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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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7. Enter the Werewovles

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*Bella’s POV*

I was walking through the forest with Edward a few paces behind me. I think he was watching me closely but I didn’t care. The forest was so beautiful. Green was everywhere. As I took a deep breath, I smelled how fresh the air was, and the huckleberries that were treats for the animals, and even what the plants smelled like. With practice I bet I could smell the difference between an Oak tree and a Pacific Dogwood tree. Even on a cloudy day like this, the forest was breath taking.

I closed my eyes and spun around out of sheer joy until a very powerful scent hit my nose. It hit me like a baseball thrown at one’s forehead. But this time, I wasn’t hungry and it didn’t smell good at the least bit. It smells horrible and all funky. Yuck, I thought in my mind.

Edward stiffened and let out a growl like a bear. That was freaky, he just growled like an animal. What’s with him? I looked around but saw nothing.

“Mr. Edward? What is going on? What is that unpleasant smell?” I asked him. I felt like addressing him properly, since I didn’t know him that well. He looked sad at first by my formal address but clamed down his face and answered me,

“That is the smell of werewolves, they are coming this way. Stay near me.” What? Werewolves? They exist? Weird! So I guess I’ll meet fairies next. Before I had time to ask him what he meant by werewolves, we heard paw steps coming towards use. The sharp smell grew with the sound. Suddenly giant bear-wolf figures came out of the forest and stopped in front of use. A dark brown one was the biggest and was at the front of the pack. An obvious leader, I thought. Behind him a reddish brown one stood, the second biggest, with a gray one and a tree bark colored one surrounding him.

I was frozen with fear, they were so big and tough looking, and even Edward was uncomfortable. The leader of the pack stepped forward, triggering Edward to let out a growl of dislike. The leader suddenly shrank in size. Really, really weird. He turned in to a human that looked in his twenties. Behind him, all the other werewolves changed into humans too, all a little younger than him. Even though they smell so bad I laughed.

They were all naked! Butt-naked! I laugh really hard out loud, unable to control myself. I fell onto the ground because I could stay standing with all the shaking from my laughing going on. I held my sides even thought they didn’t hurt but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Not only were they all naked but also some looked embarrassed to be laughed at while the others looked appalled. The point was their expressions made their nakedness ten times funnier. Not only that, but for some reason I could feel how embarrassed they were. I rolled onto my stomach and hit the ground with my hand while I giggled uncontrollably. Naked! Edward was surprised by my reaction and mad that they were naked around me. It didn’t show it on his face but I could feel his emotions. He was wishing for something, too. I’m not sure but it was probably centered on nakedness. Probably. Finally I stopped laughing and changed to small giggles.

The leader blinked but than stepped forward to talk to us. They all wore a serious face that was supposed to be threatening. Wow! Scary serious naked men, I thought sarcastically in my head. The leader finally spoke, “Edward, don’t you remember the treaty?”

“Yes, of course I remember, Sam.” Edward replied in a cool way.

“But you broke the treaty, right?”

“I guess we did.”

The guy that was the reddish brown wolf stepped forward. He was turned at me, not Edward, and my big stupid grin on my face. He spat out in a mean way. “Bella? How could you do this to me? To Charlie?”

“Jacob…” Sam warned.

Oh great, another friend that remembered me even though I knew squat about them. Why must Bella have a complicated life? I could feel that he was feeling heart broken. I could also feel Edwards dislike of him. “What do you mean?” I responded in a confused tone.

“You know what I mean! The whole ‘becoming a vampire’ business!”

“I’m sorry about that, but I didn’t chose this, I think. Go and tell Charlie, who ever he is, to chill!” As I said this, everyone other than Edward felt confused. Oops, probably since I didn’t know who Charlie was. Maybe we were close.

“Bella! What is wrong with you? Did this bloodsucker hurt you? If he did I’ll rip him up and burn his ashes!” Jacob yelled. He appeared to be shaking with anger. Poor him, I must of really hurt him by becoming a vampire. I might as well tell him the truth, what harm could that do?

“Ok, Jacob is it? This is what happened, not to long ago I was in a hell of a lot of pain. When I woke up, Mr. Edward was there. Than a bunch of other people walked in the room telling me I am named Bella and that I am a vampire. They told me a lot about what a vampires is and does than they took me out into the forest to go hunting for animals. That is where I meet you. Up to this point, other than that I don’t remember anything!” When I finish Jacobs mood went from pity for me, to sadness I forgot him, to anger for the Cullen’s changing me, to a hopeful and loving feeling towards me.

“Bella let me introduce myself. I am Jacob Black. I am your best friend. Charlie is your father that is best friends with my father. We grew up together. You feel in love with that jerk over there.” He pointed at Edward, who now looked guilty and mad for what Jacob said next. “He left you about a year ago and through you threw a pit of despair. He left you all alone so I took care of you and nursed you back to health. Then he can back and changed you into a bloodthirsty monster. Sound familiar?”

This is kind of like what Alice told me, except different in a way. Edward was a bad guy in this story. I noticed now it was just Edward, Jacob and I. Everyone else left. “Can you first tell me where every one went?”

Edward answered me this time. “Sam left with the rest of his mangy pack to talk to Carlisle. No fighting will go on today.” Wait, I remembered Sam said something about a treaty. We broke it some how and a fight was supposed to happen sometime soon. Very Interesting.

Jacob stepped forward. “Bella, there is something I have always wanted to tell you. I love you.” Awkward. Jacob loved me, and he just told me at a really weird moment, it came out of the blue.

“Bella, I love you.” Edward said. Shit, I was being pestered to love two people now.

“Um…. I don’t even know you to well. Um… oh look at the time.” I turned around quickly and ran like a bat out of hell. Too soon, too soon. I have amnesia and I don’t even remember them yet they sure do. Unneeded distractions I thought. When I go home, Alice was already there. I asked her which room I would be staying in and she said the only available spot was with Edward in his room. Great. What ever, I’ve been in these clothes for a while; time to take a shower and change. When I finished my shower in Alice’s shower, I dressed in the clothes she bought for me while I was in pain. They were a little loose, we were going to shop for clothes for me again, cause they were rich. When I got out of Alice’s bathroom, everyone was downstairs waiting for me. Edward was down there to, looking at his feet. He felt embarrassed. Time to talk.