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Curses in Forks

Triplets move to Forks. One with a slight Twilight obsession! The Vampires come back.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but this idea just hit me in the head.

9. Chapter 9: Take me back to my Hometown and the Untainted Poison

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In an hour we were back in our hometown, not telling you where it is because if I told you I'd have to kill you. So I won't, but trust me you'd never guess. Sighing I phased into a human and found the nearest phonebook. Scanning it I found what I was looking for, Krystal's adderess. Found Kry's you want me to keep looking? I asked CJ. She shrugged and I started off down the street. Four and a half blocks later I stopped at an appartment building and buzzed for appartment #6.



"AAAAH!!! OH MY GOD YOUR IN LIKE TOWN!!!" She screamed as she let us in. Then started scolding us in Russian I think. I knew it was Russian, I just couldn't understand what she was saying, although I knew it was rude. I smiled as she jumped and attacked us each in turn giving us hugs. She was the only person Bri allowed to give her a hug, no one knows why though. "Wow! You guys have changed! CJ I think your nose gets bigger everytime I see you! You must lie a lot!" CJ rubbed her nose as l looked at my watch and waited for the next part of her routine. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN?!?! HERE I STILL AM 5 YEARS AFTER YOU DITCHED US AT THE MALL!!! LIVING IN THIS HELLHOLE!!!! GOD THE CARBON FOOTPRINT HERE IS SO FUDGING BIG!!! LIFE SUCKS!!! I missed you guys!!!" I sighed finally the I-haven't-seen-you-in-years routine was over. Now onto the real reason we're here.

"Actually we're here on buisness,and need your help," I stated praying she wouldn't ask about the guys.

"First tell me who those three hotties are," She said smiling fliratatiously at the three of them clustered in the doorway. Bri rolled her eyes and pointed to each guy in turn, "Jake, Seth, Chris. Now can we get on with the conversation?" We all nodded.

CJ took over the talking then, "So we met the vamp asses called the Cullens and this guy Edward stole Bella. Well actually she went on her own free will cause she thinks she's in love with him. Anywho so he says we're a danger and shouldn't be left alive blah blah blah. They're holed up in a mansion in Forks Washington. We need your shaman help. You ARE still a shaman right? Practice Wicca, can help bring peace at the end?"

"Actually I belong to the exact opposite of Wicca now Krammania. (Krammania doesn't exist. Sounds like Romania)" Kry said softly speaking into her lap.

Bri grinned wolfishly, "That works too," We all nodded, Kry nodded and went to grab her bag. "Now I know you're all shapeshifters so can one of you carry little sweet me? I gotta keep my energy reserve on max so I can be ready. I'll also shield us from the mind reader and Seer. Oh and the empathetic guy. Gotta feel sorry for him though dealin' with all that shit," Kry talked as she grabbed everything she'd need. Finally we were off down the street. Apparently Kry had kept in contact with the rest of Untainted Poison. Our 7th grade band.

Wow...lotta memories here I thought. CJ nodded grabbing Chris's hand. I still don't get why you didn't drop outta highschool and become an Ecologist when you had the chance.

Things change. I still can't belive you didn't sell that story you created to that company you could've made millions! She retorted.

Do you two ever SHUT UP?!?! Bri shouted in our heads.

Really? Is that necessary? Why are you...oooh yaa I remembered.

NOW she remembers, Bri said sarcastically I stuck my toungue out at her. Rizoman, a guy Bri hated tried to rape her so Bri beat the shit out of him and the cops arrested him. Best night of my life.

"Oh shit," Kry said about a block from her house.

"What?" We all said at the same time.

Sighing she said, "I just realized that if I'm going to do this then I'm gonna need Allyanne's help,"

"Oh Ally! I haven't seen her in ages!" I exclaimed connecting the dots before my sisters. She smiled sadly and nodded.

In less than 10minutes we were at a mansion four stories high with animals EVERYWHERE!

"So this is her place?" Bri asked raising an eyebrow.

Kry nodded,"Actually it's Kerry's but I knew she was here. Kerry shares this place with every single healthy stray in town," I laughed.

"Well do I get a hello?" Kerry herself asked from behind me. Squealing I gave her a huge hug. "I missed you!" I cried! Kerry smiled and waited patiently for me to finnish.

"Where have you been? I mean I know you've stayed state side but have you moved a lot? Are you alright? Why are you here?" It was Alley on a sugerhigh.

"Well..." I started and told them everything that had happened since we'd moved 5 years ago. Slowly we got back to the reason we were in town and again CJ took over. Telling people reasons and stuff like this was really CJ's element. Don't ask me why cause I don't WANNA know. So CJ explained. After she got done explaining Kerry asked,"Why not just talk to the Volturi?" As she scratched the ear of a one-eyed cat.

"The Volturi would vamp-ify all of us and kill our child of the moon friend," Was the calm reply.

"Oooh ok! Now do you want to kill them or just make them listen to reason?" Was Kerry's next question.

"Both!" Brianna hissed. Looking puzzled Kerry turned to me. I glanced at my sisters and shrugged. I then explained the path Fate had deemed ours. After hearing the jaw-dropping horrific parts we played and the beautiful end it all came to they all agreed.

"When do we leave?" Alley asked as she and Kerry packed.

"Tomorrow," Jake said. My friends had gotten to know the guys pretty well, considering it was the first time they'd met and some of them could read their souls, seeing everything they've done or desired to do. Man when Ally and Kry became AllyKry (like AlleyCry see?) it was scary what they could accomplish.