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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Kristy’s POV

Ok so I totally didn’t have fighting for my life scheduled in my agenda today. But damn it if Edward Cullen couldn’t leave Bells alone. Just seeing him was enough to piss Jake off. I’m better at controlling my temper but I have NEVER been so pissed.

“Let me see Bella,” Edward roared. Growling Jake ran towards me. Shaking my head at him I started retreating into Bells’ house. Jake slowly walked behind him. Edward stalked towards me, and then it hit me. I was going to die. I’d never REALLY wanted too and now I had so much to live for. So I lunged. I didn’t notice until after Bella came out of her house screaming that I was a wolf, just like Jake. Deciding to be fascinated later I focused on backing Edward back into the forest.

Suddenly I knew he was going to jump over us. Instantly I was a bear, 8 ft tall and pissed. Not a good combination I know. But it stopped Edward. Jake and I managed to drag him into the forest Bella running to keep up. Watching her fall for the 30th time in the past two minutes I decided to help the girl out. I trotted over to her and let her grip my snow-white fur. Sweet I was pure white. Aww man BriBri’s gonna kill me if I get my fur encased in blood I thought randomly. 3 miles into the forest I saw my sisters and Alice. Huh, I thought as I navigated through the rough bramble Bella trailing behind. Hackles raised Jake came over and immediately started treating me like I cub. Growling I advanced on Edward. CJ came over and shoved me back. I was mad though and more powerful than both my sisters put together. Growling fiercely Jake grabbed the nape of my neck and dragged me back.

Laughing Edward said, “Aww do you have to be controlled?” Snapping his jaws fiercely Jake lunged at Edward taking him down. Eyes now slits Bri yanked Jake back. Sighing he shook his head and darted over to me. Phasing as he came he scooped me up in his arms. I was human now, totally didn’t get that, but whatever. He kissed me. Not one of that simple girlfriend-boyfriend kisses a love-you-forever-kiss. One so powerful and majestic I immediately melted into it.

“I thought I’d lost you,” He said in between kisses.

“Ya’ll can go away now,” I said flapping my arm at the people gawking at us.

“Umm…. No,” Bri said, “We have to figure out what happened and if it can happen to the rest of us,” Nodding slowly I got up and walked over to Edward, who was holding a sobbing Bella.

“Well Eddie, you got your way, you got to see Bella. But now you’re dealing with a stronger force now. A force even the Volturi cower from,” I said power building in my in my voice. Suddenly the three of us said in unison, “And now Edward Anthony Manson Cullen you have waged war against one of the most powerful societies in the living realm,” And with that we all four phased into wolves and disappeared among the trees, leaving Alice and the blubbering Bella behind. It hurt like leaving your best friend at the gates of hell, which I’ve done. Leaving Bella was hard, no one wanted to but we knew destiny was speaking here and all we had to do is follow along.

I take it we all can shape shift, Bri said

No duh, Said CJ mentally rolling her eyes.

Since we don’t have to pay for gas anymore anyone wanna go to Minnesota? I asked out of pure curiosity.

Why? Asked Bri, CJ, and Jake all at once.

I don’t know, I just feel like that’s where we’re SUPPOSED to go. Besides I’ve never been there! I said mentally grinning.

As long as Seth can come I don’t see why not, Jake said rationally.

Why Seth? CJ asked.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys I ‘m kind of taking care of Leah’s younger brother. Leah is one of the pack and so is Seth.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, We all said at once. Nodding Jake led off towards La Push.

I’m gonna miss Bella, Bri said sadly.

“We all are,” I said aloud dusting my jeans off as we stopped at Seth’s house.