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Edward is broken. His Bella is dead, never to return again. Or so he thinks...


2. Chapter 2

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was God truly so conniving as to go as far as to play tricks on my mind?

“Bella,” the word had barely escaped my mouth when the angel turned around to look at me. Her eyes were filled with wonder, surprise, and some other emotions I could not identify.

“Edward…” She whispered, taking the steps that would bring her towards me. My arms ached to hold her. Bella smelled exactly as good as I remembered. But then it hit me. How did she remember me? Why was she still alive? Had I not seen them lower her stiff corpse into the frozen dirt ground? I wondered if my mind had gone so far as to play tricks with me after its initial snap. Bella’s steps were exaggerated as the seconds ticked by and she was still taking that same step. It was the first time I had seen her all over again.

“Bella!” I cried out, impatiently running forth to crush her into my arms. She did not shy away from me, as if she had never died and was not literally a living corpse.

“I missed you so much…” Bella whispered. I could hear the satisfying stutter in her heartbeats as I clutched her closely. I buried my face in her hair and inhaled.

“Why are you still alive?” The question sounded odd as I spoke it.

Bella turned to ice in my arms. She looked up at me, her brown eyes sparkling with fury. “I was never dead,” She said, posing this as a statement. “What are you talking about?” Then I knew my mind was playing tricks on me. Bella had died. Not in front of my own eyes, but she had died. Her heart stopped beating long ago…? I shied away from my thoughts and focused on staring into Bella’s eyes to search for answers even I was not sure I would find.

“I’m just glad to hold you.” I said finally, deciding that I would get to the bottom of her renaissance another time.

“No, wait.” Bella pushed me away, her hands lingering on my skin. Electric currents passed through my chest as if she had an electric cord within her warm fingers. “What in the world convinced you that I was dead?” She demanded, her eyes prying for answers within mine. I knew there were answers I could give, and she would just shoot one back to contradict mine.

“Bella… Have you forgotten everything that has happened in the last month?” I said.

“Last month? Edward - I haven’t seen you in nearly half a year.” Bella said, her voice coming out in a whisper. Her words shocked me to no end.

“Are you suffering from amnesia now? Bella, I haven’t left your side in a month.” I said.

Bella raised her eyebrow questioningly. “I haven’t seen you in nearly half a year, Edward… Are you… high?” She asked.

I knew there was something wrong as soon as her mention of having not seen me in nearly half a year came out of her mouth. I sighed as I thought of something that might’ve helped her remember. “Remember Alan? The guy you were dating?” The words stung as I spoke them. I tried almost as hard as to forget that human as I did with Bella. Both to no avail. It probably bothered me the most that that man had had more than ‘just friends’ feelings for Bella.

Bella shrugged her shoulders. “Alan who?”

There was definitely something wrong.