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Edward is broken. His Bella is dead, never to return again. Or so he thinks...


3. Chapter 3

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Even in that shimmering moment, when the words that came out of Edward’s mouth were driving me insane, I could not help but be mesmerized by the beauty that was essentially him. I had not seen a face this beautiful in months that felt like years. The scent of his skin was dizzying, and I truly believed I was hallucinating. All I wanted at that moment was to cancel out all the tears of the last few months out and just bask in the moment, knowing it was truly Edward who was driving me insane.

“Alan who?” I asked, my tone questioning.

It was frustratingly difficult to see Edward through the rain that plummeted from the sky, drenching me to the skin despite my raincoat.

“Bella…” Edward whispered, his voice showing signs of surrender. “How can you honestly not remember the man? You - dated - him.” He said this in a detached voice and I wondered if he were the one having hallucinations. I had never dated anyone named Alan. Hell, I had never dated anyone. With the exception of Edward, of course. His mind seemed faraway and distant, and he now released me. My hand itched to touch his cool face, to soothe his burning confusion.

“I don’t know what else to say to make you believe me.” Edward crouched down, his fingers pulverizing dirt clods. “I don’t understand…”

I crouched down next to Edward, my hand on his knee. “My heart has, and always will be yours. What makes you think I gave it to someone else?” The words came out sharply and sounded mocking. I bit down on my lower lip as I waited for his next words to sting me. To my surprise, Edward turned to stare at me, his eyes warm despite the black irises.

“I don’t know.” Edward mused. I knew there was something more to that tone that he was not putting into words. His silence was, ironically, deafening and I struggled to compose my smooth expression as I waited for Edward to speak again. How I longed to hear that musical, velvety smooth voice. But Edward stayed quiet, not a word escaping his glass smooth lips. How many questions I had for my angel! Questions that would go unanswered, I don’t know for how long.

Edward stood up briskly. A hole in my chest threatened to rip itself wide open if the next step he took was away from me. I clutched his wrist, bringing it closer to me. He turned to look at me, the flawlessly imperfect crooked smile across his pale, alabaster face. “I’m not going anywhere,” he whispered. The throbbing of the hole in my chest that threatened to rip itself open subsided, and I was content. Edward pulled me into his arms, gripping me tightly, if not protectively.

“I’m glad you’re back, Edward.” I said to him, wishing I had never left. I would’ve spared myself a hell of a lot of tears and pain otherwise. Not seeing Edward’s face in nearly half a year had practically ‘killed’ me inside. “Don’t leave me. Ever again.” I thought this ironic as it had been me who left. I did my best not to think of this as I was still wrapped in his arms.

“Isabella.” Edward said my name carefully, as if he could not afford to set off the bomb. “Your imposter is running around.” I had a pretty good idea of who that imposter might be, but wasn’t Victoria dead? I had the feeling that maybe killing a vampire wasn’t as easy as Edward’s summary. “This is… you, right?” I laughed softly, nodding my head. Edward examined my eyes carefully, making sure he had the right one in his arms this time.

“Let’s try not to think about it right now, and just embrace the moment.” I said, holding myself closer to Edward. I felt his lips against my hair, and knew he was as glad as I was. The rain was letting up now, and I led Edward back inside the house. His beauty was surreal, lighting up the room like fire.

“I’m house-sitting for my friend for the time being.” I explained, going into the next room to find clothes to replace Edward’s dripping ones.

“Are you lonely here?” Edward asked, even though he probably already knew the answer. It was impossible not to feel lonely, living all alone in Toronto, no family, no Edward. It was something like a prison sentence, although the food was much better. And no regulation showers, either. I went upstairs to change out of my dripping clothes, changing quickly to increase the amount of time I had with Edward.

He was still sitting on the sofa motionlessly, his clothes now dry. I sat down next to him, my skin tingling as it was only inches next to his. “I love you, Bella.” Edward said finally. “I’m sorry things worked out the way it did. But I love you…” He said this at random, but nevertheless, it was impossibly pleasant. But why was he apologizing? Had it not been me who left in the first place? Edward stared aimlessly ahead, and my fingers lingered to his face, turning his head to face me.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Edward. It was me who made that stupid, irrational decision.” I said, staring deep into his black eyes. The purple rings around them alerted me that it was probably pretty hard for him to be this close with me at the moment. As I turned away, Edward caught my face, holding my chin gently. He laughed a carefree laugh, brightening my otherwise dull mood.

“I have plenty to be sorry about…” Edward said, the crooked smile reaching up to touch his eyes. “First of all, I let you go. That was a stupid mistake. Secondly, I didn’t chase after you. You don’t know how that killed me inside. Thirdly, I didn’t pound into your head how much I love you. I’ll always regret not going after you. I wish I could, Bella. I just wanted you to be happy… And when I saw you again…” He trailed off as he thought of the months he spent with me?

“Today?” I asked, finding it hard to speak the way he held my face.

“No.” Edward answered; his face troubled. “I’m sorry, Bella. I really thought she was you. I am the world’s biggest fool!”

It pained me to see Edward bring himself down like that. I lifted my hand and stroked the side of his face. “You’re not a fool,” I said quickly, not knowing if I believed this myself. I didn’t understand the current situation. “Tell me what’s bothering you.” I said, hoping to know myself.

Edward looked at me hopelessly, his face troubled. “I k-kissed her.”