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A Haunting Past

So Edward left Bella, and Victoria got to her first. Years later, they meet again, only the Cullens don't know it's Bella as she is going by the name "Princess" and Bella hates Edward. What will happen? I don't know! Read for yourself! Okay, I have 1 review for every 51.967741935483870967741935483871 reads. Aka: 1 review for every 52 reads. That is actuallly kind of depressing. I mean, is the story that horrid? Are all of you nice reviewers lying to me? Or do you just not want to take 5 seconds to tell me about my story. For serious, I don't care if you write a review telling me what colour socks you are wearing or what flavour cookie you are eating. Or if you perfer tacos to lemon squares. I just want reviews. Okay, we all know I'm bad with the updating. You want to know how bad? I have NO idea whats going on in my story right now. I know, that's sad. But all of my current efforts to re-focus go out to the peeps who are tryin to get me re-motivated. Thanks guys! I love you!I <3 My READERS!!!!!

So what happens when Bella meets Edward again and after 105 years, all her sadness has had time to boil and turn into anger? I guess we'll find out! Okay, beloved readers and reviewers, this is what is called a FANfiction. Obviousally, besides the fact that I can't spell, that means that I am not the super amazing-a-licious, fantabulous, Stephenie Meyer. That means that I don't own Twilight or any Twilight related stuffs...sadly....I wish I owned Edward! Who doesn't? (Besides Team Jacob scum!!!!!)

11. Chapter 11

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Bella’s Point of View:

“Tell me what?” Edward asked, coming into the house.

“Nothing.” I replied. “And what are you doing here?”

“I was under the impression that I was to carry the shopping bags.”

“You were. On our Saturday trip. As you should be able to tell, it’s not Saturday, therefore, your services are not required.”

“Edward, I had a vision of you coming anyway. Why is that?” Alice asked quickly.

“Because I am going to come. I find that fair punishment for Princess blocking the entire family’s thoughts from me.”

“Well, they used to hate it. I thought I would help with the problem.”

“How would you know that they used to hate it?” he said, after thinking for a minute.

“We told her about it.” Alice interjected quickly.

“Well, I don’t know what you are hiding from me, because I can’t read your minds now. But, I’ll figure it out eventually.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I mumbled quietly. “Fine. You can come.” I said, louder this time. “Sorry, Alice. Maybe I’ll explain myself better later, when everybody is ready.”

“Fine. I hope you know, I hate you, Edward.” She said, glaring at him.

“Angel, do you want to come?”

“Are you crazy? When do I ever want to come shopping with you? Especially since you use shopping to vent. No thanks. I’ll pass. Rain check, though. You go bond with your new friends.”

“Ha, ha. Guess what? You just nominated yourself to come, anyway. Let’s take my car. You are coming. And, just to make you super happy, I’ll buy you ice-cream!”

“Please, no! Please!”

“Sorry, you mess with me and the results aren’t always so good.”

He just growled. “Angel Gabriel Hall, you did not just growl at me!” I hit him on the head and he fell over. Unfortunately, I tripped when I hit him, so I ended up falling on the floor as well.

“You know, Karma is probably one of my favorite things….” Angel said, picking me up.

“Shut-up, Angel. You’re just pissed because you got hit by a girl!” I teased him.

“Hey! I take pride in being hit by girls!” We all snickered.

“That didn’t sound weird at all!” I said, sarcastically.

“How can I not, with Kaylee as my wife?” He said as if I hadn’t interrupted him. “And are you ever not sarcastic?” He asked.

“Man, Kaylee has you whipped! And, I’m only sarcastic 99% of the time!” I said making fun of him.

“She does not have me whipped!” Angel retorted. Just then, Kaylee walked down the stairs.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“Looks pretty whipped to me.” Edward said to Alice.

“So, Angel, do you think Kaylee has you whipped, now?” I asked.

He nodded. “That’s right! I do have you whipped, Angel. You remember that.” Kaylee said, as I laughed at him.

“Okay, Angel. Shopping time!” I said, dragging him to the door.

“Kaylee isn’t the only one who has him whipped.” Alice said to Edward.

“Ummm….Princess? Can Angel stay with me, please?” Kaylee asked me.

“Kaylee, I’ll explain why he needs to come later, okay?” She frowned.

“God, Kaylee! Fine he can stay here, but, if at any time his phone rings, I need him to talk to me, okay. You have to let him answer, no matter what…activities you are currently participating in.”

“Thank-you! I love you forever, Princess!”

“Thank-you! God, I would have died! Princess, have I ever told you that you are my second favorite person on this planet?”

“No, Angel, and don’t. I couldn’t take more of you kiss-upieness!”

We went outside to Alice’s Porsche and I climbed in the front seat.

