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A Haunting Past

So Edward left Bella, and Victoria got to her first. Years later, they meet again, only the Cullens don't know it's Bella as she is going by the name "Princess" and Bella hates Edward. What will happen? I don't know! Read for yourself! Okay, I have 1 review for every 51.967741935483870967741935483871 reads. Aka: 1 review for every 52 reads. That is actuallly kind of depressing. I mean, is the story that horrid? Are all of you nice reviewers lying to me? Or do you just not want to take 5 seconds to tell me about my story. For serious, I don't care if you write a review telling me what colour socks you are wearing or what flavour cookie you are eating. Or if you perfer tacos to lemon squares. I just want reviews. Okay, we all know I'm bad with the updating. You want to know how bad? I have NO idea whats going on in my story right now. I know, that's sad. But all of my current efforts to re-focus go out to the peeps who are tryin to get me re-motivated. Thanks guys! I love you!I <3 My READERS!!!!!

So what happens when Bella meets Edward again and after 105 years, all her sadness has had time to boil and turn into anger? I guess we'll find out! Okay, beloved readers and reviewers, this is what is called a FANfiction. Obviousally, besides the fact that I can't spell, that means that I am not the super amazing-a-licious, fantabulous, Stephenie Meyer. That means that I don't own Twilight or any Twilight related stuffs...sadly....I wish I owned Edward! Who doesn't? (Besides Team Jacob scum!!!!!)

14. Chapter 14

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Bella’s Point of View:

Everybody was in a flurry. The wedding was only a week away. Rachel was so excited, that she never sat still. She constantly made me go running with her. I swear, she could have had ADHD.

“Please. It’s just this once! I promise! Last time I’ll ask you to go with me!”

“Rachel, do me a favor, ask your husband. Make him go running with you.”

“Yeah, but Dylan can’t talk to me about how nervous I am and stuff like that.”

“And you think I can? Rachel, have I ever been married? No. So how am I supposed to help you calm down? Ask Rosalie or Alice or even Esme. Yeah, see if Esme can go with you. She is probably the best person to talk to right now. I mean, that’s what mothers do, right? So go to Esme. She is defiantly who I would go to right now.”

“Well, usually when I need something motherly, I go to you.” I could tell that she was taking my refusal to run with her hard.

“Rachel. Chi-chi, I am flattered. But, I really can’t help you. The most I can say is, do you love Dylan?”

“Well, yeah! He is my, everything. He is my happiness, my sunshine, my love, my life, my meaning….”

“Than why in the world should you be nervous about the wedding? Does it feel right?”

“Yes, I think I should marry him, but-”

“But, what?”

“But what if it all ends badly? What if he doesn’t love me after a week? What if I am a bad wife? What if, in a couple of years, he finds someone better? What if he gets mad at me and leaves? What if-”

“Rachel, how would it end badly?”

“I don’t know!”

“Why wouldn’t he love you? Rachel, he asked you to marry him. You have been together since you met, right? We, all of us, saw it in both of you guys’ eyes. We saw the spark between you two. There is nobody else for either of you to be with. Ask Alice if she has ever had second thoughts about marrying Jasper.”

I haven’t, ever. We were made for each other. Just like you and Dylan.” said Alice, coming in the room.

“And Rachel, how would you be a bad wife? If you didn’t boil his bear blood to the right temperature? Are you happy with Dylan next to you?” I asked her.

“Yes. When he is in the room, I just, it’s like it’s impossible for me to be anything but happy.”

“Then it is probably the same for him. I’ll get Jasper to test if, if you want.” said Alice.

“Would you ever find some one better? Is there anyone else for you?” I asked her.

“No to both of those.”

“Well, if he is asking you to marry him, than that means that there is nobody else for him, either. You have to trust him. Would he go behind your back with another girl?”

“But what if I’m not enough and that other girl is?”

“Rachel, there is no one else for me. You are the only one. Do you know how many times I have been stared at by girls or asked out or flirted with? A ton. But, I am still with you. That’s because they are nothing compared to you. You are my, everything. And, Chi-chi. What could you possibly do to make me mad at you? There is nothing you can do to make me mad at you. And even if there was, which there isn’t, why would I leave? You would still be my eternal love.”

“Thank-you, Dylan.” Rachel said, getting up to hug him. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” They left the room, leaving Alice and I with her book of wedding plans.

“Is everything ready for the wedding? All the invitations have been sent out, all the dresses are here, and everything is going to be perfect, right?”

“Yes. I love planning weddings! Will you let me plan yours?” Alice was so excited to plan another wedding.

“If we are still on the same continent, yes, Alice, I will let you plan my wedding.”

“Well, even if we weren’t, I would fly off to wherever you were so I could plan the wedding for you.”

“Only you, Alice, only you, would fly to a whole different continent to plan my wedding. Why don’t you just start a wedding planning business?”

“Maybe in a few years….” She was suddenly all thoughtful. “Oh! You have got to get to the meadow, now! Take your i-pod, call phone, and a book!”


“Just go!”

“Okay!” And I ran off to the meadow.

* * *

I sat in my tree and read while listening to music until-

“Fancy seeing you here.”

“Alice kicked me out of my house. So, I came here. Then you came, so, go away.”

“Why? This is a free country, is it not? And besides, I still want to be your friend.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to be your friend. You’ll be friends with Emmett, but not with me? You’ll be friends with Alice, but not with me?”



