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How About a Shave?

Okay, This is a crossover story. If you don't know who Sweeney Todd is, You may not get it. Everyone's Human. They live on Fleet street. Life's going good. Bella's expecting and They are wealthy. If That Matters. Well, I wouldn't trust that new barber. Thanks to Eternity's_Charm For the Amazing Banner!


1. Passing Out (Again)

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Isabella Swan. The Most Beautiful Creature in All of London. How Could I Deserve her? A Freak? Lady Jessica has eyed me from afar for too long. I am sick of it. I will Never love you,I Love Isabella! Living on Fleet Street had some advantages. Like a trip to the Meat shop was easy to get to. The Preist was always nearby. And who could forget, The "Great" Judge Turpin. I was only little when he falsely accused a man just to get to his wife. I forgot the man's name. Benjamin something.How dare he? I am only afraid of him going after Isabella. That happened about fifteen years ago. His wife just sat up there all day and night. Holding their daughter and sobbing. I decided to go down. Isabella is making Breakfast today. She is the most Wonderful cook. How I love her so.


The eggs sizzled in the pan. I shifted to turn them. A new ship was about to dock today. Edward promised to take me to see it dock. The Bountiful. Edward knew how I loved to watch ships come to dock. It's a chance to meet new people too. He was walking down the stairs. I knew how he loved his eggs. I loved with all my heart. I know that it just breaks his heart to walk past Judge Turpin's Home. He hates seeing Johanna locked away up there until her undeserved fate. Edward's Parents say that she looks just like her mother. Her yellow hair. My Father thought the same thing but....Never Mind. I'm not alowed to think like that. "Edward. You Promised to take me to the ship docking today." I said as put his plate in front of him.

" I Know Dear. I will go and see to it that a carriage comes and gets us to see the boat docking after I have finished here." He replied before taking a bite. Whoa. I felt nauseous. I felt dizzy. I ran upstairs to the bathroom. After about 15 minutes I walked out. I had washed myself prior to coming out. Edward looked at me carefully. He's never going to let me go today! I thought.

Edward looked up at me and said,"Isabella, You cannot go today. You must see The doctor today.Besides, It's all gloomy out anyway. There will be more ship dockings. I just don't want you to suffer." My eyes narrowed as they filled with tears. He was so sweet. I wish I could feel the same way. I was just too selfish.

--Later That Day--


"Well," the doctor said. Carlisle was my father and a respected doctor. I listened to him in hope of becoming just like him. "She does not have the flu." My eyes narrowed.

"Are You going to tell us? I asked nervously. His eyes shifted from Isabella to me. Isabella was shaking in suspense. I knew she could no more take any of this than I can.

"It would seem that Isabella is going to be eating for two." Carlisle showed us two fingers. And then Not for the first Time, Isabella passed out. Oh Boy. Here we go.