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Edward is broken. His Bella is dead, never to return again. Or so he thinks...


1. Chapter 1

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Renaissance : the cultural and religious spirit that characterized the Renaissance, including the decline of Gothic architecture, the revival of classical culture, the beginnings of modern science, and geographical exploration.

Of three things I was absolutely positive. Firstly, I had been oblivious to Bella’s warnings that her life would come to an end. Second, Bella and I had an unbreakable bond; the obstacles that we faced in daily life only making it stronger. And third, Bella was dead. I assessed these three topics over and over in my mind as I stared at her pale face, set in a wooden box.

Bella’s heart had failed, without warning. Why had I not predicted this before? Why had I taken the chance to hunt at the worst time? I am the world’s biggest fool.

They lowered her casket into the hard, frozen ground as we said our final goodbyes. My fingers gripped the white rose so tightly the thorns bit into my skin. Then without blinking an eye, I sent it plummeting into the earth to be with my beloved forever.

Alice met me in the parking lot. She wore a black veil over her face and I could see she was tired of crying tearlessly. “I’m sorry, Edward.” She said remorsefully, putting her cold hand on the sleeve of my suit.

“Aren’t we all, Alice?” I posed the rhetorical question.

“I should’ve done something,” Alice said, pressing her fingers to the bridge of her nose.

“Don’t go blaming yourself, Alice. That’s not what she would’ve wanted.” Memories of my angel flooded my mind. I anticipated going home and slamming that door behind me to just break down. I did not want to express open sorrow in front of my family, knowing that that would just cause them more pain they were already in. I knew what Bella would’ve wanted, and I was determined to fulfill her last wishes. If only I could’ve started with the one that indicated Bella becoming a vampire.

“I love you, Edward.” I was inside the car, replaying Bella’s words over and over again. Words she had muttered thousands of times but never once, did the sentiment that went along with it fade. I stared at the windshield, my fingers gripped around the edge of the steering wheel. It crackled and threatened to break in my hand. I released it, leaning my head back against the headrest. Then I felt the true sting of lost of love. I wondered if this was how Bella felt, every time I told her that I would not take her soul. I knew I had put Bella in a lot of pain; how did she put up with the crushing feeling? It was like there was a war going on inside my chest… A war that not even the smartest democrats could put an end to. I was ill at ease, knowing that I was getting what I deserved after hurting Bella so many times and never experiencing punishment.

Then I started the engine and drove away, not knowing where or when I would stop.

What am I doing? Where am I going? I asked myself as I zipped down the vast highways, twisting in between slow moving cars. As I saw it, there were two options on what I should do next. Option one: Go Provoke the Volturi, and get myself killed. Option two: Start over. I saw option one as something that Bella would not have wanted for me, and option two as utterly impossible.

I was back at my house in Toronto once again. As I opened the door, a rush of memories filled me, as sparse as they were in quantity. I would rather be back here, waiting for Bella to love me again for the rest of my existence to no avail, rather than cry tearlessly for the rest of my life, knowing that I am without Bella. It probably didn’t help much to wonder where Bella might be at that precise moment.

I stayed inside for a few days, avoiding the April sunshine. Today was the seventeenth of April, precisely thirteen days and seven hours since I last saw my beautiful Bella blush that delicious shade of red. The crushing desire to smell her mouthwatering scent, to run my fingers through her hair consumed me entirely. I did my best to fight my inner monster, but I was not as strong as I led myself to believe. My eyes turned black with the effort.

The sound of the rain splattering against the roof startled me, for some strange, undefined reason. A feeling of extreme remorse coursed through my body. Was Jasper around? Something felt wrong with the atmosphere. I jumped down from the rafters agilely, and I made my way into the front room. The clock on the wall indicated that it was just after 4am. I stared out the window, hoping to sort my feelings out. The rain pounding against the window only reminded me of home back in Forks and to my dismay, my fallen angel.

I couldn’t take it inside that house anymore. It was driving me insane. I remembered the last time I had felt like my mind was going to snap… It was every time I could not figure out for the life of me, what Bella was thinking. It annoyed me very much to not be able to read her thoughts, but in a way, I felt relieved. Maybe Bella was right. Maybe I didn’t want to know her every thought. The pent up longing inside my chest was overwhelming and drove me to believe that Bella was very near. I could almost smell her.

…But the scent was not a cause of my mind having snapped. It was undeniably Bella’s scent… I sniffed the air, following wherever it led me. I walked and kept on walking until I stumbled upon a white-paneled house distant from the big city life. The smell was indefinitely coming from inside the house. The rain was smashing down now, falling in buckets and pooling everywhere. I was drenched from head to toe.

The door of the house opened.

I squinted through the rain to catch a glimpse of who was coming out, nearly falling over in shock because, dressed in a pale pink raincoat, was Bella.

Renaissance : The Rebirth Of Bella