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Bella never jumped,alice never saw,edward stayed out of bellas life.Its now years later ,bella is married and has a daughter.She is happy.but what will happen when her daughter falls for a mysterious bronze haired angel?can it possibly last?


2. Chapter 2

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On her second day Rachel came home panting. She looked like she had run all the way!!!

“Oh. My. God. What. Did. I. Just. Do?”

“OK just catch your breath and tell me what happened?”

The curiosity and worry was flaring up inside me. Was she running away from something, someone? Was someone chasing her? Or was she just in a great hurry?

“I talked to him

She was finally managed to say. I didn’t need to be told who “him” was. I had heard enough about him last night. My worry had died down but my curiosity was still wildly out of control. I wanted to know more about him

“What happened? What did he say? Did you find out his name?”

I blurted out.

“Calm down mom. His name is Anthony Masen”

His name sounded familiar at the back of my mind, it was like I had heard it before, like an echo. It stirred something inside me. Now I was being ridiculous I had never met anyone by that name before.

“That’s all he said. He gave me one heck of a weird look though. His voice it’s like velvet, sooooo smooth and his eyes OMG!!!!! They’re like honey, like liquid topaz they almost smoulder. I could stare at them forever.”

I hate the word forever. I used to love it love it as much as I loved Edward. I think what made me love it was the idea of me and Edward, Forever. When he left, the word ceased to thrill me with the same sense anymore.

“So why did you run all the way home?” I asked

“Well about that. I kinda said something really stupid. I didn’t mean it in an offensive way or anything .I didn’t realise I had said anything until it was to late. He couldn’t have heard it anyway I said it ,well I whispered it to myself…”

She was rambling now. Something she had picked up from me.

“Stop talking and tell me: What did you say?” I finally had to interrupt, if I hadn’t she would have gone on and on for hours.

“This is going to sound sooo weird but I asked him what he was.”

“That’s ….not…..to bad”

I needed time to think.

“I’m going to cook dinner,” I said suddenly “its spaghetti bolognaise. Is that OK?”

Rachel was momentarily thrown by the change of topic.

“Yeah fine. I’m in my room if you need me”

So my daughter was more like me than I had thought .She had just asked some very mysterious and handsome young man what he was. I felt like history was repeating itself.

My mind went back to the very first time I had seen Edward. He looked so handsome yet so alien.


I have to check out this Rachel woods girl a bit more. She so intriguing. I know I shouldn’t .Look at the last time I interfered. Look how that ended. But my curiositiy will get the better of me I just know it. I will talk to her.


It was now Thursday and I was gazing out the window thinking about what happened the other day, and the disaster that had occurred when I attempted to talk to Anthony.


I pulled myself out of my own world and turned to face my best friend Charlotte.

“Yeah, yeah sorry I was in my own little world”

“Yeah what did you want?”

She leaned in closer

“Anthony Masen is staring at you“

My stomach did a back flip. I turned my head, very slowly, in the direction of the Masens table. And she was right.He was staring right at me and smiling. Anthony Masen, the cutest boy in the world was smiling at me!!!!

And that smile was to die for. The crooked smile. I swear that I melted but somehow I was still a solid person.

And then the most amazing thing happened. He beckoned for me to come over!!!!If I had melted before I had no words for the state I was in now.

I had to do the stupid thing and look for someone behind me that he was beckoning, but there was no one there, and when I turned back I think his smile had got wider. He thought it was funny that I had looked behind me!

He was still beckoning me. I hesitantly picked up my tray with my lunch on and slowly walked over to his table, he was on his own which was quite rare because he normally ate with his adopted brothers and sisters. From what I had heard his ‘parents’ had adopted them all.

“Why don’t you sit with me today?”


I slid into the seat opposite him and started eating. My head bent down low I was now staring at my food.

“I’ve decided that I want to know about you. Because when you came up to me yesterday I knew you were different. I mean different compared to everyone else in this school.”

“How, how and why do you think I am different?”

He gave me another little smile and my heart stuttered.

Then he smiled at bit wider but it was more to himself, like something he had just heard was funny.

“Well for one you came up to speak to me which in itself is a big thing. No one ever speaks to my siblings and me.”

“Really?” I found this hard to believe as he was the cutest boy in school. How could no one talk to him?

“I’d say that school isn’t the best place to get to know each other, do you want to go out?”

I swear my heart had just stopped beating.

“Say Saturday?”

“Sounds good”

Was all I could say. Anthony Masen had just asked me out!!!!!Charlotte was going to flip.

“I know this nice Italian restaurant just round the corner. I’ll pick you up at say 7:00pm”

“Great” I breathed

I got up and walked back to my table.

“Well ,what did he say? Please tell me.” Was my greeting from Charlotte

“Not much” I said in a very calm voice just to annoy her. “He just asked me out on Saturday that’s all”

She squealed and started jumping up and down in her seat.

“Calm down”


Great. So now, thanks to Charlotte, everyone in a 10 meter radius, and that’s quite a lot of people, knew that I was going out with Anthony.