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Bella never jumped,alice never saw,edward stayed out of bellas life.Its now years later ,bella is married and has a daughter.She is happy.but what will happen when her daughter falls for a mysterious bronze haired angel?can it possibly last?


6. Chapter 6

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She had fainted. I had managed to catch her before she hit the floor. At the moment I was studying her features. I was drinking her all in. Oh how I missed her. Why did I have to be a vampire how I wished I could be with Bella as a human.

This was too much. I knew I should have gone before she saw me. I had to get out I stood up. I gently laid her on the floor and turned around just to come face to face with Rachel.

“Rachel I think the heat got to your mom,she's fainted, I have to go now. I’m sorry.”

And I walked out just like that.


“Hey mom, how are you?”

“Ughhhh”I groaned and rolled over

My mind was fuzzy I was sure something really big and life changing had just happened but I couldn’t remember what. I pushed my self up. I was lying on the sofa in the front room.

“What happened?”

“You fainted in the kitchen probably because of the heat. Dad’s gone to get you a glass of water. Relax mom you look really pale. Even paler than Anthony!!”


I sat up very suddenly

“What about him? He left just after you fainted.”

“Where did he go did he say?”

“No but I know he went left when he walked out of the front door I saw him. Hey you can’t go out now it’s raining!”

I had just got up and started running out the door. Left she said so left I would go.

“EDWARD”I started shouting once I was out of sight of the house. “EDWARD”

The rain was plastering my hair to my face, I could hardly see anything.There was a path leading into the forest on the other side of the road. So I crossed and followed the path. The trees gave little protection from the rain.

When I was far enough away from the road so that you couldn’t hear cars he spoke.

“What do you want Bella?”

I looked around for the source of the voice .His voice.

“Edward I’m sorry I overreacted. I was shocked and ….for crying out loud can I talk to your face please?”

I waited a few second and then there he was standing right in front of me. I started again.

“I’m sorry, I was shocked and all the anger at you that had built up in the last few years just got released….I’m so...Sorry...Don’t leave…again.”I was crying .Why was I crying?


He held his arms out toward me I stepped forward for a hug but then reality suddenly kicked in and I stepped back very quickly.

He left you. You had a perfect life and then he came back. It was his fault.

I couldn’t argue with my minds faultless logic.

“Edward I’m married .I’ve got a daughter .I was finally happy again and then you show up again and turn my life upside down again. Edward leave.go,GO.you were right to leave me in the first place it’s not safe and now I am safe so just GO and leave my family well enough alone. You’ve done enough damage"

I only just managed to get the last bit out before I broke down again.



Was all I heard


I had to follow mom I didn’t know where she was going and I didn’t know why she kept shouting out the name Edward.

But I knew that I had to follow her. I rushed across the road without even looking what a stupid thing to do. I looked only when it was to late.

A van was hurtling toward me at full speed. I screamed and then everything went black.