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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

4. Chapter 4: Meeting Fate, Having Fun, and Leaving

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Alice’s POV

I was txting on my new Dare when a vision swept me away. I saw a girl with the most incredible dark hair. She was speaking with two girls a blonde and another girl with serious wardrobe problems. Then I realized where they were, our house. Interesting I thought. The door opened and Bella walked in, she wasn’t the same girl I remember, she was sadder, depressed. She smiled and walked into our house. The three girls stopped talking and greeted her. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. The dark-haired girl grinned and shouted, “Jacob Black you know that’s irrelevant just come in!” The door opened and then something strange happened, the future went blank.

“Alice, are you alright?” I realized Jasper was shaking my arm. I nodded. “ What did you see?” was his next question.

“Hang on, I want to tell everyone. Where’s Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett?” I asked, we all knew where Edward was it wasn’t worth it to convince him to come down anyway he’d just make me feel bad.

“Everyone’s around here somewhere,” Jasper said, puzzled. As he said that Esme, Rosalie, Carlisle and Emmett appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

“What is it Alice?” Esme asked, anxious.

“Well, three girls are living in our abandoned house and Bella is friends with them and this Jacob Black kid. But when he walked in the door in my vision everything went blank,” I heard Edward creep towards the stairs at the sound of Bella’s name and retreat when he didn’t hear anything about her dying or getting hurt. I shook my head.

“Why do you think I can’t see Jacob Black?” I asked.

“Alice, Jasper, I need to tell you guys something about the Quileute people,” Carlisle said, dead serious. “When Edward, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, and I first came to Forks, we came across, werewolves. Instead of killing us all, Jacob Black’s great-grandfather and I signed a treaty. We were not allowed to hunt on their lands, and they would not kill us. I think the werewolf gene has resurfaced and Jacob is a werewolf. Thus the reason you cannot see him,” This all made sense and all but I just didn’t appreciate not being able to see the future.

“So what do we do?” Emmett asked.

“We return,” Carlisle said softly. Esme nodded, a howl could be heard from upstairs.
“Apparently someone doesn’t like the plan,” Rose muttered on her way up the stairs.

Kristy’s POV

That night I considered and thought about so much that when I got up I had a migraine.

Great, I thought

What? CJ asked

I have I migraine, I can’t go to school today… and I’ll need some nice sisters to help out. I hinted.

I don‘t care, CJ said. Brianna, already knowing of these plans had called the school and informed them of the situation. They understood and let us all have the day off. I lay in bed and napped for awhile. Around mid-afternoon I was feeling better.

We should invite Bella and Jake over for pizza, I thought.

Yeah. Ok. Whateve’ CJ replied.

“Krissy!!!!!! Jake and Bells are coming over!! We’ll have company around mid-night!!!!!!” Brianna sang as I grabbed a Coke © out of the fridge.

“I don’t care,” I mumbled and settled down to watch TV. That evening I was in a better mood than that morning. Over-eager, Mike had dropped our homework by and asked how I was doing. CJ had rolled her eyes a lot when he’d come by. Apparently he was a very optimistic person. Brianna had called Bella and Jake and had ordered them to come over for pizza and a movie. Just to bug CJ Brianna asked Mike to stay. He was a little to quick to agree to come back later after we had eaten. I didn’t think it was necessary to tell him Bella and Jake would be here.

“GUYS COME INTO THE KITCHEN PLEASE!!!!!!!!” I yelled. They drifted into the kitchen.

“What?” CJ asked obviously not happy. I figured Brianna knew what was going on and wouldn’t let her know. I rolled my eyes.

“Well I’d like to say, see I told you. The books are real. I was right,” I said sweetly.

“No, they’re just coincidences,” CJ argued. I rolled my eyes.

“Whateve’. Secondly, who is this ‘visitor’ that’s coming at midnight?” I asked turning to Bri.

“Yeah, it’s the Cullens,” Brianna said.

“Ok, we can’t let Bella or Mike to be here when they come. Jake’s already spending the night so he’s obviously going to be here. Besides he’d never leave me alone in a house full of vamps,” I said.

“That is true,” Brianna admitted

“Ok whose idea was it to invite Mike?” CJ asked, angry.

“Mine,” Brianna said, smiling sweetly. I rolled my eyes. (Jeez we do that a lot.)

“Peoples, peoples, chill out. Bella will be here soon,” I said calmly. I created an illusion of flying chickens to amuse Brianna.

“Chickens!” She squealed and started chasing them. CJ shook her head and walked to the phone and ordered 4 pizzas. (Jake could eat 2 ½ by himself.) Just thinking about him makes me smile.

Bella walked into the house, smile lighting up her face, except for her eyes, they remained sad, like always. I made the chickens disappear and Brianna stood up looking thoughtful. CJ screamed.

“What did you just think of?” I demanded, Bella giggling.

“Her blowing up,” Brianna answered truthfully. I rolled my eyes

“You guys have got to be the most amusing people I’ve ever met,” Bella said with a giggle. CJ was chasing Brianna around the kitchen with the butcher knife.

