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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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2. Edward's Pain

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*Edward’s Prov.*

The minute I bit Bella I was regretting that I ever put her in so much pain. She lay there jerking around in pain and screaming on my leather couch. She was covered in a thick coating of sweat due to the pain and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was alone in the house because Jasper couldn’t stand the pain that Bella was feeling. Alice took that excuse to leave the house with Jasper to go shopping for Bella’s new clothes. Everyone else had gone hunting. I refused to leave Bella when she was like this. Rosalie was still being a jerk around Bella and complains about Bella’s screams. I would argue with her like I usually did but Bella needed me and I needed her.

*Flash Back*

Bella and I were sitting on my couch. She was in my arms hugging me tightly. She was scared, scared about being changed. If I even brought up the fact that she doesn’t have to do this she would stare into my eyes and tell me she wants this. Whenever I objected she started to tear up a bit but stop as soon as I kissed her carefully and said I will keep my promise. That’s how it went most of the day when I didn’t cook her a perfectly made meal.

“Edward…” Bella whispered.

“Yes Bella?”

“I’ll finally admit that I am scared of being changed, I just don’t want the pain but If I refuse I will eventually lose you.”

“You would never lose me, Bella-boo, never.” I reassured her. Whenever I called her Bella-boo she would blush. Oh, how I love her blush.

“Ok… Edward, I think I am ready for this now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Never been more sure in my life.” Her and I both knew the rest of our family (I love the thought of it being OUR family) was in their rooms waiting for Bella to start screaming in pain, knowing that I would have changed her. It left the air to have an uneasy feeling hang; if I was human I bet my stomach would start doing flips.

“Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, before I change you I want to know if you would have any last human regrets. Tell them now or forever hold your peace.” I announced to her.

“Edward, for the past two days you made all my wishes come true, everything from marring me to giving me my favorite types of candy, to feeding me foods I have always wanted to try. And when I am a vampire I know you will take me all over the world, to all seven continents and will even try to get me into Harvard sometime in the next 100 years. The only thing I want from you now is to kiss me with out holding back.”

Her request made my heart sore. I love her so much and now I had nothing to lose by kissing her. I placed my hands on her cheeks and my lips touched hers. I pressed so hard it must have bruised her skin but when I pulled away. Her eyes twinkled with love. I picked up her hand, kissed it, and bent over and kissed down her neck, leaving a little trail of bruises, and bit her neck.

*End Flash Back*

I let the memory run through my head before it was interrupted by everyone else’s thoughts. They must have just arrived home. Emmett was thinking about the grizzly he took down today. Rosalie was thinking about if her make-up packet being imported from England has arrived yet. Jasper was thinking about his car. Alice thought about her clothes she just bought. Esme was thinking if she should try to clean the bathroom before sunrise. It was Carlisle’s thoughts that made me uneasy.

He was pointing out the fact that Bella has been down for five days, two days longer than the usual time. I was sitting criss-crossed on my couch with Bella’s shaking body lulled on my lap. My hand brushed over her head. She was as beautiful as a vampire now. She was so pretty now that Rosalie felt intimidated by her. She never showed it but I heard it in hers and Jasper’s thoughts. Her body was slowly shaking less now. No more screams came from her.

Suddenly, Bella flashed open her eyes. She looked at me and jumped up and landed roughly and came crashing to the ground. “Darn’t!!!!!!!!” She yelped in a voice as sweet as honey.

“Bella? Are you Okay?” I asked. She didn’t respond but she looked at me alarmingly. Finally she replied something that made me freeze.

“Bella who?”