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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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3. Introducing

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*Bella’s Prov.*

“Bella who?” I asked the man sitting on the couch.

All I can remember is being in a lot of pain, as if I was being burned alive like a witch in Salem. Then the pain slowly died down and I finally felt better. Then I opened my eyes to a complete stranger, whose face was inches away from mine. Who ever he was he must of stopped the pain I felt earlier but that gave him no right to be cradling me in his arms. I am not even aware of anything before this point, except for the common knowledge that he invaded my personal bubble. My personal bubble!

When I thought about my personal bubble, once again I realized how close we were and I immediately jumped up but as soon as I did I lost my footing and fell to the ground with a thump. “Darn’t” I said as a natural reaction. Then the man asked if Bella was ok but I don’t know Bella. After I answered him I was surprised again.

“Welcome back to the world Bella!” Six people walked into the room. Seeing all of them I realized that they were beautiful. I mean really, really beautiful. It was as if they were carved out of marble. Then I was aware that the man I sat on earlier was just as beautiful as them. Something troubled his perfect face but it smoothed out, revealing a flawless face like the rest of them. Jealousy bit at my stomach. A tall blond dude looked at me, it felt as if he knew something about me that no one else did.

I felt as if I needed to join in on the congratulations of this Bella girl so I looked around, playing along with them, and said, “Yes, congratulations Bella!” As soon as I said that everyone laughed except for the bronze hair man. He sat with a troubled face again but than it went blank when we made eye contact. I wish I knew what was happening.

“Silly Bella.” A spiky haired pixie like girl chimed, “You are Bella.” She smiled while everyone, except blond girl, chuckled. The blond, tall man looked at me again and said, “I think Bella doesn’t understand us.”

“Ok, ok…” I said, “So… does everyone here think I’m Bella? I mean... what kind of name is that?” Everyone started staring at me. One of them, clearly the “leader of the pack” stepped forward and looked down on me.

“Bella…” As he said my name he gestured towards me, hinting that he was talking to me, or Bella, who is me. So I guess I am Bella. I was about to object but than a thought of mine made me freeze. Who am I? I can’t remember my name, or anything about me, or my life. But everyone here seems to know who I am and things about me. Or maybe they are just messing with me.

“Oh… I get it!” I laughed cheerfully, catching everyone off-guard. I pointed at my self. “I am Bella…” I pointed at the totally ripped guy. “You are Rodger…” I pointed at the pixie girl. “And you are Marissa.” I joked around at them. I thought they were joking with me but I straightened up when all of them, except blonde girl, looked worried. To fix things I said, “I’m just kidding.” They eased up only to get a troubled look again when I said the next part. “Seriously, who are you guys?”

The leader man, that was still standing in front of me took the silence and said, “Bella, do you know who she is?” He pointed at the pixie girl, I shook my head. “Do you know who he is?” He pointed at the tall, blonde man. I shook my head again. “What about me, or your self? Before you bother answering that again, tell me, do you remember anyone in this room. I muttered no, as if I was telling an embarrassing secret. I felt really bad cause I knew no one here but they all knew me.

Someone grasped my arm causing my to look back at the couch of the bronzed hair boy. “Bella, do you know who I am?” When he asked this his eyes burned through my skull. He was cute but I just didn’t recall him. “No…” I said, looking down at the ground than back at him to see his reaction. His face fell, than stiffened, than turned into the expression of deep thought. He leaned back in the couch and stared into space. I wanted to pat him and ask if he was ok but I barely knew the guy.

“Who are you people?” I suddenly blurted out. I immediately shrank when the blond girl glared at me, as if appalled that she could be forgotten. I instantly concluded she didn’t like me and was a stuck up snob. She walked right up to me and yelled at me.

“We are non of your concern anymore if you can’t even remember a single one of us, go away.” Those words stung so badly. I didn’t know who they were but that gives them no reason to insult me. What did I ever do to her? Wait, what DID I ever do to her? I was just about to walk away confused like she told me but the leader man stopped me.

“Rose, you shouldn’t have said that, go sit down now.” That tone he used almost scared me but I had now choice but to listen to these people. I mean, they have a well-muscled giant on there side! Leader man turned to me and said, “Let me introduce us. Hi, I am Carlisle, leader of this coven. This is my wife Esme.” He gestured at the caramel haired, heart shaped women next to him. “This over here is Jasper” pointed at tall, blonde dude. Then he gestured at pixie girl. “And Alice, they are together.” Cute couple I thought to myself, if they were famous they must have been a top celebrity date topic. “Over here is Rosalie” Blonde, snobby girl whose looks made me feel intimidated straightened up, and then the ripped guy stepped forward. “And Emmett, they are together.”

“Darn it…” I whispered. Emmett was handsome but I guess he was spoken for. I turned to the bronze haired guy since he was the only unnamed one here. He stared at me with an expressionless face, which made me uneasy.

“This here is Edward.” Carlisle said. Edward… what a nice name. I almost think I heard that before. Maybe it was the name of someone on TV. Cool, I thought. “Together” Carlisle announced, “We make up the Cullen’s.”

“Sweet last name… oh, by the way can you do me one thing?” I asked.

“Yes.” Carlisle answered.

“Can you tell me who I am?”

Edward jumped up and stood in front of me, only inches away. Whoa, personal bubble much, I thought. Then he looked me in the eye and said, “You are Isabella Marie Swan, my wife. What, I was married?

“Darn it!” I said under my breath.