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Coming Back to You

Edward isn't able to stay away. He comes back after 6 1/2 months, before Bella jumped. But, when he comes into Bella's room in the night, someone else is already there! CHAPTER EIGHT - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!CHAPTER NINE - EPILOGUE

I was always a little bugged that Bella had to go clear to Italy to get Edward to come back to her. I really wanted him to come in her window one night after she laid there crying herself to sleep. Anyway, this is sort of what I thought could happen.


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I should have gone to the Volturi.

It would be better if I were in Volterra right now instead of staring at Bella's window.

I am an idiot. What the hell am I doing here? I am an immortal creature with the strength of a thousand men, yet here I sit cowered in fear in the forest; afraid of taking one more step closer to Bella. I chuckled darkly thinking of how it is all my fault that I am in this impossible situation.

I can't live without her. I need her. I need her like I have never needed anything, or anyone.

But, every moment I spent with her. . . my mind keeps thinking about how close I came to losing her at her birthday party. Just one tiny second later and Jasper would have snapped her neck. I have made myself picture the image over and over again of what it would have been like to see Jasper sucking greedily from her bite wound. Bella's sweet blood coursing down his throat. I have forced myself to see Jasper kneeling down licking up every drop of her blood. It is the only thing that has kept me away this long. Every time I started to come back, I would force all of those monstrous images in my head again. Now, after 6 ½ months, even they weren't enough to keep me from coming back to Bella.

If I could just sleep. If I could just dream about her then maybe I could stay away. If I could love her in my dreams and touch her face and kiss her lovely lips and hold her all night. . . I didn't realize I had stood up and had taken two steps out of my hiding place.

I made myself fall to my knees. Don't do this Edward. You can be strong. Let Bella be happy. She deserves a life. Do something right by her. This had become my mantra. I repeated it at least a hundred times a day.

Maybe, if I go to her, she'll send me away. Perhaps she will tell me that I waited too long and that she has moved on. Maybe all this worrying about her life and future with me is for nothing. Just go see her and find out.

This voice in my head had become more persistent and clever in his arguments.

Maybe she is in as much pain as you are. Maybe there is an ever widening hole in her chest too. Perhaps she is growing weaker just like you and she doesn't want to fight through the loneliness anymore. Maybe she is about to do something desperate. Hold her tight and tell her you love her and you always have. Save her Edward, save Bella!

I wrapped my arms over my head and rolled in a tight ball. I didn't know how much longer I could fight this voice.

It was now 1:00 in the morning. If I could last until 6:00 a.m. when the sun came up, then maybe I would be able to leave. . . . I sighed hard. I had to quit kidding myself. This was the third night in a row I had come and put myself through this. Yesterday morning I had stayed until I saw her get in her truck and drive to school. I had to claw my fingers into the large rock behind me to keep myself from running to her. By the time she was down the road, I had turned most of the rock into a pile of dust.

I told myself I was coming to make sure she was okay, just check up on her. When I felt my resolve begin to waver, I should have gone to Volterra. Anywhere but here. Yet, here I am. Rolled up in a ball, one hundred yards from Bella's house after I promised her she would never have to see me again.

I am pathetic.

By 1:30 a.m., my fight was gone. I just kept staring at my sanctuary. Thinking of Bella. She was warm in her quilt, her heart was steadily beating. Perhaps I could lay beside her for a while before she awoke and saw me there. Then, of course, I would spend the next several hours, weeks, whatever. . . . begging her to take me back.

I was now standing under her window.

I jumped up, and slowly and silently opened her window. Her scent permeated my nostrils. In a slight drunken daze I landed noiselessly on her floor. I was here.

As I jumped into Bella's room, two things happened simultaneously. First, the full force of Bella's scent hit me as hard as it did that first day in Biology. Second, I smelled a cursed, vile dog. . . a werewolf.

As I fought down the venom that was swirling in my mouth for Bella, my muscles instinctively tensed into a crouch to fight. My eyes quickly scanned the room. Was Bella in danger from a werewolf?

There she was. She was sleeping. She was fine. I wanted so much to lay by her and hold her, but this stench. . . where was it coming from?

Then I saw him. Jacob Black sitting in the rocking chair fast asleep. What the. . .

Jacob Black was a werewolf?

What was he doing in Bella's room? That was my rocking chair. That's whereI always sat. A sickening feeling came into my head. Did Bella jump into Jacob's lap in the morning when he sat in that chair the way she used to jump into mine?

I wanted to kill him. Stupid, vile, young werewolf. He smelled horrible. In less than five seconds he could be dead and out of this room. He was a hopeless excuse for a werewolf too. Here I was, a vampire in Bella's room and he was sleeping right through it. I could be here to harm her. I could have already taken Bella and left, and this vile dog would be snoring through the whole thing.

My thoughts jumped back to Bella. Was she in love with Jacob Black? A werewolf? I left so that she could find happiness with someone normal and human like Newton, not this animal in front of me.

Rage engulfed me. I could snap Black's neck and throw him off the nearest cliff. I wouldn't even do him the honor of drinking his blood. I took another step closer to Black when a new and nauseating thought entered my head. What if Bella was happy with him? What if he was good to her?

Despair filled me. What if he had kissed her? Those beautiful, full lips. What if . . . she loved Black more than she had ever loved me?

Tearless sobs threatened to escape from my chest.

I was caving in.

I was crumbling.

I was falling.

This was a mistake. I never should have come back.

I took one last look at Bella. Cherished hopes forever gone. Forever with her. I could have happily endured that. Forever without her. Not a chance. The Volturi was sounding better all the time.

I turned to leave, taking in her scent. She was laying on her side facing away from me. . . I had to see her face one last time.

I noiselessly walked to the other side of the bed. I knelt down and stared at her face. She was the most beautiful vision I had ever seen. How many times had I lay in this bed with her? How many times had I brushed the hair away from her face, seen her blush? My arms ached to hold her.

I couldn't stop myself. I kissed her. It was as soft as a moth's wing, but it sent long dormant feelings coursing again through my body.

She didn't wake up, but her head moved up on the pillow so that I could better see her face. My brows furrowed. She had been crying. The tear stains were still on her face and her pillow was wet. Why was she crying?

My eyes traveled down to her arms. She was holding something tightly to her body. It looked like. . . It was. . . she was holding one of my shirts.

I had forgotten she had it. If I had remembered, it would be under the floorboards with everything else that reminded her of me.

Could it be. . . was she crying because she missed me? Oh please, please let her still love me. My insides pleaded. Please say I'm not too late.

I kissed her again. She stirred and I heard her murmur, "No Jacob. I said no."

For the first time in 6 ½ months, I smiled.

From my three clues: My shirt, her tears, and refusing Black's kisses, I was guessing my chances weren't completely blown.

I looked over at Black and thought, "Tough luck, you stupid, useless werewolf."