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Coming Back to You

Edward isn't able to stay away. He comes back after 6 1/2 months, before Bella jumped. But, when he comes into Bella's room in the night, someone else is already there! CHAPTER EIGHT - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!CHAPTER NINE - EPILOGUE

I was always a little bugged that Bella had to go clear to Italy to get Edward to come back to her. I really wanted him to come in her window one night after she laid there crying herself to sleep. Anyway, this is sort of what I thought could happen.


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It was night again. It seemed like the days and nights just came and went now without me giving them a single thought or notice. It was all I could do to just take that one more breath, to make myself get up in the morning, zombie my way through my classes and then lay in my bed again that night and cry myself to sleep. It had been almost 7 months. "I should be getting over this by now," I kept saying to myself. The gaping whole inside me wasn't listening.

I overheard Lauren at school the other day. She said it loud enough that I could hear, "You'd think she was the first girl to get her heart broken by a guy." The problem was, Edward was not just some guy. He never really loved you. Forget about him. Make it like he never existed. Start a new life for yourself. He never really loved you. He never really loved you. This was my mantra. I repeated it to myself a hundred times a day.

Jake's voice broke into my thoughts. "Bells, I will be back about 11:00 tonight. Leave your window open so I can get in." He was whispering to me as I walked him down the driveway.

"Jake, are you sure this is really necessary?" I whined.

Jake stopped and looked at me harshly, "Until we kill that bloodsucker Victoria, yes, it is necessary. Now, it will be just like I told you, the pack will set up a perimeter about 3 miles out, and then watch and wait. I'm not leaving you alone at night anymore until we get her."

I nodded my head and started to trudge back into the house. Jake gave me a big smile and said, "Don't worry Bells, I won't let anything happen to you."

I swallowed hard. I backed my way to the house as I waved good-bye. There was only one person I wanted to protect me. I physically shook my head to try and push the thought out. He never really loved you. He never really loved you.

Waiting for someone to come into my room was hitting too close to the wound. I said goodnight to Charlie and got ready for bed. This was going to be one of those nights, I thought. Before I crawled into bed I reached into my bottom drawer and felt way in the back. . . there it was. Edward's shirt. I rationalized that it was okay because it had been almost two weeks since I'd slept with it. That's a record I thought proudly.

I held his shirt tightly to my chest. I brought it up to my nose and drank in deeply. The scent was long gone, but I could still imagine it. For one brief second I let my mind go, picturing him holding me close. My eyes shot open and I began repeating my mantra, I must avoid those sort of images at all costs. I knew from experience what that kind of thinking could do to me.

It hurt so much to push those lovely thoughts out of my head. My body, my heart, was screaming for them. I had to clench my teeth against the pain. My tears were streaming down my face and I put my hand over my mouth so Charlie wouldn't hear my sobbing. Why couldn't you love me? I love you so much. I can't stop loving you. I am trying so hard, so hard.

I cried for a long time and I was exhausted when I finally fell asleep. I never heard Jake come in. I woke up once and glanced over and saw him in the rocking chair, and then I turned back around and went back to sleep. The nights when I cried the hardest, were usually the nights I had the strangest dreams. Tonight, my dreams started with Jake. He had kissed me, and I pulled away telling him no, then, my angel dream began. This was the one I always waited for. Some nights it came, and I was so happy tonight was one of those nights.

I opened my eyes and saw my beautiful angel kneeling in front of me. I closed my eyes quickly. I did not want to wake up from this, not now, not ever. I put out my hand and I could feel his cold marble face. I felt my heart breathe a sigh. My heart hadn't beat like this since my last delusion. It had been weeks, entirely too long since I'd heard his velvet voice. I knew I would soon do something very foolish just to hear it again. But now, for the moment, I could feel him. I ran my fingers over his cheek, across his forehead and under his eyes. My heart beat still harder as my thumb brushed across his lips. Only in my dreams was I allowed to say his name and here I whispered it with all my feeling, "Edward."

