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Bella never jumped,alice never saw,edward stayed out of bellas life.Its now years later ,bella is married and has a daughter.She is happy.but what will happen when her daughter falls for a mysterious bronze haired angel?can it possibly last?


4. Chapter 4

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“So tell me about yourself” I urged her.

It was Saturday night and we were in a posh Italian restaurant, just around the corner from where she lived. The car journey was so short that there was no time to star a proper conversation but now we were settled in one of the small tables at the edge of the busy restaurant.

“Well there’s not much to tell really, I was born in Forks but we moved the year I was born to Seattle because of my dads work, and since then we moved quite a lot because of his work. My mom works as a journalist so she can get a job virtually anywhere. Redmond high is the only school I’ve liked at all the others I didn’t make any friends and people just ignored me or bullied me. My mom was so happy when she found out I was happy at the school here.”

She stopped to take a sip of her drink and I took the chance to ask her another question.

“When’s your birthday?”

“14th August”

“So that would make you a Leo?”


“What’s your favourite…


I felt like I was in an interview. He just kept firing question after question at me.

“What’s you favourite colour? What’s your favourite food? Do you do any sports? Do you have any hobbies? How many people are there in your family altogether?”

He didn’t even stop when my food came.

He didn’t have anything, not even a drink but when I tried to ask him about it he just said that his parents had put him on a special diet for some reason. He had no idea why.

No of the questions seemed to relate to any of the other questions but there were an awful lot of questions about my family

Eventually I interrupted him by asking

“If you want to know so much about my family why don’t you just come and meet my parents?”

He considered this for a while before answering.

“That is actually a very good idea. If it’s not to much trouble on your part I would very much like to meet your parents.”

“My dad’s away on business at the moment, as usual but he’s going to be home tomorrow. How about then?”

“Sounds great”

So it was settled he was going to meet my parents.


I was in the kitchen doing the washing up when I heard the door open.

“Before you start shouting Rachel I’m in the kitchen.”

She walked into the kitchen with a huge grin on her face, I turned back to the sink and pulled the plug and then I dried my hands and turned to face her.

“How did it go then?”

“It was great he asked me so many questions and most of them were about my family so in the end I just said why doesn’t he come and meet you? And he said why not .So if it’s ok with you mom he’s coming over tomorrow.

She said that all without taking a breath.

I was very shocked but I was thrilled at the same time.

“That’s great. Is he staying for dinner?”

“I think he’ll probably stay but knowing him, he won’t eat .He said his parents had put him on a special diet or something”

“Really? that’s odd”

“I know that’s exactly what I thought.”