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Jasper's Obsession

Okay... So this idea just came to me and I think it's down-right hilarious. What if Jasper played World of Warcraft? You might think it's bad. I think it's got potential..Read it and leave your opinion?? :D. And if you play WOW and know everything about it, please don't complain to me.. I know that I know nothing about this game. My sister had to help me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE review :DD???


1. Jasper's Obsession

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Jasper's POV

I was going to the mailbox today and the funniest thing came in the mail. It was something for that stupid game "World of Warcraft." I hate those over-obsessive people who play that. I took a good look at it, and for a second, it looked semi-fun. I mean, the ability to fight the Horde. I thought to myself: maybe I will try it..

When I got in the house, Bella and Edward were on the couch. My sweet Alice was talking to Bella about the wedding. Ugh. That's all she ever talks about lately. When I turned on the computer, it felt like it would never load because of all the pop-ups. When it finally did, I stuck the little silver disc into the hardrive. When it loaded, this over-powering music came on. It was catchy, I'd give it that much. I decided to name my character "Vegetarian." I also decided to make it a Night Elf.

Three Days Later...

"Jasper, get off of that darn computer! We're going hunting!!" Esme yelled at me. Apparently it had been three days. I couldn't tell.

"I'm doing a quest!! Please bring some to-go? Ooo! Maybe some Grizzly? Or, no! Deer!" I shouted back at my mother. She mumbled something incomprehensible.

At that moment Alice came in. She looked like she was up to something. The emotion in the air almost made me gag. I thought that it was given off from Edward and Bella. It was from Alice.

"Hey, Pookey Bear." she said in a voice that was attempting seductiveness. It was then that I noticed what she was wearing. It was this hot lingerie. Most likely from Victoria's Secret.

"Hey, se- OH NO!! I got killed! Awww, Alice!!" I groaned. She stomped off, got changed, then left for the hunting trip with the others.

A couple of hours later...

When they got back Esme had a bag in her hand with red, sticky stuff. "Oooo! Dinner!" I exclaimed, "What'd you bring me?"

"Extras." She snarled.

I ate up quickly and then got straight back to my quest. When I was finishing it, Bella walked in. She asked, "Edward.. Why do I have a sudden urge to kill the Horde and defeat all evil...?"

"Jasper." Edward said, chuckling.

"Hey, Jasper! What's up?" Bella said.

"Can't...talk....defeating...evil..." I mumbled.

"Wow...He's obsessed. Have you tried getting Alice to talk some sense into him?" Bella said, directed towards Edward.

"Sadly, yes. It didn't work. He ended up yelling at her because he died." Edward said, his voice weighed down with disappointment.

Just then Alice walked in the room. Man, she looked beautiful. "Hey, Alice.. Want to fight evil with me?" I asked, shyly.

"Ooo. Sounds tempting, but no. I have a life." She snarled.

"Jasper.. Can you please stop sending out emotions? I have an urge to fight evil with Alice now..." Edward yelled.

Carlisle walked in the room with a straight jacket in his hands. "Jasper.. We are sending you to a Rehabilitation Center. It's for your own good." Carlisle informed me.

"I don't need you! I don't need any of you! All I need is this computer and my Night Elf!" I said, sobbing. Just then a pop-up came on the computer screen that said:"Your free-trial has expired! Thanks for playing World of Warcraft!"

It was just then that I realized I really did have an obsession.

The End.