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Coming Back to You

Edward isn't able to stay away. He comes back after 6 1/2 months, before Bella jumped. But, when he comes into Bella's room in the night, someone else is already there! CHAPTER EIGHT - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!CHAPTER NINE - EPILOGUE

I was always a little bugged that Bella had to go clear to Italy to get Edward to come back to her. I really wanted him to come in her window one night after she laid there crying herself to sleep. Anyway, this is sort of what I thought could happen.


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When Bella wasn't in her room, I panicked. My first thoughts were that she had changed her mind. She had left with Black. She had chosen an animal over a monster. I stood there in her room wondering how I would be able to go on without her. I sat down on her bed and thought about the day we had spent together. Most of it right here on this bed. I looked down and saw my shirt, the one she had been holding when I came in her room last night. None of this seemed right. When I had dropped her off here, a few hours ago, she had kissed me and showed me so much love. I just couldn't believe that she could have been acting one way, and feeling another. That wasn't my Bella. Something must be wrong.

I began to act. If Black took her, he would have gone out the window. Jumping out into her yard, and tracing her scent, I found it was going into the forest. I felt my muscles tense and the venom saturate my mouth. If Black took her against her will, I'll killhim, I thought.

After running about 3 miles, the trail abruptly changed and turned towards the road. I accelerated, thinking I was getting close to her, but once I got there, her scent was gone. The filthy leechbrought his car, I raged. I checked my watch. It was 10:04. Her scent was strong enough that I knew she had been here within the last several minutes. There was only one set of footprints, which meant Black took her forcefully, or, I had a lump in my throat, she went with him willingly, riding on his back like she used to do with me.

"Where are you Bella?" I whispered. I wanted to head straight for LaPush, but there was one thing stopping me. There were five werewolves out there and I was all alone. Not very good odds.

I immediately began running back to my car, which was parked at the school. I pulled out my cell phone. I needed to talk to Alice.

It took entirely too long for her to answer her phone.

"Alice, Bella is missing. Do you see her?"

It was quiet on the other end for what seemed like an eternity. I was screeching out of the school parking lot when I heard her say, "She's with Jacob Black."

I closed my eyes, fighting off the inhuman rage and asked, "Alice, is she in danger?"

The damn silence again. I was almost back at the house now. I checked my watch. It was 10:13. As I skidded the car to a stop, Alice came running out with her cell phone still in her hand. Her eyes were wide and I began intensely following her thoughts.

I felt my lips curl up over my teeth. Black was telling Bella that he loved her. I closed my eyes and put my head in my hands. Everything in me was begging her to refuse him. Alice and I both relaxed when she told the leech that she was back with me.

But, Black was upset. He began yelling at Bella and telling her what a monster I was. I felt a growl building in my chest and my teeth were clenched tight. Then, something happened that took me beyond all reason. Black had his filthy hands on Bella's face. Don't do it,Black, I was thinking. I'll kill you if you do. . . he did it. He was kissing her.

I heard Alice gasp. My insides heaved as I watched him kiss Bella. Pull away, Bella, please pull away, I was silently pleading. The growl that had been building, finally escaped. I was incensed. She was still kissing him! I was standing next to my car. In a rage I ripped off the car door and hurled it at a tree next to the driveway shattering glass in all directions. I knew the noise would alarm Esme, and a second later I saw her come running out the door in a panic.

Alice grabbed my arm and said, "Edward." Her eyes were closed and she wanted me to see what was happening. I pulled away. I didn't want to see anymore. Bella was kissing that filthy animal, and had apparently lied to me about her feelings for him.

Then I heard Alice gasp again. I reluctantly drew into her mind and heard Bella say, "The reason Edward left me was because he was afraid he would hurt me. I wanted him to change me. I want to be a vampire." Alice and I immediately exchanged panicked looks. Oh no Bella, I thought, what did you just do? Bella was now in serious danger.

Black was enraged and was roughly dragging her into a house. I growled again. There were three more werewolves waiting inside, and I recognized their leader from the night before.

Alice grabbed my arm to calm me. She could see I was about to lose it. I was possessed by hate. They weren't going to let her go. The filthy dogs were going to keep Bella there. They threatened to tell Charlie about me if she tried anything. Alice turned to Esme and said, "Get everybody out here. Now!"

