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Hope For Me

This is Leah's imprint collection by me. There's loads of people i know she'd never imprint on, but since this is a fanfiction, she will. Vampires. Werewolves. Something else?


2. Chapter 2

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Leah and Edward part 2

“It’s a vampire. Isn’t it?” came the sudden angry voice to my left.

My head snapped around, there, in all his glory, stood Sam.

Sighing, I turned away from the mirror I’d been singing into. Yeah, that’s how happy I was. And I must say, Edward’s ideas were right. I could definitely sing quite well. Sam was glowering at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently, smiling slightly. He growled and stalked towards me. I couldn’t help shivering in fear.

“I can smell the sex on you, Leah” Sam drawled.

He wasn’t acting like Sam. He was acting more like Jacob or someone similarly uncaring. Frowning at him, I shook my head.

“I don’t know what you mean” I denied before turning back to the mirror and washing my face quickly.

When I turned away from him, Sam got even more irritated with me. He strode forward once more and grabbed then tops of my arms in a rough, vice-like grip. I was surprised at first, but then I was scared. Sam didn’t normally use physical abuse unless he was really angry. As in pure rage. His fingers dug into my bronze skin causing me to whimper.

“TELL ME THE TRUTH!” he roared at me. I cried out as he slammed me back against the sink. I knew I’d have a bruise for about fifteen minutes with the force that had been used.

It was an order. He was the Alpha. You do the math.

Words flew from my lips without my consent as I found myself retelling the story. Not all of it, that hadn’t been the instruction. I found as many loop holes as I could. Hoping it would be enough.

It wasn’t.

With the most petrifying shout of anger I had ever heard, he started shaking.

The force of Sam’s transformation threw me backwards into the window…which had been open.

Screaming with fear, I dropped the 3 story drop from the attic bathroom.

As I looked up, I could see Sam’s fluffy wolf face. Even in furry form he looked scared. He hadn’t meant to throw me out of the window.

I hit the floor with a sickening thud, my body screaming with protests. Another cry of pain tore its way from my mouth as I writhed in agony, Swear words pouring from my lips.

A drop that big won’t have killed me because I was a Werewolf but, good god, it hurt!

My screams and cries turned to small whimpers as I pulled myself up from the ground.

I had to make it to Edward.

Edward would help me. I had to make t to him, across the border where my Pack couldn’t reach me.

I transformed into a wolf once I made it into the woods. It was done quickly but with pain, my fur matted with blood in a few places. Sam couldn’t exit the house until he calmed down or he’d draw too much attention. He didn’t want that, so I escaped with ease. Or at least until I realised that Jacob, Paul and Quil had been in wolf form and as soon as in changed, they had vacuumed every thought from my head.

All this time, the three days I’d been with Edward, our intimate relationship. I’d not changed, I hadn’t been a wolf for three days, just so they wouldn’t’ find out. All for nothing.

I heard their outrage triple as they learnt what Sam had done, even if they knew it was sort of an accident, he had lost control, their leader wasn’t as steady as they had thought he was.

Still in pain, I fled. Running until I reached the boundary line, where I collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

Eventually, under the cover of the trees, I managed to change back. I was still covered in bruises and cuts from the fall and small tumble I’d taken in the rose bushes, but other then that, I was fine. The strap around my chest was still intact, so the phone that hung from it was fine. A little scratched from the crash but other then that, it was peachy. Ugh, did I just say…peachy? I must be hurt worse then I thought.

Quickly, I dialled Edward’s mobile number. He answered straight away, just like always.

“Hey, Leah” he said cheerfully. The smile that crept across my face instantly made me feel better. Just the sound of his voice so happy made me at ease. All my worry and pain seemed to melt away, like an ice cream lift too long in the sun.

“Edward” I sighed, slumping back against the oak tree behind me. I tilted my head and watched the birds fly above me, the sun shining down on the tiny clearing I’d in when we were out hunting Victoria, we‘d never found her but I‘d discovered lots of small hiding places.. I forgot for a moment that I was supposed to be talking to him. But his slightly worried voice brought me out of my thoughts with a jerk.

“Leah, are you okay?” he asked quietly,

“Um, would me being tossed out of a three story house count as okay? If it counts, then yeah, sure I’m okay.” I tried to make light of the situation, but couldn’t help the brake in my voice as I thought of the pure fury on Sam’s face, slightly hidden by the glint of jealously. Edward’s protective growl vibrated through the phone and I winced.

“Where are you?” My lover demanded, his voice scarily furious.

After I’d told him my location, assured him I was fine three times and then told him I’d wait for him, we finally hung up.

I didn’t realise that I should have stayed on the phone for a few seconds more, just enough time for me to have smelly what I did and informed him about it. But as soon as I hung up, the smell hit me.

Another vampire. And it wasn’t Edward.