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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

2. Chapter 2: La Push

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Chapter 2: La Push

"Where now?" I asked as we drove up the main road of La Push.

"Turn left up here," She said quietly. I nodded. All of a sudden this growl resounded from the forest. "Holy shit! What the hell was that?" I yelled.

"Werewolf." Brianna said through clenched teeth. I nodded, this was sounding more at more like my books. Weird.

"I'm going to take a look. You guys stay here," I ordered as golden mist floated around them. They all nodded. I swung myself out of my silver Bug and jogged into the forest. Right away I saw this huge russet-brown wolf. Huh. Jacob Black in my books was that color, huh. Whatever. I ran towards the wolf, I kept running but I couldn't catch up to it. Shaking my head, I returned to the car. All three girls were still sitting there looking shell-shocked. "What happened?" I asked worridly.

"It came by, Brianna told it to leave, then she started having a vision. Bella then talked to the wolf, whose name is oddly enough Jacob Black. He's going to meet us at his house, and no this does not prove your books are real!" C.J. annouced.

I nodded,"Let's go then," For the two minute ride to the Black's residence it was dead silent. Biranna was still having a vision, C.J. was busy reading everyone's thoughts and watching Bella, who was sobbing silently. I felt really bad for Bella, honestly but she had to let us in, or we couldn't help her. I scowled.

Let's hope this isn't a love story we're in the middle of. I thought reflecting on what I'd done in Paris for us to be discovered. Stupid Alexander. I'm forth in line for the crown in London. I winced, I had to believe him. I couldn't be wise and sensible. I was so stupid.

"Quit beating yourself up. You can't blame yourself," C.J. said in response to my thoughts. "We should explain." I said regretfully as I saw Bella's confused looks. Bella nodded.

"After we go inside though," Brianna said grinning. "Do you know what she's thinking about?" I questioned. C.J. nodded, smiling.

"Hey, I forgot to give you this image I was able to get from Jake's head." C.J. thought sending me the worst image ever. This was when Bella had been left in the forest. I realized. C.J. nodded.

"We're here," I declared. As Brianna, C.J. and I walked up to the door, Bella leading, I realized I was the odd ball. The loveless,my face became a mask of bitterness.

Stupid Alexander! My thoughts screamed. "Chill." C.J. told me.

I sighed, C.J. was right we were here on request of Bella so we could hear her story and tell one of our own. But my facial expression remained the same. I couldn't understand why we were here or why Bella was all of a sudden in a chipper mood. Oh yeah, Jake. I recalled. The door flew open. A man taller than 6'9'' was standing at the door looking harassed.

"Jake!" Bella cried as she threw herself into Jake's arms.

"Hey Bells." Jake said sounding thrilled and more than a little surprised! Brianna snickered. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms across my chest my face still a mask of bitterness. Jake released Bella.

"Who are you?" he asked. Brianna and C.J. stepped aside allowing me the spot-light, something they both knew I hated. I tossed my hair proudly and announced in a grand voice,

"My name is Kristy, This is C.J. and Brianna," I pointed to each of them in turn, they both waved. Jake was standing there staring at me like I'd

just spoke French or something. WTF? I thought. "I'm not allowed to tell" C.J. replied. I rolled my eyes, the brat. Jake looked awestruck.

"Umm... are you going to be ok?" I asked hestaintly. He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and said in a husky voice that melted my heart,

"My name's Jacob Black. You can call me Jake. Kristy could I tell you something?" I nodded, probably still looking freaked.

"But we get to come with," C.J. said politely. "You'd might as well," I said.

"We'll make it story time!" Brianna giggled.

"Huh?" Jake asked looking confused.

"You have a story to tell, we have a story to tell and Bella has a story to tell," I said carefully. He nodded.

"Let's go down to the beach," Jake suggested. I nodded.

"Bella! We are leaving!" Brianna called in a sweet voice.

"Coming." Bella called. The ride in my Bug was a little uncomfortable with a seven foot man in the backseat with Brianna, who talked none-stop and Bella, who when Brianna came near some subjects wrapped her arm around her middle. I'd give her a weird look but never say anything. By some weird mental connection, I knew Jake realized what Bella was doing too. I wasn't crazy! Yay!!

"We are the Pirates who don't to anything we just stay home and lay around and if you ask us to do anything we'll just tell you... we don't to anything!" I started singing softly. C.J. and Brianna started giggling, Jake raised an eyebrow and Bella just gave me a weird look. That's when I got this brilliant idea! That's how we get to Bella... HUMOR! I screamed in my thoughts. My sisters both nodded in agreement as Brianna explained to Jacob!

"It'll work, don't worry," Jacob wispered in my ear. I smiled softly.

"I'm not falling in love." I told myself. C.J. rolled her eyes.

"We're here!" Bella exclaimed. I got out of my car and drifted down towards where Bella was Jake following close behind.

"You should hear his thoughts sis, they are so sweet!" C.J. said as she strode along. Brianna lagging behind as always ca

me up on her tip-toes and wispered in my ear, "You should see your future sis. Out of all of us only your story ends perfectly,"

"I can't imagine that being true BriBri," I sighed.

"Anywho it's STORY TIME!" She screamed.

"Oh, goody," C.J. said scarcastically. C.J. and her moods were something no one ever understood. Ah well at least we'd get some answers today!