“Hey! CJ! Don’t use that unless you’re a skilled professional!” I yelled over Brianna’s screaming. Bella was doubled over laughing. A knock on the door brought an end to the highly dangerous, yet funny game. I smiled, “Jacob Black you know that’s irrelevant!!!! Just come in!” He opened the door and in three seconds he’d crossed the room, grabbed me and kissed me. Brianna crossed her arms said, indigently. “Hellooooo! I exist too!!!!”

Jake chuckled, “Hello Brianna,”

“HI!” She said, happy! I shook my head, and then I noticed it sitting on the counter, staring at me. “SPIDER!!!!!!!!!” I screamed and ran, landing on the back of the couch!!!! “KILL IT!!!! KILL IT!!!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lunges. SMACK, Jake’s hand came down on the spider instantly killing it. It was all mashed up on his hand, and he started chasing me!!!!!!!!! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed leaping off the back of the couch. I ran into my room and slammed the door shut. Jake broke down the door.

“Well, that was pointless,” I said, my cheeks turning red.
“No that was high comedy,” Jake said, laughing. He wiped his hand off on his jeans and we walked back downstairs. Brianna had a video camera.

“Did you have that on the entire time?” I asked, everybody laughing. She nodded, I whapped her.
“Who let the pizza man in?” I asked ready to kill Brianna.

“Ummm….” CJ started I hit her, hard.

“That was mean,” I said sulking.

“Aww… Kristy we didn’t mean it!” Bella said, smiling. I nodded and walked over to pay the pizza man and take the pizzas.

“Dig in!” I said sweetly. Jake grabbed an entire pizza and inhaled it. Brianna and CJ were suspicious I’d play a joke on them. Bella grabbed a slice and sat on the counter next to me.

“WHOOOO!!!!!!!!! I get to sit with BELLA!!!!!!!!!!” I cried doing a victory dance. Brianna had just taken a sip of her Coke© which had come out of her nose. Grinning Jake came over to me. Sounding offended he said, “Oh. I get it. You don’t wanna sit with me!” He sniffled and walked over to BriBri who was cleaning her shirt off. “May I sit with you?” He asked with a British accent. “Of course!” She said acting generous. I was mad now I’m sure my eyes were violet. “Excuse me, I have to go get my boyfriend back,” I said to Bells, annoyed. She nodded her mouth full of pizza. I walk over to Jake, who was smirking.

“Hey Brianna? How about giving my boyfriend back and I’ll leave you with an illusion of him?” I suggested. She nodded. I created an illusion and grabbed Jake’s hand. As I dragged him towards Bella I felt an unknown person trying to penetrate my mind. I shook my head to clear the feeling and smiled up at Jake who was staring at me worridly.

“What?” he asked looking intently at my face, as if to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Someone’s trying to read my mind. No big deal. You’re still staying tonight right?” I asked just to be sure. Jacob nodded.

“The Cullens are coming back. And Brianna invited Mike Newton over for the movie,” I updated him as we drifted towards Bells. He started shaking.
“Chill out Jake,” CJ said laughingly. After we had consumed the 4 pizzas Brianna picked out a movie, just as Mike came in the house. Winking at CJ I snuggled up to Jake. Brianna made a puking face and sat down in the armchair. CJ and Mike settled down on the other couch as the movie began.

2 1/2 hrs later

“That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mike said as he walked out of the door.

“It was wasn’t it,” Brianna said with a dramatic sigh. I nodded in agreement.
“BYE!!!!!!” CJ yelled as Mike got in his car and drove off.

Yawning, Bella said, “Well, I should be gettin’ home too,” Smiling softly she walked towards her truck.

“Jake…” Brianna started.

“Taken care of. Quil and Jared both are at Bella’s house makin’ sure no leeches get into her room,” He said smoothly. We all nodded.

“CJ, what time is it?” I asked

Looking down at her phone she said, “11:59”

“Great,” I said sarcastically. Only two seconds after I had said that the door burst open revealing 6 vampires, all looking incredibly confused. Jake wrinkled his nose and stood protectively in front of me. I shoved him out of my way smiling sweetly and made my way towards the Cullens.

“Hello I see one of you is missing,” I greeted them smiling coyly. How much do they know? CJ was sending a summery of their thoughts to me.

“Oh I know a lot,” I whispered. Rolling her eyes BriBri stepped forward.

“Welcome Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie,” Brianna said graciously nodding to each one in turn.
“Oh, this is Kristy, CJ, Jake, and I’m Brianna,” She introduced us flawlessly.

“One of you is missing,” CJ declared.

“Ahh, yes, Edward is clearing something up with Bella who I presume you all know,” Carlisle said kindly. We all nodded, Jake starting to shake.

“Jake, if it’s too much, you should go. I don’t want an all out war,” I said softly rubbing his arm.

“I. Can. Handle. It,” He said through clenched teeth. We were all walking into the living room when Brianna started laughing. All of the Cullen’s raised their eyebrows, smiling softly I sat down on the couch Jake wrapping his arms around me protectively.

“BriBri, why not save us the insanity and tell us what’s up with poor Edward,” I said mockingly at the end.