“Well, isn’t it obvious? They…they…” I was at a loss of things to say. I mean, I couldn’t very well tell him it was because they didn’t mangle my heart and leave it on a forest floor. Thankfully, then my phone rang.


“You said you would be friends with him.”

“I did no such thing! You only told me to be his friend and then you ran away!”

“Well, anyway, I see you deciding to not be his friend! Goodness, don’t you understand that in order for all of this to work, you need to be friends! Just, suck it up! Swallow your pride, and play nice with the other children! I’ll see at your house when you come back.”

“That’s why you kicked me out! Alice I am going to get you! Why would you do that to me? We are supposed to be best friends! Almost sisters!”

“Well, add a new best friend to that list. Be-Princess, I just want you to be happy…I’ll see you later, if you still want to see me…bye.” And with that, she hung up.

“What was that about?”

“Do you ever mind your own business?”

“You never answered my question. Why can Emmett and Alice be your friend, when you won’t let me?”


“In fact, you are nicer to my entire family than you are to me! I just want to know why. Why won’t you be my friend?” He seemed so sad. Maybe I was being a little too hard on him.

“Edward, I just think it would be really hard for us to be friends. I mean, I never really reached out before. I was always distant. Even as a human. I was always alone, and I was fine with it like that. Just me and my Jane Austen collection with a blanket on the front lawn n the sun. That was me. And when I was changed, I kept to my family. I would rarely talk to them even. I would really only talk to Angel. He seemed to understand the most.

I don’t know why I connected with Emmett and Alice the way I did, but, well, they are like the brother and sister I never had. And even though I am closer to Angel than the rest of them, I still protect my family, and you hurt them, so I still take that as a blow. I mean, I guess it should be one of those ‘forgive and forget’ things, but…Well, maybe it’s just me. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad for us to be friends…Maybe, maybe we can try. Why do you want to be my friend so badly, anyway?”

“Well, you heard the story about…Bella, right?” I could tell he was in pain just by thinking about me. No, not me, her. Bella is dead!

“Yes, I remember. If it hurts, you don’t have to tell me.”

“No, I’ll tell you. See, at first, you were just like her. You reminded me of her so much. Then, I started to notice some real differences when you were put to the test. Tat is why I was so dreadfully annoying before, by the way. I was testing you to see just how much you were like her. I give my most sincere apologies for the event.”

“So, you never actually wanted to be my friend? You irritated the hell out of me, just to see how much I was like Bella? Wow. And what would you have done if I was just like her?”

“Probably tried to completely erase your memory from my mind. Or maybe stalled you for the rest of your life. Or brought you down into my magical music chamber where you would have seen the monster that I really am.”

“Wow. Is there a movie reference there?” Yes, there is, it is a favorite of mine.

“Yes, I’ll give you a few hints.” He said. I waited for a while.

“What are they?”

“Oh, no. They will just be in regular conversation. You will have to pick them out yourself.”

“This ought to be entertaining…” Yes it should.

“So, describe in a few phrases. Bells, I mean. Can you describe her with a few words?”

“Well, that is hard, but, perfect, would be one. Angel, would be another. She inspired me to write music. I wrote one for her. I wrote her a lullaby. So, maybe I can go with Angel of Music, also. She was my soul. So, I really feel soulless. I never believed that vampires had souls before, but, I think that they find their soul in their other half. I guess I didn’t realize that until she was gone. Not that I didn’t know that I loved her, I guess I just didn’t realize that she was my soul. I didn’t realize that she was more than an Angel, or Angel of Music, or perfect, that she was my soul, until she wasn’t around.

“She was extremely clumsy, and was embarrassed so easily. I used to say things to make her blush. Oh, I miss her blush. It was beautiful. I miss her so much. And the past won’t die. Not that I want it to, but, still. I know I would be fighting back tears if I could cry. I just can’t seem to say goodbye. I still don’t understand how she could love me. Vampires are all Devils’ children, where she was an Angel. It seems so long ago. How young and innocent we were. I really want her back here with me. If she came back for even a second, I would change her. Give her what she always wanted. I swear I can hear a voice every time I light a candle for her. She deserved a happy, human life, not brutal murder. She was too precious for that.” He worked those hints that I didn’t need very nicely into his tale.

“She seems wonderful.”

“Don’t you mean seemed? She, as much as I wish she was, is no longer here.”

“But she is. The spirit of your Angel of Music is inside you. She will always be with you.”

“Thank-you. I needed that.”

“You’re welcome. I’m sorry, I have to go now, I have to get a new chandelier to hang for the masquerade ball I’m planning. You are free to join me, if you wish.”

“You knew! When did you figure out the references?” Forever ago. Like I didn’t know what he was talking about! Ha!

“I knew the whole time. That is one of my favorites. It was, however, fun to watch you try to incorporate hints into your story.”

“Well, they were hints, but they are all true. She really is my Angel of Music.”

“Good, is. Never was. Always is. She will always be with you.”


“You are welcome. Would you like to join me for wedding plan torture? Really, with how irritating these plans are, I might as well hang myself over a stage of ballerinas!”

“That was a very…interesting scene.”

“And by interesting, you mean, creepy?”

“Well, yes, actually.” I laughed as we ran to my house. The only problem now, would be trying to trust him. And figuring out if I loved him. Maybe I did….