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Bella never jumped,alice never saw,edward stayed out of bellas life.Its now years later ,bella is married and has a daughter.She is happy.but what will happen when her daughter falls for a mysterious bronze haired angel?can it possibly last?


1. Chapter 1

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I was happy. I was finally happy. Juliet had gotten over Romeo leaving and she had been more than happy just to be friends with Paris. Paris who had all of a sudden become less interested in her when he imprinted on a girl called Danielle.

I had moved out of Forks as soon as possible and I had moved to Redmond,. I now lived with my husband, Nathan Woods and our beautiful daughter Rachel.

She wasn’t just my daughter she was also my best friend, she told me everything. I absolutely loved catching up on the gossip at her latest school. You see that was the problem she kept moving schools she could not just settle in one school ,people would just bully her and plus my husband had to keep moving because of his work. He was normally away on business so it was just me and Rachel in the house. I worked as a journalist so it was easy to find work in other places .It seemed like all magazines and publications would happily welcome a new journalist.

My daughter had just started a new high school and she loved it!!!

I was so happy. My daughter had finally settled in to one of the schools she went to. I wasn’t going to move her to a different school now she was happy, nobody could make me do that.

I got home after work on her first day and this was my greeting:

“Mom, Mom it’s great. Everyone is really friendly and some of the boys are soooooooooooo cute. I mean there’s this one that I had to sit next to in Biology He gave me a really weird look at first but then he just ignored me! But he’s really clever and really cute. His hair was an amazing colour almost bronze. But the thing is I’ve been told that he doesn’t date, apparently he went out with a girl a while back but he had to leave because something happened! Nobody knows what happened though

It went on like this all night.

“What’s his name?” I’d ask and the only reply would be something along the lines of

“how should I know?”

But that’s the only input I was allowed as she went on and on about him all evening.

As I lay in bed that night my mind wondered back to those wonderful months I had shared with Edward. It didn’t hurt that much any more, just a very distant ache in my chest where my heart used to be. I hoped and wished that any boy that my daughter dated would never hurt her even a fraction of the amount Edward had hurt me. But like I mentioned before I had gotten over Edward and gotten on with my life.


I came home after another day of school as Anthony Masen .We always had to change our names when we enrol in a high school we had been to before in the past 50 years.(Alice was Mary, Jasper was Thomas, Rosalie was Vera and Emmett was Henry.) There was a new girl. Everyone was fascinated. And shock horror she had stared at us all lunchtime. The place my heart should be ached and my mind went back to the last time there was a new girl at the school I was at. But I had to leave didn’t I? It was for her safety. How I wish I hadn’t left Bella. But it would have been selfish to stay and put her in that much danger.

And now it almost seemed history was repeating itself another girl, another person with strong smelling blood, not as pungent as the last time but it smelled nice enough. So tempting yet it was so much easier than forks, than her. Another person whose mind I couldn’t read properly, it was so odd. It was like a radio station that I wasn’t tuned into fully I kept getting little bits of information. This new girl: Rachel Woods, it was almost spooky how she even kind of looked like Bella (it was the eyes) and she was certainly as clumsy as her. She actually tripped up on nothing on the way to her desk in Biology!!!


It was my second day at school.

He was like a tribute to some forgotten Pagan god of Beauty. Just standing there so casual. Probably waiting for his brothers and sisters.

I decided to take a chance and started talking to him.

“Hi I’m Rachel Woods. But I bet you already know that. Everybody knows that”

I was rambling now AND I was blushing.

“I’m Anthony Masen.”

He talked!!!Well I knew he talked; it’s just that his voice it was so smooth almost like velvet.

He gave me a smirk and just stared at me as I stood there blushing then his face dropped. It was like I had reminded him of something he would rather have forgotten while I was blushing. I looked into his eyes and then I found myself staring, lost in those deep topaz eyes. They looked ancient, like they had seen to much sadness in there time, but now I was just being stupid. I mean how his eyes could look, as I had put it “ancient”, he was only seventeen. But they were lovely. Staring into them I realised he was staring right back. Suddenly, I’m not sure how it happened because I swear that I didn’t give a conscious command to talk, it just slipped out.

“What are you?”

I asked this, whispered this to myself but I was sure he heard, he must have amazing hearing. He gave me such a funny look. But I didn’t have time to try and figure out what he was thinking because I was running. And running fast. After mumbling something about late for a lesson (which was ridiculous because it was the end of the day!)I was running very fast. This was a VERY stupid idea because I was Rachel Woods, the clumsiest person in the world and soon I was flat on my face after tripping over a flat surface. I picked myself up and started speed walking. I was soon out of the school grounds. That was possibly the stupidest thing I had ever done, not just tripping over but talking to him altogether.