Strangely, even though I was beyond all reason in my anger, I was also relieved. Bella didn't love Black. She really did love me. That truth would get me through what I now had to do. I would be involving my family in yet another battle, but this one would be far more dangerous than the one that killed Victoria. This battle also had the potential to bring huge ramifications to us, and many people in Forks.

Our secret would, in all likelihood, be revealed very soon.

Six vampires battling five werewolves 15 minutes out of town, was bound to get some attention. Many on the reservation would learn our secret, and then the news would spread like wildfire.

Charlie was going to find out. He would go to extreme lengths to try and keep me and Bella apart.

How far was Black willing to go to take out his revenge on me? At the moment, he was beside himself with grief. That grief would soon turn to fury. Would he take out his fury on me, or Bella? He would rather see her die than become a vampire, of that I was sure.

I was worried about something else. How would I protect Bella? I was worried about fighting with her close by. Would my instincts take me over to the point that if I was close to her and smelled her scent. . . could I hurt her? It took everything I'd learned from decades of uncompromising discipline to keep Bella alive when I was calm and sane. Once I saw Black, I knew that my hatred for him would bring out the monster I tried so hard to hide.

Esme had explained the situation to Carlisle. The rest of the family was preparing to leave. Carlisle found me in the garage. I was taking the jeep since, needless to say, I would not be driving my car for awhile.

He came and put his hand on my shoulder, and I turned to see his concerned look. "Are you okay Edward?" he asked. In his mind I could read how much he loved me and how worried he was about me.

My shoulders sagged and I leaned back against the jeep. My thoughts came out in a rush. "What if something happens to Bella tonight . . .Carlisle, what if Bella dies?. . . I . . .I won't be able to handle it. I've been back here one day and already I put her in danger again. That animal Black, fell in love with Bella while I was gone. If I had been here, Bella never would have turned to him for comfort, and if I had stayed, she would constantly be in danger just like now." I went around to the back of the jeep to make sure everything was fastened down. "Carlisle. . . I. . I really hurt Bella when I left. She is all I want. I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to love her and stay with her and keep her safe. I leaned my head against the jeep. After tonight, there will be no way to keep all this from Charlie. I just got her back. I can't lose her . . . I just can't. I just want Bella. . . why can't I have her Carlisle?"

My chest was heaving in and out and my head was in my hands when I felt Carlisle's comforting arm around my shoulder pulling me to him. I heard him let out a heavy sigh.

"Edward, first of all, Bella being in danger tonight is not your doing, it's theirs. And secondly, I remember their great grandfathers were men of honor. If their traditions are still being passed down, they would never hurt Bella. You thought you were doing the right thing leaving Bella. It was the most courageous and unselfish thing you have ever done. I am in awe of the goodness in you." I looked at him and saw him swallow hard with emotion.

He pulled me closer to him and said, "Son, you and Bella will find a way to be together. It's right, and you love each other very much. I have been praying you would find someone. and now you have. Be patient, I know this will work out."

He pulled away and grinned, "Besides, I have an idea for a plan, and if it works, hardly anyone will have to know we were on the reservation tonight. Things may not end as badly as you think."

Carlisle told me his plan. It could work.

We had to get out of here. I had to get closer to see what was happening in the minds of those vile, filthy dogs. My family was gathered around now. Emmett, Carlisle, Jasper and I would be in the jeep. Esme, Alice, and Rosalie were in Emmett's truck.

It was 10: 40, and I wanted to be at the reservation by 11:00. The sooner we got there, the less time they would have to prepare. I thanked my family. This was asking a lot. Emmett was so excited for a chance at the werewolves he could hardly contain himself.

By the time we hit the main road I was going ninety, and quickly sped up to over a hundred. Once we were well on our way, I looked over at Carlisle sitting next to me. He was my father in all the ways that counted. He was my creator and mentor, and I needed to let him know my thoughts.

"Carlisle, I. . . really want to kill Black. If things go badly tonight, I don't think I will be able to stop myself. I hate him and I . . . want. . . revenge."

Carlisle stared at me for a moment and then said, "If anyone was trying to harm Esme . . . I would not hesitate to stop them."

His look was intense and dark. That was not usual for Carlisle. I understood perfectly what he was saying. I breathed in deep with a new confidence that what we were doing was right. If the leech died tonight, it would be hard to keep all this from Charlie. But if I had to, I would kill Jacob, gladly.

"Can't this thing go any faster?" Emmett yelled.

All I kept thinking was, Just hold on.I'm coming Bella, I'm coming.