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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

1. Chapter 1: We the Un-existing People

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Chapter 1: We the Un-existing People

"Brianna make C.J. turn down her music. I can hear Headstrong playing all the way over here," I complained. Brianna smacked C.J. on the head efficiently persuading her to turn her music down. Five seconds later C.J. punched Brianna in the gut. "Man this an entertaining plane ride!" I cried sarcastically as Brianna and C.J. started fighting. Eventually, I stepped between them saying,"Whoa, dudes chill! We don't want the flight attendant to come over here do we?" I asked, my eyebrow raised. They both shook their heads and settled down.

Through the entire episode our guardian, Jamie had been flirting with the attendant. You'd think since I was 18 with two friends that were black belts in taekwondo, we'd be allowed to transfer schools without a guardian. But apparently our other guardians decided to send Jamie with us, who had appeared useful.

"Move over Brianna, we are switching spots. I don't need any more arguments on a plane. With you two fighting not even the black box would survive," I decided, a dreamy look on my face.

"You and your Twilight obsession," Brianna muttered as we switched places. I settled in-between my two best friends, who just happened to be my sisters. We were triplets. We weren't vampires, we were humans under the curse of Marionette, the most evil lady of the cursed society, besides Bloody Mary. Allow me to explain, My sisters and I are cursed. Our mother was a witch, so Marionette cursed us. Being cursed had a plus side. Brianna could see fate, smell mythical creatures, and predict the future. C.J. could read minds and also send thoughts. I could bind people to my word and create illusions. It was no big deal though. The reason for our move was the same as any of our others. We had been found out and had to move before the whole world knew. Yeah that part of life sucked. I tugged Eclipse and my new I-Pod out of my backpack. Preparing for an enjoyably quiet ride.

By the end of the twelve hour long flight, Brianna and C.J. were both irritable as we said good-bye to Jamie and got into the rental car. The minute we left the airport Brianna fell asleep, thank god. C.J., who was sitting shot-gun was blaring us out of the car with her I-Pod. The next thing I knew my giant stuffed bear, Teddomon was being thrown at C.J. "HEY!!!!!!!" C.J. screamed. I was so mad I kicked them out of the car my silver eyes flashing purple as they always did when I was mad.

"You two get to walk to Forks!" I growled as a gold mist surrounded them binding them to my word. They both looked pissed but obeyed."Good I shall see you there," I said formally as I sped down the highway. 30 seconds later I arrived in Forks after finding an abandoned white house in the middle of nowhere. I waited for my sisters. Three hours later they showed up, each one with long scratches on their faces and arms. I shook my head.

"What?" Brianna said trying to intimidate me. I just shook my head. C.J. and Brianna followed me into the house I'd found.

"Huh, looks like someone lived here not that long ago," C.J. pointed out.

"Vampires," Brianna hissed. I drifted through the house looking through the rooms. A HUGE coven of vamps had lived here not more than five months ago.

"They had a human pet, too," I sighed dreamily.

"This is not your damn book Kristy so just get over it!" Brianna growled. I rolled my eyes.

"Dibs on the golden room filled with CDs!" Cried C.J.

"Dibs on the room filled with clothes and books on human psychology!" I called.

"As if that wasn't obvious," Brianna muttered as she went into the room filled with make-up, mirrors and weight-lifting equipment. The rooms fit our personal interests.

3:42 am.

"PEANUTBUTTER IS A FRUIT! " I KNOW IT KRISTY! I IS SMART!" Brianna screamed, in her sleep.

"BRIANNA SHUT-UP!" C.J. hollered back. Brianna shut-up.

"Ahhh. Just like home." I thought bitterly to myself as a drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

In the morning It's My Life and thunder woke me up. "Turn your f-ing music off C.J.!" I grumbled as I drug myself out of bed.

"Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" Brianna squealed as I made my way into the kitchen.

"What?" I asked knowing that if I didn't ask soon she'd do this all day.

"Okay, there's this girl who is apparently 'extremely depressed' and we are gonna be friends with her!" Brianna squealed.

"Now is this sealed fate or the future?" I asked knowing there was a huge difference. The future changed, fate didn't.

"Fate," Brianna said confidently. I smiled.

"C.J. get down here!” I called through my thoughts.

Why?” She asked.

Because, we have school today.”

Great.”, she thought back sarcastically. When C.J. finally came down I showed them what Forks High looked like, located the office, and gave them our story.

"Our parents are famous musicians. They left us in the trusting hands of Aunt Mikki, who is in the Seattle Hospital. We all get teary eyed and I weakly smile and say, 'I'm sorry you had to listen to our sad story' you guys look pitiful. Now, Brianna, will it work?" C.J and I stared at Brianna as she got lost in the future.

"Yup!" She said. After our meeting in the kitchen we all went into the room I was "borrowing" to look for something to wear. I eventually settled on a black mini-skirt and a silvery shirt.

"Wow Krissy that really compliments you," Brianna said dreamily. Her apparent temper from yesterday seemed to be gone. C.J. on the other hand,well no one knew what to do about her. Brianna was wearing a simple pink dress that ended just above her knees. C.J. was wearing black jeans and a black tee-shirt with skulls all over it with a chain-link choker necklace.

"C.J., you're goth," Brianna said as if proving she knew something, besides the future!

School was well school. Fourteen guys in counting had asked me for my number, just because I was new.

Your supposed to be the calm one”. C.J. stated. I rolled my eyes. We were in physics, my only class with Brianna and C.J., luckily they behaved. After class I saw Bella Swan. I nudged Brianna who was texting Kyle from San Antonio,Texas. We had lived in San Antonio last year. Brianna had found her 'true love' and almost revealed us for what we were. I rolled my eyes at the thought. C.J. arched her eyebrow. I shrugged.

I don't believe in true love.” I thought bitterly remembering the last time I'd fallen in love.

"Oh yeah," C.J. muttered. I allowed a tear to escape before I drifted up to Bella Swan.

"Hi," I said shaking my head to keep the tears back. She looked around with a vague expression on her face. Her pain was so evident that I couldn't help but reach out to this poor creature.

"Hey," She replied quietly.

"Who did this to you?" My voice ringing with authority.

"Nobody," She muttered quietly.

"I beg to differ, who is this Edward?" Inquired C.J. Isabella's arm automatically clenched around her middle at the sound of Edward's name.

"It's okay to tell us," Brianna said quietly.

"Let's go somewhere else to talk," I said gently.

"I have to go to class," Bella whispered.

"Nope. You're stuck with us now," I said briskly grabbing her arm. Brianna grabbed her other arm and we dragged her to my Bug. We slid her in the back with C.J. who could really understand people, when she wanted to. She gasped when we pulled up in the drive of the house we were borrowing.

"Why are you living here?" She asked refusing to move.

"If you tell me your story about how you ended up like this I'll tell you about me and my sisters," I negotiated. She nodded.

"Could we talk somewhere else though?" She asked.

"Where?" Brianna asked getting suspicious.

"La Push," Bella said firmly. I nodded already speeding off.

"Oh and by the way, I'm C.J. The blonde idiot riding shot gun is Brianna and the driver is Kristy." C.J. introduced us. Under normal circumstances if Brianna was called a blonde idiot she would almost choke C.J. Once she almost killed her. Tempers. I was (thankfully) level-headed. Though I did occasionally lose my temper. I smiled evilly. The last time I lost my temper... bad things happened.