“Edward, I still hate you, and if at any time, we tell you to get lost, you had better disappear until I call you and tell you that you can come back, okay? I mean it. No listening in!” Alice threatened.

“Well, if you go to the other side of the mall, I can’t hear you physically, and I can’t hear you mentally, because your thoughts are blocked.”

“And for a good reason!” I interjected. “You were annoying them how you would answer their thoughts! I just fixed the problem. And, I know it annoyed you how you would have to hear Emmett and Rosalie sometimes. So there, everybody is happy!”

“Well, it wasn’t any of your business and besides, how did you know about that?”

How could I have been so stupid? I have got to watch what I say! “Edward, you are so easy to read! I mean, a toddler could know what you are thinking!” I quickly covered.

“Hmmm…” He didn’t look convinced.

“Besides, Alice isn’t stupid, so she can see it too. She has told me tons about your family. I know practically everything! Especially the part about how you are a slimy git and deserve the loss of Bella!”

* * *

Edward’s Point of view:

She was so much like Bella. Almost everything she did reminded me of her. Oh, how I missed my Angel. She was right; I did deserve the loss of Bella. But, my family didn’t. The only thing I ever wanted for Bella was her happiness. The only thing I wanted from her was her love.

Well you had all of that, but you chose to give it up to protect her. Great job! Now, she’s dead. She was even supposedly begging for death to come. The voice in my head was right. I was horribly stupid. I swear, I will never over think something like that ever again. For some strange reason, it seemed like Princess was Bella. If I believed in reincarnation, and if Princess was a little nicer, I would have thought that when Bella died, she was reborn as Princess, and became a vampire.

Those thoughts only made me want to know more about Princess. It made me want to see just how much she really was like Bella. I decided to ask a few questions.

“Princess, what is your favorite flower?”

“I have two favorites. Lilies and Freesia.”

“What is your favorite gemstone?”

“It used to be garnet.”

“Used to be?”

“Yes, ‘used to be’, as in, ‘is not anymore’.”

“So what is your favorite now?” She thought for a minute.

“Amethyst.” It seemed like she was lying.

“What is your favorite thing to do?”

“Sit in my meadow and read while listening to my music, and being with my family and friends, which you are not in either category.”

“What is your favorite color?”

“Blue or gold. And why are we playing twenty questions? Or is this like a dating game?”

“No, much more like twenty questions.” She was so much like Bella that it hurt. Twenty questions….I remembered when Bella and I player twenty questions at La Bella Italia that day in Port Angeles that she went dress shopping for the dance that she didn’t go to.

“Well, if we’re playing twenty questions, I get to ask questions now. Or, tomorrow, I get to ask all the questions.” She seemed like she was remembering something that had happened a while back. I remembered our day trade. She asked everything one day, then I had two days after that. Then we were in the meadow. Oh, I loved my beautiful darling in the sunshine…

“Why do you want to be my friend so badly?” she asked, breaking me of my reverie.

“Because I find that you are an interesting person that I would like to know more about.”

“Okay, I wanted to know more about Ryan Ross and Orland Bloom a hundred years ago, especially if they would have liked to be vampires, but that doesn’t mean that I would have annoyed the ever-loving crap out of them.”

“Ever-loving crap?” I questioned.

“Yes. You really are pushing me to the edge. You are very lucky I haven’t had Kaylee and Dylan tag team you. Oh, Rachel would probably help. I mean, Kaylee would hit you, Chi-chi would throw you into a tree with that freaky mind thing, and Dylan would then burn you, finally killing you. Oh, the Lostprophets too. Yeah, I would have definitely changed them into vampires.” She added as an after thought. “God! I loved them!”

“Lostprophets?” I asked. I had never heard of them even. There was nothing wrong with learning more about music, right?

“Yes. They were only the best band ever. I mean, I really wish they were vampires. There death was a horrible pain to the earth.” She looked really sad.

“B-err-Princess! Do you want to shop shoes first, or outfits?” Alice asked her.

“Outfits! Then, we can match our shoes! It is much harder to match outfits to shoes!”

“I agree! Let’s go! We really need to fix your clothes! You would look amazing in blue!” Alice commented.

“No blue!” she practically screamed.

Alice nodded in what seemed to be understanding.

“I’m sorry. Blue is...well, you know.” She ducked her head.

God! She reminded me so much of Bella. Why do I want to be her friend? Normally I just let other vampires that we meet talk to the family, not me, until we move again. Why did I care? Then, a little voice in the back of my head said, you like her, don’t you? I didn’t know. Did I? I couldn’t! My heart belonged to Bella! But, Bella is gone. You don’t love her more than Bella. But, you might love her just a little bit. The voice in my head was persistent. I couldn’t love anyone but Bella! Could I?