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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

3. Chapter 3: Story Time

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Chapter 3: Story Time!!!!!!!!!!!

"We'll go first!" Brianna trilled.

"Sis, your enthusiasm is getting to me," C.J. grumbled as we all settled down on some nice flat rocks Brianna found. I rolled my eyes so far today they hadn't fought.

"I'll tell ok?" I said. They nodded. "Our mother, she was an amazing witch. She founded one of the witch communities, wrote numerous books and raised her three daughters on the magic of witches. One day Marionette came by. She killed my mother and cursed the three of us. A couple of days after being cursed we found we had extraordinary powers. I can bind people to my word and create illusions, Brianna can see fate, predict the future and smell mythical creatures, and CJ. can read your mind and send thoughts. WWeeks went by; we learned to survive on our own. One afternoon a lady named Emma came by she told us about this place, where cured kids like us came and were taught about themselves and powers. After a few moths in Alanna house of the Strange, we were transfused to Englend, there we stayed for a month before CJ met a guy name Chris and told him everything. The Guardians, as they are called came erased his memory and moved us to Paris. We were able to stay there before... before..." I couldn't go on I felt warm arms wrap themselves around me and CJ pick up where I left off.

"Before Kristy fell for a guy name Alexander, he tricked her. Never caring about her just trying to get enough info to put her in the funny farm," I'd like to say I kept my cool but I'd be lying so I'll tell you the truth and say this, I started sobbing. Brianna came over and tried to calm me down. CJ continued, "Once again the Guardians were notified Alex's memory was erased. That was not good enough for Kristy. She hunted him down and killed him. Ever since then anything bad that happens she blames herself just because of that Alex. Even though nothing was her fault! So we moved to Texas. In Texas we stayed a year. Brianna met this guy named Kyle. She told him nothing and their relationship stayed happy. Brianna saw something bad in our future if we stayed in Texas so we moved here. We found that abandoned house outside of town and decided it was perfect," CJ finished quietly. I had finally cried myself out. I took a shaky breath and asked," So, who's next?"

"Bella is," Brianna informed me.

It is so nice to have a physic sister, I thought, rolling my eyes. Taking a deep breath Bella began,

"Vampires used to live in the house you guys are 'borrowing'," She began.

"I know that!" Brianna said rudely.

"BriBri, be quiet," I said gold mist swirling around her. She scowled. "Well I used to be one of them's mates. His name was Edward he lived in the gold room," I didn't mention this but CJ had spray painted the room black. "Five moths ago he left me, he didn't love me anymore. I was depressed beyond help I know I scared Charlie, my dad but I just was so dead. A zombie. I started hanging out with Jake a month ago, and then you guys showed up," Bella finished.

"Wow that was short," Brianna commented. I rolled my eyes and chucked a rock at her head. I missed, I have terrible aim.

"So… Jake your up," CJ said calmly. We all turned to face Jacob.

He cleared his throat and began, "Do any of you know the Quileute Legends?" All of us nodded, our Guardians had made sure of that. "Good, then you've heard of imprinting right?" He asked. Again, we nodded imprinting was something the Guardians had said didn't happen to often. "Kristy, I've imprinted on you," Jake declared. "I love you so much it's hardly bearable. I swear I will never hurt you. I love you," Jacob said exuberantly. I stared, wide-eye at him. Then I fainted. The next thing I remember is Brianna and CJ laughing. I felt myself being lifted off of the ground and gently placed in the back seat of my Bug, my head on Jake's lap and my feet in CJ's face. The look on her face was priceless if I had a camera I would've taken a picture.

"I'm sorry, Kristy I shouldn't have dropped that on you like that," Jake said quietly.

"It's ok," I mumbled still not coherent.

"Kristy please sit up, I'm tired of smelling your feet," CJ whined. I rolled my eyes and sat up, Bella wasn't in the car.

"Where is Bella?" I asked.

"We just dropped her off at her house and in reply to your next question you were out for three hours," CJ said smiling.

You’re a know-it-all, I informed her.

No, I'm not I just listen, she replied. I rolled my eyes that sounded like CJ.

"I'm really sorry, if you want I'll stay away for a few days and let you get used to the idea of imprinting," Jake offered becoming more depressed as he spoke. I just couldn't make him feel like this, it was awful.

"No you don't have to do that Jake," I said sweetly "I just can't think of a stranger way to fall in love again. When I saw you I thought man he is awesome. And then I saw your personality and that only made me love you more, even though I told myself this would never happen. Jacob Black I think you're a great guy. We should defiantly go out sometime," I finished leaning my head on his shoulder, smiling.