A heartbreaking and agonized velvet voice answered back, "Bella." This was new. In all my dreams my angel was never sad, he just loved me again. I let my hand rest again on his cheek. I was trying to think of something to make him stay when I heard a shaky voice cry out, "Get away from her, bloodsucker."

My eyes flew open and I saw my dream still continue. My hand was still on Edward's face and he was staring at me, and I was staring at him and both of us were breathing hard.

I then saw Jake come around the bed and put his hand on my arm. His hand was so hot, and where my hand rested was so cold. Edward was looking so intently at me. He didn't even seem to notice Jake was there. The dream would leave me soon. My angel would soon be gone. He was just inches from my face. Please don't go.Stay with me. Please stay with me. Then Jake pulled my hand away.

I brought my hands to my face and rubbed at my eyes and sat up. Strangely enough Jake was still standing by my bed. He was facing away from me. I whispered, "Jake, what are you doing? I'm sorry that I woke you. . . . Jake for heavens sake, turn around."

Jake was starting to convulse. Ripples were starting down his arms and he was beginning to growl.

I panicked, was Victoria in my room? What about Charlie? I sat up on my knees and peeked around Jake.

It simply couldn't be.

My voice caught in my throat. I felt dizzy. My chest caved in as all my air escaped out of me.

Edward was here. He was in my room. He was here.

He was in a crouched position looking intently at Jacob, but other than that he was calm.

In all my dreams, and picturing him in my mind, not one of my memories touched his loveliness. He was excruciatingly beautiful. I just stared at him. I was afraid to blink in fear the apparition would leave me. Being able to look at him again had the strangest effect on me. All at once I felt whole and free, I also understood again the reason he left. There was no chance this perfection was meant for me.

Through clenched teeth in a shaky voice Jake said, "Get the hell out of here, Cullen."

I panicked. I jumped out of bed and stood on the floor between them. There was absolutely no way Jake was throwing Edward out of my room. I didn't know how long he planned to stay, but I was going to prolong it as long as possible. I put out my arms to draw distance between them. I don't know how I would have stopped a vampire and a werewolf from fighting if they really wanted to, but I would try. Besides, I was worried about the noise.

Charlie is right next door I whispered fiercely. I looked at Jake and whispered, "Calm down Jake, don't even think about turning into a werewolf here in my bedroom." I was trying to be humorous, but even though Jake calmed down some, he wouldn't take his eyes off Edward.

All of the sudden, Edward straightened and said, "Victoria is here?

Jacob straightened up, with a look of shocked surprise. He was getting his first taste of Edward's mind reading abilities. Jake shook his head hard, as if he was trying to get Edward out of his mind and said, "You left Bella in danger. The damned she-devil has been trying to get to Bella for months. She's killed and fed on our land. There are five of us and we are dealing with her. Bella doesn't need you to take care of her now."

Edward was furious. His lips curled back from his teeth and there was a growl in his chest as he hissed, "All this time, Victoria has been here?" He turned and looked at me and I felt my knees go weak. "Bella, if I had any idea that you were danger I never would have . . ." He didn't finished his sentence. Instead, he looked back at Jake and said, "Where is Victoria now?"

Jake pointed his finger in Edward's face and said, "I told you bloodsucker, stay out of it. Leave now."

Edward stared at Jake intently for a few extra seconds and then he reached in his back pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He spoke to Carlisle.

"Carlisle, Victoria is here. She is after Bella. At the last sighting, she was about five miles away from Forks. There are werewolves here from the reservation, and they have set up a perimeter. Get everyone and meet me in the forest by Bella's house." There was a pause and then Edward said, "Yes, I said werewolves." There was shorter pause, and then Edward said, "Send Rosalie."

On the phone, Edward had said everyone. Were the Cullens back? Why were they here? I was refusing to ask why Edward was here. I wouldn't even let myself go anywhere near that realm of thinking. At this point, dashed hopes would finish off what 6 ½ months of a broken heart had been trying to do.

Jake was furious that Edward had read his mind again. "You are not bringing your pack of bloodsuckers anywhere near us!" He growled.

