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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

7. Chapter 7 An imprint? Seriously? A monkey? NO! What's wrong with people NO MONKEYS?!?!?!

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The minute we all phased, (weirdly our clothes could phase too.) Seth came bounding out the door. Apparently he was told by his sister I presume, Leah, that he was to be ready when we got there. And what do you think happens the second BriBri phases? Seth imprints on her!

Mind-boggling, CJ comments sarcastically.

"Poor you," I said, smiling as a warm hand wrapped around mine. Looking up I saw Jake staring down at me smiling.

"They gonna chase us?" Seth asked calmly. Apparently the two of them had been carrying on a conversation while I was in lala land.

"Yup," Brianna said brusquely stuffing supplies like money into one of her pockets.

"Why pray," I inquired mimicking our old friend Elaina.

"Cause...datz what they do lassie," Bri said mixing a southern and british accent together. (I personally am wwaay better at southern accents but it's really funny when she mixes the two together.) Rolling her eyes CJ phased and yelled in her head LET"S GO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Phasing I said I'm a lady? AWESOME!

I'd rather be a dart frog...Seth muttered.

Laughing BriBri said race ya. So as per usual we ALL started racing each other. It only took about three hours to get to Minnesota.

So madame smary what's next?

We find a person, I said totally confident now.

Ya? And what does this person look like huh? CJ asked snidely.

I don't know but he's at this hotel, I said indicating to the hotel we were discreetly behind. And he's important to you. After that she shut-up. I smirked, but was thankful it was CJ not Bri. If it'd been Bri she would've asked questions non-stop for HOURS. I snorted as I watched Seth and Bri goof off, act like three year olds instead of seventeen year olds. I chuckled, but it sounded more like a cough.

What are we doing here? I wondered aimlessly.

We're gaining allies so we can go storm the Cullen's fortress. Bri replied smartly.

I thought they were going to chase us.

They've decided to stay since we left and the Wolves are giving them a HELL of a time. Sam and Paul took back part of their territory last night. Bri updated us.

I knew I had a reason to like them Jake said phasing into a wolf.

Anyway the person we're looking for is a Child of the Moon. Madame Physic told us with a dangerous smile.

OMG what does that make us??? Seth yelled in our heads.

We're all shape-shifters. Just different breeds. Bri explained with a wolf shrug.Seth nodded and took off to scout the perimeter for the night.

I always hated math. I mused as I hunted with Jake and Bri.

Ya, and you were never good at it, Bri commented bluntly shaking her big tawny head.

Which is why you were in accelerated math back in San Antonio. CJ commented wryly. I snorted I always cheated off of you dear sister!

Ah, love you too, Came the sarcastic reply.

I just thought of somethin'! What do we do about Kyle back in San Antonio? I asked as the thought blared through my head.

I'm not sue... I think I should go back and break up with him cause I am in waay more love with Seth, Bri rambled. We all nodded what could go wrong? Wrong question to ask. As per usual when you ask that question something worse happened, BriBri had a vision. Eddie boy was turning Bella then taking her on a hunt to kill us..

Great, CJ thought

Yay, Bri thought swiftly coming out of the vision.

That's just awesome, Jake said sarcastically.

Are the other wolves on our side cause us and one Child of the Moon is no match for a newborn and a pissed off Eddie. I thought rationally. Just after that a Child of the Moon appeared and growled.