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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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1. Bella's Fire

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Ugh… the fire… it burns.

My eyes were closed, for I couldn’t dare to open them. Even if I dared to open them, I wouldn’t be able to because I had no energy. The pain was so strong. It felt as if lava was pouring through my veins instead of blood. I felt nothing but fire all around me. I had a thick coating of sweat on my face but it wouldn’t cool me down. Each breath I took was like breathing in ashes. I felt as if white-hot coals were being pressed against my skin. I couldn’t take it. Whenever I had strength I thrashed around. The thought of Edward kept me going.

Edward… please stop the fire… please.

*Flash back*

I remember how Edward proposed to me. He brought me to that little Italian Restaurant in Port Angeles. We sat down in the middle of the crowded spot in the restaurant, and it happened to be tourist season, and he ordered me angle hair pasta since I am his angle, or so he says. When I finished eating and Edward’s chocolate cake he ordered for me arrived Edward did something unexpected. Apparently the staff here was in on his proposal because when he stood up a violinist came over and played my lullaby, and the staff gathered around us as Edward went on one knee. The entire restaurant stopped their conversations and stared at the commotion.

“Bella… Isabella Swan.” Edward asked, “I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?”

I stood there, shocked. Everyone’s eyes were on me, even the music stopped. I felt so happy that I felt as if I was going to explode. My heart danced so quickly that I almost feel down. Edwards’s eyes were staring at me, the looked worried since I haven’t answered yet. Finally I gasped for air since I realized I wasn’t breathing and yelled out of shire joy, “Yes! I’ll marry you Edward Cullen!”

He stood up quickly and kissed me harder than usual, as if he was cheered on by the applause that carried out in the crowd. Nothing could make this wrong.

*End flash back*

It burns so bad…. Stop someone… just stop it.

I gritted my teeth. I squeezed my hand so hard that it felt even worse. I wondered what I was squeezing but I didn’t really care. My heart was as hot as the center of the earth. How could anyone survive this?

The only part of my body that was not incomplete pain was a small loop around my left-ring finger. It felt like a small paradise but was to small comfort me. My ring… or I think it is my ring… was that loop. How did a ring get there? Oh yeah… I got married.

*Flash back*

It was my wedding day. The day I married my one true love. This day should be in my memory forever. I spent the entire day at a spa, getting prepared for this moment and relaxing. I didn’t want to relax but the lady there said I had too much stress. Alice dropped me off here instead of playing Barbie with me because she was decorating the town hall for the wedding. And she was preparing herself.

Rosalie had me pick out one of her many wedding dresses. Just when I got a closer look at one Alice kidnapped me and made me bye a new one. “I am sorry Rose, but Bella disserves a new one, not one of your used, Emmett-covered ones. I picked one that had no sleeves and the top was covered in flowered lace. The veil was coming of a tiara of white flowers and was tinted with gold like the lace on the dress. Alice finally picked me up in her bridesmaid dress, a golden-brown color, and got me in a limo that would take us to the wedding. The entire way I was not breathing well and almost fainted two times if it wasn’t for Alice’s cold hands.

When we arrived I walked in to the building when the music came on. The crowd quieted and watched me. Charlie walked me down the isle as Angela’s little sister tossed petals in front of us. Angela and Alice followed us as my bridesmaids. Edward took my breath away when I saw him. He looked more handsome than usual standing there in a tux with Emmett behind him, his best man. After the priest finished talking me and Edward and I finished of vows he kissed me lovingly as soon as the priest said, “You may kiss the bride”.

That night and the day after that me and Edward stayed clung together on a bed in a cabin to be alone. Edward spent the rest of my human time cooking for me or trying to remember my human things forever, such as my blushing or my smell. The night after our wedding Edward brought me to his room at the Cullen’s and bite me as promised.

*End flash back*

Memories like those ones pass through my mind. They kept on repeating, and new ones appeared too, until all names in these memories were lost to me. Slowly those memories burned up in my pain. Peoples faces were unrecognizable and pretty soon I had no idea what happened. Now, I knew no one and couldn’t even remember who I am or what was happening. I only knew I was in pain… a lot of pain.