioned perfectly on the crown of her head.

She was smiling at me from across the green, my excitement mirrored in her topaz eyes. As radiant as any bride, there was something more to my angel. Perhaps it was because Rosalie was my angel… but I doubted it. She was the most beautiful woman in the world—I dare any man to tell me otherwise.

The soft piano music was picking up pace and I knew what was coming. I’d seen enough pictures, and heard enough of Rose’s plans for this wedding, to know what was coming next. The Wedding March, I couldn’t wait.

And that’s when the sun came out. Edward had been right.

We were alone, the family and I, so there were no real regrets to being caught out in the sun, even if we would have preferred the rainy weather just in case. But, as my eyes remained glued to Rosalie’s splendor, I saw that the delicate sparkling off her skin in the sunlight added to the image of my angel bride. Like all that was good and pure in my life, she shone in the brightness of day. So damn beautiful!

The thunderous chords of the traditional music sounded and I wondered if Edward was playing so loudly on purpose, or was it my ears that were so sensitive? My senses were heightened in anticipation, and I figured it was me.

I didn’t blink as she started to walk towards me. She was not alone—as we took small steps forward, I saw that she was holding onto Carlisle’s arm; Carlisle was walking her down the aisle.

I felt a prick of jealousy at the back of my throat and I had to work to make sure I didn’t growl. I didn’t like the idea of my Rose holding onto any man that wasn’t me, even if it was Carlisle.

But then I thought about the way my life had changed ever since I’d been changed. When I first met Rosalie, she’d been the one to bring me to Carlisle. I guess, in a way, it was fitting that now Carlisle was bringing her to me.

Carlisle left Rosalie at my side before taking his place before us. As the head of our family—and our coven—we’d agreed that it should be him who married us. For Rosalie’s benefit, this was the wedding that I wanted her to remember—a wedding she deserved.

Almost possessively, and definitely dependently, I grabbed her hand. I didn’t want to give her a chance to get away from me. Not until it was all said and done.

Technically, we were already hitched. Done up all proper in front of a judge, and everything, for the sake of legality. Then again… it wasn’t really all that legal if we had to use forged papers to do it but that didn’t really bother me any. I’d never really been a stickler for the rules. Besides, to me, and to my angel, this was our wedding. With Edward and Esme as witnesses, and Carlisle as our bonder, me and Rosalie would be wed.

Carlisle graciously offered us both a smile, one of pride mixed with love. It was almost as if he was a proud parent, watching his children get married. Which, in a way, I guess he was. Carlisle, from the moment he changed me, was my father, Esme my mother, Edward my brother. And now Rosalie would be my wife.

I felt her squeeze my hand and I squeezed hers back.

It was time.

To be honest, the entire ceremony was nothing but a blur to me. I barely heard Carlisle’s voice or any of what he said—my attention was on Rosalie and Rosalie alone. I think I would have stood there, her hand in mine, for all eternity if she hadn’t tilted her face up so invitingly.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I had one impulse: to kiss those ruby red lips of hers. So I did.

We broke apart to the sound of applause. During the kiss, Carlisle and moved to stand by his wife, and Edward. Carlisle and Esme were clapping their hands together. Edward, after some prodding from Carlisle, joined in.

And I grinned.

The wedding was over. We were officially husband and wife. Rosalie was mine.

Her precious bouquet of white roses was clutched to her chest as she smiled triumphantly back at our family. Gracefully striding down the narrow aisle in the midst of the yard, I watched as her gloved hand beckoned me to follow. I didn’t waste a second before loping after her. It didn’t matter where we were going, as long as we went together.

I would follow her to the ends of the earth if I had to.