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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

8. Chapter 8 Tea with a British Child of The Moon

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Swiftly with almost cat-like elegance I phased and questioned the guy in front of me, he was of average hight (which ment Jake towered over him), muscular with light olive skin and dirty blond hair. He glanced at me and smiled. Jake growled. I twirled my hair and blushed, he was hot!

"Good afternoon Miss," He said with an unmisteakable British accent. Bri who had phased behind me squealed.

CJ rolled her eyes as she phased, "I'm sorry about those two they're complete idiots,"

"I get that all the time," He laughed. Jake and Seth came up behind us, scowling. Bri and I turned and laughed aloud, they looked so much alike when they did that! An impish smile stole across his face.

"I don't belive we've met," He said jokingly, "I'm Christopher,"

"I'm Kristy and this is Bri, CJ, Jake, and Seth," I said indicating to each of them. He noddied smirking at CJ as her jaw dropped.

"Uh...please exuse us..." I said shoving Bri and CJ behind the trees.

"Ok what's your deal?" I asked as Bri oogled at Chris from behind the tree.

"I...I imprinted!" CJ admitted blushing.

Brianna squealed, "Now we can all live happily ever after!"

"I don't belive that!" CJ and I both yelled at the same time. BriBri smiled cynically and drifted over towards Seth.

Shaking my head at Bri I turned to CJ, "Just tell him in your head what happened and hopefully he'll be okay with it," She nodded wrapping her arms around her. Focusing her thoughts on him (at least that's what I hoped she was doing) we both walked into the clearing.

I strode over to Jake smirking, "Miss me?"

"Always do," Jake smiled and kissed my forehead. I noticed Bri was getting ready to drag Seth off to god know's where when I shook my head at her implying that she had to stay here. She nodded, Chris and CJ were having an in brian conversation.

After an hour or so of awkward silence Bri asked, "So does this mean Chrissy boy's joining us in our quest to eliminate the freakin' jackass Edward?" They both nodded.

Ha,ha now we have CC kinda like CiCi's Pizza Bri said reminding me again of our hometown.

It's near here you know, I commented quietly

Bri nodded and said wistfully I wonder what happened to all of our school friends....

We could go see, if they're even still in the area, I suggested.

Lets, both of my sisters agreed in an instant.

Uhh what's happening? Seth asked completly confused.

We're going to our hometown to hunt down old friends, allies and old enemies.

Possibly, I said remembering our 7th grade band.

That would be good, Jake commented surveying our small motley group.

You got a problem with our motley group? I asked offened.

Not if I have you, He replied and nudged me.

Hey, why are we all wolves when we could go into my hotel room and enjoy tea? Chris suggested.

I don't know...Bri said dreamily

Figures, CJ retorted patronized.

Ok, let's go drink tea then! Seth exclaimed faking enthusiasm. We all phased back into humans because being a wolf when you didn't have to be was just confusing and my brain hurt. We walked into the state-of-the-art-hotel and the first thing Master Clumy does is knock over a $1000 vase.

"Way to go Jake," Seth muttered as we all slunk into the elevator. I rolled my eyes sometimes Seth was soooo sarcastic. But then again, I always was.

"So what does tea entitle us too," Jake asked wrapping his arms around me. I leaned into him, I was tired.

"Actually it's more like a snack you eat food drink whatever's in the fridge and then for a couple of hours you do whatever you want. That's what I was thinking anyway," He finnished self-conciously. We all nodded as I puncuated the statement with a yawn. "Great," He said with his amazing grin. We all sat down at the table as Chris made something edible and handed us each a pop. I nodded my thanks before commencing to sitting in Jake's lap watching everyone through half-lidded eyes. At some point in time I fell asleep and was placed on a bed so fluffy I thought I was on a cloud. In fact the first words out of my mouth when I woke up were, "Why am I sleeping on a cloud? Are there pretty caulifowers there?" I heard laugher.

"Wow sis, I've heard some random things in my life but what you just said, wow that takes the cake," CJ laughed I slitted my eyes. This was sooo not cool! Sighing I shoved CJ and smacked Bri I was never a happy camper when I first woke up. One time our second adopted mom thought waking me up at five in the morning was "ethical" and I accidentally hospitalized her. He, he whoops.

Why are you thinking about that? CJ asked.

I dunno was fun? Memories? Ah, hell does it matter? We gotta get outta here! I can FEEL those jerks coming! I yelled at the end.

"That changes things," CJ stated as Chris wrapped his arms around her and Jake picked me up off the bed.

"I need a bruuush," I whinned. Jake nodded and grabbed me one.

"Thanks," I smiled flirtatiously. He rolled his eyes and said in his yummy husky voice, "You're welcome babe," I felt better than I had in YEARS.

"Uh...hello we're still here!" Bri and Seth exclaimed at the same time. This was family.

Glad we agress sis.

"Let's GO!!!" Bri hollered, already out the door. Grumbling we followed her.