Edward had lost his patience. In a movement so quick I didn't see his hands move, he had Jake by the throat. I jumped out of the way.

"Listen Black," he said, "I am trying to stay calm because number one I am very grateful that you have been protecting Bella, and number two, Charlie is next door. Nothing you say will make me back down and walk away from killing Victoria. She will die this night. You can take our help and we can work together, or you can continue to bark at me and there's a chance that Victoria will again slip through both our fingers." Edward got right in Jake's face and said, "What's it gonna be?"

Jake towered over Edward by at least 6 inches, but Jake made no move to put his hands on him. Edward released his grip and wiped his hand on his pants as if there was dirt on it. Jake's hand came up to rub his neck momentarily and then he defiantly pointed again at Edward and said, "It's all your fault that Bella is in danger in the first place."

"All the more reason I should have a hand in killing her," Edward shot back.

Jake started to say something else when I put up my hand and quietly said, "Enough."

I swallowed hard and gathered up all my courage and looked at Edward. I opened my mouth to speak and made the mistake of looking into his eyes. I had to swallow again. I had forgotten to breathe. I immediately looked down at the floor and asked my question.

"What is the plan?" Four words. It shouldn't be so hard. I closed my eyes and readied myself to hear his velvet voice again.

He walked a step towards me and said softly, "They will all be here in a few minutes. Rosalie will come and stay with you, and then the rest of us will go and hunt Victoria down."

He then turned to look at Jake and said, "You however, can leave anytime."

Jake was incensed. He gritted his teeth and said, "I leave when you leave and not a minute sooner."

Edward hissed back, "I would like to speak with Bella alone."

Jake took a step towards Edward. I was about to say something when Rosalie came in the window as gracefully as a butterfly landing on a flower.

Rosalie's nose immediately turned up and she grimaced. "Ugh, there is an overwhelming smell of dog. . ." then she looked at Edward and said, "And testosterone."

Edward ignored the comment and said, "Rosalie, don't take your eyes off Bella for a second, understand?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes and said, "Don't worry."

Jake looked Rosalie up and down and said, "This is what you send to protect Bella?"

Rosalie hissed and Edward grew very serious. "I trust Rosalie completely when it comes to Bella. Any of my family would match up to Victoria in a fight, but Rosalie is definitely, the most. . . . vicious." Rosalie seemed extremely pleased with Edward's remark.

I was out of my mind with worry. I did not want Edward anywhere near Victoria. The hole was opening up again. When Edward went out that window, I knew he would never come back. I wanted to scream "Don't go!" But, I had begged him not to go once before, and it didn't stop him.

My arms went instinctively around my middle just like every time I felt the pain. I started to back away from everyone. Tears were on my cheeks again. I never got the chance to say anything to him. My angel was leaving and I would never see him again.

I was sure it was as much for Edward's benefit as it was mine when Jake came and hugged me. He was so large he completely engulfed me. "Please be careful," I said. Before he pulled away, he grabbed my face and kissed me on the forehead.

I stole a peek at Edward as Jake pulled away. His hands were shut tight with this arms down by his sides and the veins and muscles in his arms were bulging. His jaw was clenched and his nostrils were flared. He was breathing rapidly and he rocked back on his feet. Rosalie looked at him with her eyebrows raised and a smirk on her face.

Jake walked to the window and stood there as if to say, "You first."

I looked at Edward. He was staring at me. He swallowed hard and started to take a step towards me and then stopped. I wanted him to grab me and breathe his sweet breath into my face and make my head swirl while he kissed me hard over and over, but instead he simply said, "If it's all right, I would like to talk to you when this is over." His brow was furrowed as he waited for my answer.

I nodded my head. When he got to the window he stopped and looked back at me and said, "Be safe." Then he was gone.

Jake watched him jump, and then he turned to look at me. His expression was a mix of hurt, love, and determination. I attempted a smile for his benefit. It didn't work. "Bye Bells, I love you," he said. When I didn't answer he set his chin and jumped out.

When they were gone, it was dead silent for a moment, then Rosalie turned to look at me and said, "You certainly know how to keep life interesting don't you?"