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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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5. Thinking, Running, and Dinning.

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*Edward’s POV*

When Carlisle asked me to leave through his mind, he told me to give Bella some space. How could she, wake up and not remember anything! It made me so mad that as soon as I left I ran outside and kicked a tree making it fall down with a sickening crack. Bella not remembering made my heart hurt so much. I took a deep breath bring in the scents of the forest. I would never hear Bella’s heart beat ever again or smell her blood. Her scent would remain but it would never be so strong as before. I wished to see her blush again.

But new Bella had some plus, she had a softer sounding voice. She was also prettier but I could never tell her that, that is if old Bella’s mind resurfaced. Now I was so worried that I would never hear her say she loved me again. I felt like crawling into a ball after I saw her horrified expression when I told her we were married. I spent sometime trying to calm myself down. I didn’t want her seeing me this way so I had to compose my face to a more relaxed looking face. Jasper would see through it but Bella shouldn’t be able to.

When I arrived back at our house, everyone except Bella and Alice was standing at the back of the house, waiting for those two to join us for Bella’s first hunting trip. As soon as vampires wake up from their three days, they need to hunt. The best thing to do is give them animal blood so they don’t suffer through withdraw. I read their thoughts one at a time, trying to not listen to my own thoughts. I felt like crying, knowing I wouldn’t really be there for Bella’s first hunt like I promised.

Rosalie was thinking Bella was too cute for her own good. Emmett was wondering how strong Bella would be. Esme was thinking if there was anything she could do to get Bella’s memory back. Jasper was feeling sorry for me, because he would be absolutely crushed if Alice didn’t remember him, and he could feel my sadness really strongly right now. I could here Alice’s thoughts, which was her recalling how she woke up with no memory of her human life and how it wasn’t that bad, but that was before she met Jasper. Carlisle’s thoughts came to my head as he talked to me through my power.

Edward, We are going to hunt in these woods because we don’t want Bella crossing paths with a human, she may not remember you but she still needs your help.

I nodded my head. To prepare myself this time so I wouldn’t get shocked or lose control when I am around Bella, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath after locking everyone else’s minds out, then I held my breath for a long time until something smacked into my chest hard. I was thrown a step back to find Bella standing there looking embarrassed. “Sorry...” she muttered in the most beautiful voice I ever heard. It sounded like honey covered Christmas bells. She took a step back as Carlisle stepped forward to tell us the hunting plans.

“Listen up everyone, for Bella’s sake we are hunting in this forest. Come on, split up into pairs. Report back here when you are done and have fun.” He announced. Bella looked uneasy. I would give anything so I could put my arm around Bella again, and hold her close than kiss her. But if I tried to, she would probably be terrified to death. Then I decided I was going to re-win her heart, if she remembered or not.

Everyone else broke up into couple pairs so I went up to Bella. “I guess we are partners.” I said in my most musical voice. She looked flustered. I signaled her to follow me into the forest. “Bella come this way. Here is one of the first lessons about vampire-hood. Running.”

“I already know how to run.” She replied a little rudely, I was a little hurt until she looked really sorry for replying so differently. I dared her to run a few steps, as fast as she could. She took the bet and took of like lightening but froze automatically and looked utterly surprised. I couldn’t help but laugh at her be wildered expression. She responded by looking at her feet in an embarrassed fashion.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hold this against you. Lets forget the bet. For a first time runner, and an utterly surprised one, you better hold onto me before run off on your feet alone.” She nodded, no longer looking at her feet but at me. I held out my arm and she graved my forearm touching the muscle on it. She moved her hand over the muscle until she realized what she was doing and quickly straightened up.

“Lets do this.” She looked determined. I started off slowly with her holding on to my arm, but running beside me, than started to speed up. She sped up with me easily, looking pleased with her quickness. I went even faster, and she stayed by me with no effort. OMG! She was fast! Bella soon started to get in front of my body and sped even further ahead. Even thought I missed her touch she obviously was able to match my fastest pace, unlike anyone else. I ran my fastest, which quickly passed her. But than she started running just as fast beside me. We both obviously tried to pass each other but our paces were perfectly matched. This went one for a few minutes before Bella slowed down and looked around. I knew she smelt the blood of a deer. She must be really hungry. The deer was within view of us.

“Go ahead, sneak up on it. Be really quiet and give you self to your hunger.” I said in a quiet voice. She nodded once quickly before she crept up on the deer, never looking away once. She looked hesitant to end its life but just like I told her she jumped for it. The deer realized it was in trouble. It froze at first looking at its stalker and ran away as fast as it could. Too late, I thought.