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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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6. The vampire and a deer

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*Bella’s POV*

I let go of Edwards arm. One reason is that I finally got a hang of moving this fast. Another reason is I could feel his muscles. I could swear he was flexing them on purpose. He must be hitting on be, a girl with amnesia. It felt too awkward to be holding on any longer. Once I let go I felt so free. I started leaping as I ran. I felt like a deer leaping through the woods, full of glee.

I ran in front of Edward by accident at first but when he quickly surpassed me, in a show-offy I was compelled to pass him and stayed in the lead. I ran as fast as my feet would go, so did he. The little race continued until a very powerful and delicious scent hit me like a sandbag that fell from the sky. I froze up and sniffed around. Edward stopped by me, too, but he didn’t seem affected by the scent. I looked around desperately to find the source of the smell. Then I saw a deer standing in a clearing nibbling at a patch of grass.

“Go ahead, sneak up on it. Be really quiet and give you self to your hunger.” Edward said to me in a quiet voice. I couldn’t look away from the deer, so I nodded a response. I began sneaking up on the deer in an impossibly soft and silent manner. Vampire skills, I thought to myself. I never took my eyes off the deer for a second. As I got closer the deer noticed me and backed up carefully to see if I was dangerous. The deer must of classified me as danger because it turned around and ran like a bat out of hell. I don’t know what took over me, but I gave myself to its scent and chased after it and leaped on it. I bit its neck after pinning it to the ground in a rough, deadly move.

Oh my god it tasted so good. As I drained the deer’s blood, the warm gooey liquid ran down my throat, releasing the unpleasant feeling I felt earlier due to hunger. I drank and drank until I couldn’t draw anymore. Content like a kitten with cream, I rolled over, off the deer and onto my back, onto the grass. I let out a pleasing sigh until I realized that Edward was watching me. I sat up quickly to see him leaning against a tree, watching me with his topaz eyes.

“Had fun?” He asked.

I was so embarrassed, a guy that cute just watched me kill and innocent deer like a barbarian than drain its blood. What a great impression, I thought sarcastically to myself. First, I woke up on his lap and fell on the ground out of surprise, and then I ran right into his chest, making a huge boom. Now, I just slaughtered an animal in front of him and he seems happy and asked if I had fun. What was my problem! Wait, what’s his problem? Maybe it is the fact that I forgot him, my “husband” and I was the killer.

“Sorry about that…” I choked out, looking down at the ground.

“About what? Wait, don’t be sorry for killing a deer while I was here, I do it all the time, except for the killing-a-deer-when-you’re-around part.” He shrugged, as if in wasn’t even important. How could he think that killing a cute deer was no big? Wait, I enjoyed killing that deer so who am I to accuse.

“Ok then.” I replied. “Have you eaten yet?”

“Yes, I ate a few days ago.”


“Oh yeah, vampires don’t have to eat more than once every week once they have gotten more used to being a vampire. We don’t need to eat every day like humans.”

“Darn it.”

*Deer’s POV*

I woke up in the morning with the sun. Must get some grazing done today, I am tired of foraging, I thought. While the rest of the female deer’s like myself went to the berry bush hollow, I wondered off to the grass areas. Must get some sweet green grass today, I thought.

Today was a day for changes. May the be welcome or unwelcome. Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones, like Paula, my best friend who found a sweet apple by her bed, not covered in bugs yet waiting for her. I don’t want to end up like Jack, who got his horns stuck in a branch today, leaving him open for predators, and humiliating him in front of us does. But most of all, I don’t want to end up like Sally, or Jaime, or Dean. They all disappeared. Rumors are that bloodsuckers killed them.

Bloodsuckers! Bah!, I thought in my head. The elders tell stories about them but I know that is all poop. As if a bloodsucker could catch and drain a deer but leave the meet alone. If we have to die, at least let someone think I am tasty! But of course, they don’t exist so I am safe.

I leaped over to the grass clearings and started munching on the sweet, juicy grass I had been craving for, for such a long time. Beats a week’s supply of berries I thought. I stayed there for a while, grazing happily until I felt another presence. I didn’t feel like a predator, but it didn’t feel like a harmless animal either. I looked up to see a weird human standing close to me. She was crouched down as she inched gracefully closer to me. Humans aren’t harmful but this one was different than the rest I’ve seen. She had an ominous haze around her. I didn’t like it.

I turned and ran but see leaped on to me in such a fast movement I couldn’t believe it. Bloodsucker!!!! Bloodsucker!!! My mind yelled at me. Then I fell under her killing blow and fell into darkness.


When I woke up I was in a beautiful meadow, more beautiful than the small round one back at the forest. No more bloodsuckers, I thought happily. Then, a herd of frosty deer came leaping to me. Their fur was starry almost. I realized I looked like them.

“Where are we?” I asked in deer language.

A deer stepped forward and said, “Welcome to the meadow of heaven. Here we are not in fear and can graze on and eat what ever we desire. Come join us.” The deer that spoke was Sally. Behind her Jaime and Dean stood happily, looking stronger than ever. Every other deer I knew that died was there.

They leaped freely away and I followed them. They were happy, I was happy, we were all happy. Good, a good change for me, I thought cheerfully.