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Coming Back to You

Edward isn't able to stay away. He comes back after 6 1/2 months, before Bella jumped. But, when he comes into Bella's room in the night, someone else is already there! CHAPTER EIGHT - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!CHAPTER NINE - EPILOGUE

I was always a little bugged that Bella had to go clear to Italy to get Edward to come back to her. I really wanted him to come in her window one night after she laid there crying herself to sleep. Anyway, this is sort of what I thought could happen.


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It had been completely silent outside for almost an hour. I don't know what I expected to hear. Maybe a werewolf howl, or a female homicidal vampire screaming her last breath, but not hearing anything made my imagination run wild. Jacob was so young, he was a little overconfident and thought himself invincible, but what 16 year old didn't? When that 16 year old is also a werewolf, that is a mixture for trouble.

But, I was mostly worried about someone else. What if something went wrong? What if there was an ambush? Victoria was smart, maybe she brought friends and they were just waiting for Edward to arrive to take out their revenge.

I was pacing. Rosalie was standing watch between the window and the door. Finally, she lost patience with me. "Bella, you're pacing a hole in the floor. Would you please sit down for a while?"

I didn't want to sit down. If I sat down I might get sleepy. What if I fell asleep and Edward came back? He would come for Rosalie and I would never see him again. Even if he was in my room again for just a moment, I wouldn't miss it for anything.

He said he wanted to talk to me. I had already guessed why. He was just checking up on me. Edward and his God complex. He wanted to make sure I was doing okay. One good look at me ought to answer that question. Well, I would put on a brave face and tell him that I was great. I wanted a lot of things from Edward, but pity wasn't one of them.

Rosalie's phone rang. I jumped. The phone was already at her ear before I had time to recover. Her side of the conversation was entirely cryptic. "She's fine. . . okay. . . whatever. . . bye." She seemed almost bored as she hung up.

"What's going on?" I asked. She sighed and said, "That was Edward. As far as they can tell, Victoria is all alone. They have spotted her twice, and they are pushing her away from you before they attack. They are heading North. They have no idea how long it will be. He called because they were about to make their move and would not be able to talk for awhile." She said this all in a monotone voice as if she were talking about what color of nail polish she was wearing.

I was beside myself with worry. I wish Alice had come instead. I could cry on her shoulder and she would at least be able to tell me how this would all turn out. I gave in, I was exhausted. I didn't go to my bed, but I sat down in the rocking chair and tucked my legs up, holding them with my arms.

Rosalie had relaxed a little bit after Edward's phone call, although she was still keeping guard. She glanced over at me and said, "You know, you look terrible."

I looked at her and chuckled darkly and said, "Yeah. . . well, I've been sick."

She raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at me and said, "I don't think so."

I changed the subject. "So, where have you been the last several months?" I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer. Edward might be involved somewhere in this conversation and I absolutely didn't want to hear about him and some beautiful vampire "distraction".

"Emmett and I have been traveling. We have mostly been in Africa. Basically we were on a Safari." My eyebrows lifted. I was picturing Emmett going after an irritable rhinoceros.

"What about Carlisle and Esme, is Carlisle working in a hospital somewhere?"

"Carlisle and Esme have been living in upstate New York. He has been working at a hospital there. And since you will ask next about Alice and Jasper, they are staying in Denali with Tanya's family."

She didn't offer me anything about Edward. I hoped she wouldn't. I had a feeling that she would be heartless and give me every detail of how great Edward's life was going. I was the just the stupid, clumsy human that he was glad to be rid of.

"You are all so far apart from each other," I said.

Rosalie folded her arms and her lips went into a perfect pout. "For the past several months we haven't been a very happy family."

It made me sad to hear that. They were the closest and most loving family I knew. I wanted to ask why, but I was afraid the answer would hurt too much. I was almost sure the answer had something to do with Edward.

"I'm so sorry," was all I said.

Rosalie shrugged her shoulders and looked away.

I didn't know where to take the conversation from there. This was the most she and I had ever talked. I knew she didn't really want to be here, which didn't help.

After about 10 minutes she said, "So, what have you been doing besides hanging out with werewolves and being stalked by a vampire?"

I grinned. At least she was making an effort. "I have been going to school and working."

"Seen any movies lately?" she asked.

The last movie I saw was that horror film with Mike and Jake. That night had been a complete disaster. "No," I answered.

"Gone to any school dances?"


"Been to any of the basketball games?"


"Been shopping in Port Angeles?"


She just stared at me. She folded her arms and walked over to check out the window, then she was back in the middle of the room.

"I take back what I said about your life being interesting," she said.

I just sighed and let my head fall back against the rocking chair.

"Maybe you should get some sleep." she said.

"No," I answered too quickly.

Rosalie rolled her eyes impatiently and said, "Bella, you don't have to worry, you're not in any danger."

"It's not that," I said, I just. . . ." Oh what the heck, it didn't matter what I said, it wouldn't change anything. "If Edward comes back and I'm asleep, then I'll never see him again."

I was staring out at nothing wondering how I was ever going to get over Edward. The wound felt as fresh as the day he said good-bye. Tears started to fall down my face. More tears. I was too weary to try and stop them.

I was anticipating him saying good-bye to me again. My arms went to my middle. Not even Jacob would be able to save me now.

I didn't want saving anymore. No matter how much danger I was in, Edward could never come and save me again. I wanted him far, far away. If my heart had hope, it would keep beating, waiting. It would beat forever if it thought there was a chance. This time when Edward said good-bye and walked away, I would make my heart believe it. . . . and then I would lie down and listen to it slowly fade and die.

Despair had me. All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands when I felt a cold hand on my arm. I looked up and saw Rosalie standing in front of me.

"You still have feelings for Edward." It wasn't a question.

I stared at her without answering.

She cocked her head to the side and said, "I never thought you really loved Edward. I thought it was just some sick fascination. I was glad when he ended it."

She stood up straight and folded her arms. "Listen, they may be gone hours and you need to be well-rested when Edward gets back." She smiled reassuringly, "I promise that when Edward comes I will wake you up."

"What if. ." I began to say.

"There is no "if". I am very persuasive." She said proudly.

As if to demonstrate her persuasiveness, she pulled me up and guided me to my bed. She pulled back the covers and motioned for me to get in.

I didn't care anymore. I lay down on my pillow and pulled the covers on me. I saw Edward's shirt. I grabbed it and let it drop on the floor. This was over. In more ways than one.

It was silent for about 5 minutes. My eyes were heavy, but I couldn't go to sleep. There was a question that had been with me all these months since the very moment Edward had left. I never dared to ask it. But now, in a few hours, I was going to let Edward go forever. I needed the question to be out there, somewhere, even though it would go unanswered.

"Rosalie," I whispered.

"Hmm," she murmured. She was not looking at me, she was staring out the window.

"For all that time that Edward was here. . . If he didn't really love me, then why did I feel so loved?"

Then I fell asleep.