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A Haunting Past

So Edward left Bella, and Victoria got to her first. Years later, they meet again, only the Cullens don't know it's Bella as she is going by the name "Princess" and Bella hates Edward. What will happen? I don't know! Read for yourself! Okay, I have 1 review for every 51.967741935483870967741935483871 reads. Aka: 1 review for every 52 reads. That is actuallly kind of depressing. I mean, is the story that horrid? Are all of you nice reviewers lying to me? Or do you just not want to take 5 seconds to tell me about my story. For serious, I don't care if you write a review telling me what colour socks you are wearing or what flavour cookie you are eating. Or if you perfer tacos to lemon squares. I just want reviews. Okay, we all know I'm bad with the updating. You want to know how bad? I have NO idea whats going on in my story right now. I know, that's sad. But all of my current efforts to re-focus go out to the peeps who are tryin to get me re-motivated. Thanks guys! I love you!I <3 My READERS!!!!!

So what happens when Bella meets Edward again and after 105 years, all her sadness has had time to boil and turn into anger? I guess we'll find out! Okay, beloved readers and reviewers, this is what is called a FANfiction. Obviousally, besides the fact that I can't spell, that means that I am not the super amazing-a-licious, fantabulous, Stephenie Meyer. That means that I don't own Twilight or any Twilight related stuffs...sadly....I wish I owned Edward! Who doesn't? (Besides Team Jacob scum!!!!!)

1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s Point of View:

“I don’t want you to come with me.”

“You…don’t…want me?”


Those words stung. They hit me deep. I’ll always remember them. I’ll always remember the pain and suffering I endured the nine months after that. I’ll always remember how, because I was dead, I didn’t notice when Victoria found me in the meadow that day until it was too late and the next thing I knew, I was sitting in an old, abandoned apartment.

On a dusty, torn up, broken bed. There was the faintest glow of light coming from the light bulb that hung above the bed on the ceiling fan. There she was, staring at me with her dark, red eyes; eyes that were filled with pain and suffering. She looked broken, like her will to live was nonexistent.

I realize then, with a pang of sorrow, that her will to live was gone. He had killed James, her only reason to live.

“Kill me.” I said, preparing for her rage. I knew why she wanted me dead, mate for mate. It only seemed fair.

“You stupid girl. I am going to change you. Then, after that is done, you will kill me.”

“But, I don’t understand….” I said before she cut me off.

“Your mate killed my mate! He killed every reason I had to live! I can’t go on like this! I’m going to change you, and then you will kill me! If you don’t, I will kill you just like I intended before! In fact, I think I will kill you, and then simply turn myself in to the werewolves.” She said, a thoughtful look in her eye.

“He’s not my mate. He apparently never was. He left me. I never even got the chance to say good-bye to my family.” I told her the entire story, from after we left Arizona to the summer we spent together to the party to that day in the forest to Jacob, all the way up to when she took me and brought me here. “I actually would appreciate it if you would kill me. I have no will to live either.” I finished, spasms of pain shooting through my body, racing into and out of my heart, going down to my feet and out to my hands. I was sobbing.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I passed out right on the dusty old bed where I was laying, but not before hearing Victoria’s high pitched, girly voice. “It’s okay, dear. Now we have each other.”


Victoria’s Point of View:

I listened to the girl’s story. She started to sob uncontrollably. She had so much pain in her. I noticed her symptoms. She looked worse than a zombie. She passed out on the bed where she lay. “It’s okay, dear. Now we have each other.”

I bit down on her neck and began to drink. I stopped and bit down closer to her heart and again at her wrists, and ankles. That would help the venom travel faster and with less blood; she would be in less pain. Bella was unconscious throughout the entire transformation. She was so lucky. I remembered mine perfectly.

All the pain, being held close in James’ arms, while he lightly kissed my forehead, checks, neck and lips. It was Heaven and Hell all at once. I loved it. Throughout our time together, that’s how it was, Heaven and Hell; all the time, never only one. The pain and pleasure all at once. When he would kiss me, but really hard, so my lips would be in pain, when he would hold me, but too tight so even a light breeze blowing by would make my sides scream in agony. Oh James, why did you have to be taken from me?

I studied Bella while she transformed. She actually was quite pretty. I know she didn’t think so. I know she didn’t properly see herself. She started to murmur names.

“Jacob. My Jacob. I’m so sorry….Edward! Don’t leave…” It was like that the entire time. I could hear the pain in her voice. It stung me every time she spoke. I wanted to help ease her pain, but I couldn’t. All I could do was escape tricky situations. How else did I manage to escape the wolves that long? I would just have to wait until she woke up and went hunting. I knew she would want to eat only animals. I was going to try and convert. It would be hard, I knew that, but I would try. After she hunted, we would leave this wretched, memory filled town behind. We would never look back.