“Well… Jared and Quil are giving him a run for his money. Apparently he’s recently tried tackling them, ripping their throats out and biting them,” She ended laughing, I snorted.

“Wow, he sure is smart,” Jake said sarcastically. Rolling her eyes Rosalie flipped her hair back.

“Why don’t you just leave?” She snarled.

“Because I want to see Edward’s face when he sees his room,” CJ snarled back.

“Are those my clothes?” Alice asked. I shrugged and nodded.

“It looks really good on you, I should take you shopping,” She complimented.

“Yeah that’d be the day,” Jake muttered. I punched his shoulder.

“If I wanna go shopping with a leech, I don’t see how you can stop me,” I said getting angry. Suddenly a wave of calm hit me. I turned and faced the source.

“Jasper that’s really not necessary, and what did you think about that one book? Geez what’s it called? Umm…” I said trying to keep him distracted from my furious boyfriend and the fact that Edward was gonna be pissed when he came home.

“She means, How to Tell Anger from Pain,” CJ whispered. Brianna shook her head and went back to enjoying what was going on at Bella’s.

I hope they don’t wake her up, I thought.

They haven’t CJ informed me.

“So, while we’re waiting let’s get this all straightened out,” Esme suggested. Rosalie sighed. Causing Brianna to sigh dramatically in return.

“Well, we moved here into your abandoned house, CJ did something, and I won’t tell you what to Edward’s room where she was staying. Brianna is staying in Rosalie and Emmett’s room and I have taken up residence in Alice and Jasper’s,” I stated calmly. “If I may ask a question in return?” Carlisle nodded. “Why’d you leave and what have you been up to?”

“I can answer that!” Brianna yelped indignantly.

“Yes but I want their answers from themselves,” I explained.

“Oh.” She said sounding affronted. CJ shook her head amazed at Brianna’s stupidity.

“EDWARD FORCED US TO GO OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Emmett yelled obviously wanting to talk about this for quite some time. “I DIDN’T WANT TO GO! BELLA WAS FAMILY!! BUT EDWARD SAID IF WE DIDN’T GO WE’D HURT HER EVEN MORE!!!!!” He yelled finally out of breath.

“It’s my fault, I lost control when Bella got a paper cut,” Jasper whispered, ashamed. I nodded.

“It wasn’t your fault, as I’ve said a hundred times, it’s hard to stick with our diet,” Carlisle said in a reassuring voice. I smiled and nodded.

“We don’t want you around Bella,” CJ said.

“We have just begun to heal her. The pain she was in… it was immense. We haven’t been able to help her all the way. But we don’t want Edward to send us back to square one,” I said calmly. Brianna was in the middle of a stare-down with Rosalie.

I was so right, they’re real, I thought smirking.

Alright maybe they are real and I… was wrong, she admitted in her thoughts sulking. The Cullens looked confused I smiled sweetly as Brianna pointed to the door just as Edward came in. Not even acknowledging us he marched up to his room sending the four of us into a fit of hysterics. I was doubled over laughing when we heard an enraged yell and the whoosh of air as he came to stand in front of Jake Brianna CJ and me. Still laughing CJ asked, “What wrong Edward?” If he was human his face would be pruce.

“MY ROOM IS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ALL OF MY CD’S ARE MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled. (CJ had thrown all of his CD’s out; they’d filled up 24 trash bags.) Emmett began laughing.

“Man they really got you!” Alice said chuckling.

“So… did you get to see your precious Bella?” Brianna asked.

“No those stupid wolves kept me busy,” He growled.

“Good,” I said. “I don’t want you near her. Hear look inside my head let me show you something about you leaving Bella,” I said stonily letting my mental boundaries slide away.

Edward’s POV

Finally! I was able too look inside one of their minds. These girls thought like normal humans. Except this girl wasn’t letting me into her entire mind, just images of Bella flashed before my eyes. By the pain in her head Bella had been hurt deeply. I saw everything I saw her throwing things away, sobbing and scaring Charlie. I saw her become a numb zombie. I watched as she and Jake bonded. I saw her meet these three girls. I wasn’t allowed to see the part where they shared stories. Lastly I saw earlier to night, before I interrupted again. She was laughing at something. I saw how well this entire group fit together and how harmonious it all was.

See Edward, she really can survive. I can’t sit hear and watch her fall for you and you betray her again. My sisters and I cannot allow that, we are more powerful than you need to know. Be warned don’t try anything. Then the barriers were back up and I couldn’t get anything. The blonde and the Goth both looked disapprovingly at their sister.

“He needed to see,” She murmured as she snuggled closer to Jake. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She sighed.

“Look, Carlisle you’re obviously the leader, it’s really late, and letting people into our minds is exhausting. Let us get some sleep and talk to you later,” the blonde suggested rubbing the dark-haired girl’s arm in a vain attempt to wake her up. The sleeping girl smacked her hand and went back to sleep.

“I can carry her,” Jake muttered.

“Alright. We shall meet here around four,” Carlisle agreed. Jacob, whose thoughts I could read, stood up and walked towards the door. The other two girls followed wearily.