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The Transformation.

I know, I know.... very original title, right?! I apologize for that. Number 1: This is my first story ever. Didn't feel like getting creative. Number 2: I was up all night proofreading. Enjoy :DD


1. Chapter 1

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This was the day Edward was going to do it. To end my life. Some may call it the kiss of death, I however see it as the kiss of life. I couldn't help but get overcome by the nerves. I mean, this was it... the day I have been dreading, yet at the same time yearning for. The most difficult thing would be facing Charlie. Saying goodbye to him after only two years of living with him. I'll feel guilty about that for my entire existence. Just leaving him, unable to tell him why.. That will be absolutley heart-breaking.

The guys went hunting today. They went somewhere in the Olympic Penninsula. He wanted to take as many precautions as he could before he did this.

He got home after which seemed like the shortest day of my life which would soon be no more. I had been having flashbacks all day long. "Hello, my beautiful, perfect wife. How was your morning?"

"Very fast, surprisingly." I said, wanting to be as honest as I could without telling him the real truth. I was scared. I felt so bad about it, too. This is what I wanted; what I had begged Edward for. And, now, I was what? Being a coward?

"Ahh," Edward said with his angelic voice, "Are you ready to do this?" He asked, trying his best not to rush me but wanting to get it over with.

"I think.. Just let me say bye to a few more people."

"Okay." Edward said, handing me his little silver phone.

I dialed the very familiar number that seemed to be tattooed onto my heart. Each digit stung knowing what I was about to do.

"Hello?" The familiar husky I always loved voice said.

"Hey, Jake. It's me, Bella."


"Yeah.. I just called to tell you bye one last time.."

"Oh." He said, anger washing through his voice. The next thing I heard was a dial tone.

For one second I almost started to cry. Then I remembered the promise I made myself.
"...Edward will never see me cry another tear for Jacob Black..."
I would keep that promise.

The next person was the hardest. Charlie..
I dialed the number and on the third ring he picked up. "Hello?" He sounded as if he were in a state of depression.

"Hey, Char- Dad. It's Bella."

"Bella? Shouldn't you be on the road?"

"Yeah, Dad. I am. I called to tell you bye. You may not understand this now.. Maybe someday you will. I'm sorry dad. This is how it has to be. I love you."

"I love yo-" He started to say. I hung up. I almost felt bad for that, but I didn't want to start crying.

"You ready?"

"Yes." I almost lied. But it wasn't completely a lie. I was ready. In certain ways.

"Okay," Edward said anxiously, "Let's do this. Carlisle, you have the morphine right?"

"Yes." Carlisle said. It almost startled me. I thought we had been alone all this time. I looked around to notice my whole family staring at me.

Edward carried me upstairs and laid me on our golden bed. He leaned down and just before he bit me, he whispered in my ear "I love you, Isabella Marie Cullen. I will always love you." It sent chills down my spine and then, he sunk his ice cold teeth into my neck, taking my human life away.

The pain was unlike any other known to human. It was absolutely heartwrenching for Edward, I'm sure. The morphine finally started to kick in about an hour later. Carlisle really is a Godsend. Moments later my eyes closed into a dark sleep, Edward squeezing my hand, right by my side, through all of the thrashing, kicking, and screaming.

I woke up feeling oddly cold with no pain what-so-ever. It was done. My heart officially stopped beating. I was ready and willing to spend eternity with my one and only love, Edward Cullen.

I didn't look that different much to my surprise. My eyes frightened me at first, pitch black. I wasn't warned that I would be thirsty right away. When Edward noticed I was awake he leaned down to press his marble lips to my now marble lips. This kiss was different. No holding back. Edward didn't have to be careful when he kissed me. That sent a surge of relief through me.