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The Return of Jacob Black

When Jacob Black came back to Forks he knew things had changed. He just didn’t expect to see what he did. Edward and Bella, standing in the graveyard, holding a child. A child he knew was never going to leave his life.


1. Returning to Forks

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I had heard that Charlie Swan had died, I just didn’t want to accept it. Sam had told me that I should come back, out of respect and then I could run away again. I took his advice.

It took me several days to get back to Forks, I was on the eastern side of Canada when Sam had told me. It didn’t help that I had turned around four or five times, before getting the nerve up again. What if Bella and the bloodsucker were there?

When I arrived in Forks I went to La Push and stole some clothes to wear. I had been running around naked in Canada for the better part of seven years. Billy was happy to see me, but told me I should go straight to the cemetery before I did anything else.

I did what he said, but stuck to the trees when I got there. There were three figures standing over the grave when I got there. The wind was blowing their scent in my direction, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Bloodsuckers.

I looked closer. My breath caught in my throat.

He had done it! He had turned her into a bloodsucker like himself! Bella Swan was a bloodsucking vampire like the rest of the Cullen family!

Not only that, he was holding a child in his arms. A little girl from what I could see. Had they gone and had a child? Adopted? Were they going to let the child live?

The little girls started moving in his arms, trying to get down. "Edward, let me go!" She screamed, trying to get away.

He sat her down, rubbing her head. "Don’t go far."

The little girl started running right for me. That’s when I knew. I had just imprinted on a little girl. The second the thought entered my mind, two sets of brown eyes turned on me.

I ran to the little girl and scooped her up in my arms. As I straightened I had two angry vampires in my face. Both of them were growling deep in their throat. I just tightened my grip on the child in my arms.

"Jacob, let go of her!" Bella demanded, fire blazing in her eyes. "She doesn’t need to know about any of this." She said it low so that the child couldn’t hear it.

"What did you do? Steal the child from some couple? Are they searching the country for her right now?" I growled, looking at the child. She didn’t look like them, a bit like Bella I suppose.

"She’s my little sister, Jacob!" Bella said, holding her arms out. "Renee is coming to get her tonight. Do you want to explain why you have her? You’ve been gone for seven years!"

"What’s your name, sweet heart?" I asked, looking the little girl in the eye.

"Kate Dwyer." She said, tugging on my hair. "You have long hair!" She kept tugging on it. She was right, though. My hair was really long and ragged from the years of running in the woods.

"Give the child to Bella, Jacob Black." Edward ground out between his teeth.

I gave the little girl over to Bella, taking a few more steps back. Now that I didn’t have the child they were more likely to try and attack me. Bella hugged the child, keeping her from looking at me.

"Go away, Jacob Black." Edward said, standing in front of Bella and the child.

"Why? You broke the treaty! You created another! I can start the war right now if I want!" My voice filled the graveyard.

"No he didn’t, Jacob. You should get your facts straight before you accuse someone of something they didn’t do. So leave, Jacob." Bella growled, standing straighter.

"I see how it is. Good bye, Bella. Edward." My voice was cold, a sharp edge on it. "Good bye, Kate." I said it softer, erasing all the cruelness from my voice. I couldn’t hurt her without hurting myself.

I retreat into the trees, leaning against an old tree. I can only watch as they go to the Volvo waiting outside the gates. They get in, placing Kate in the backseat. Before they can pull away I see her wave at me, and Edward cast a killing glance in my direction.

I wasn’t leaving again. My soul mate was here, for now. If I stayed here she would come back one day. If not then I would go down to Jacksonville and see her myself. She was only going to be on the other side of the country. It wasn’t like she was going to be going across the ocean. We could make it work. No bloodsuckers were going to stop me.